Very small kitchen remodel is really challenging. After all, lack of space limits your remodeling opportunities.  However, in case of smart design, small kitchen remodel before and after pictures may look even more impressive than those of the larger ones. So, here are kitchen remodel ideas for small kitchens for you to consider. They may help you not only make peace with your small kitchen but also to really enjoy it.

Downsize your plans

Accept the reality: smaller kitchen means you won’t be able to make it “all-in-one”. The main and sometimes the only function of the small kitchen is cooking meals. So, when you plan to remodel small kitchen, focus on it above all. Make sure you include all the necessary cooking stuff into your project. This means convenient workspace, sink, appliances, and roomy storages for all of your сulinary utensils. Consider a small island or cart that may be hidden in a closet when not needed.

Open up small kitchen space

Wall cabinets may make your small kitchen quite claustrophobic and boxy. They are almost always too bulky for limited space. So, consider open shelves, racks, or even magnetic holders for knives and other tools. Just remember that in this case you will need to pay more attention to organizing your stuff in order to keep your kitchen tidy and neat.

Use different materials

Small kitchen remodel means you won’t be able to incorporate almost any complex architectural details. So, pay attention to the materials you use. They are your main tool in creating really appealing and interesting style. Do not be afraid of experiments. The only advice here is to trust your own taste and visualize how different materials will look like combined when choosing them.

Add transparency to your small kitchen

The easiest way to make your kitchen seem larger is to incorporate glass in its design. Consider glass tabletops and, of course, kitchen door. One more popular option is adding mirrors, for example, in backsplash or just around the room. Wisely placed, will visually expand your space making it seem twice larger or even more.

Make it lighter

First, you should try to let as much as possible natural light into your small kitchen. Second, your kitchen needs a mix of task and decorative lighting. Consider adding fluorescent lighting over your workspace and counteracting it with warmer light over your eating area.

Other ideas as for making your kitchen feel larger are lighting installed under the upper cabinetry and even adding flooring lights. Lightning under the base cabinets is also a great idea.

Pay more attention to flooring

Floor is always the first thing you see when walking into a room. So, it is highly important in your interior design – and it is especially so in case of the smaller kitchens. The economic option is good old checkerboard linoleum. It would be even better if you can afford luxurious marble that will add some reflections.

Do not be afraid of colors

Color is what determines the atmosphere of the room the most. Light or white color schemes reflect light and make your kitchen seem more spacious. However, bold colors are good for the smaller kitchens too. If you love red color, do not be afraid to incorporate red metal cabinetry or green walls. After all, bright colors will for sure help you wake up in the morning.

Remember: the main thing is comfort

There are lots of ways to make your kitchen seem and feel larger. But remember that none of such design ideas are worth sacrificing your comfort. And if you do not want any of these lightning and mirror tricks and prefer simple country style, just go for it!

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