7 Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

7 Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

7 Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom


You’ve got a small bathroom? Well, you’re not alone: many houses have tiny 5 x 8” bathrooms but it doesn’t mean you should experience claustrophobia every time you stay there. How to visually enlarge the space of a small bathroom and make it seem larger than it is? Our lifehacks are here to help you out.

When you arrange everything in a small bathroom, your main goals are:

  • visually expand the space;
  • pick up furniture and appliances that will fit the room;
  • arrange storage and everything else in the most convenient manner.

1. Think over storage

Whether you live alone or with a family, there must be a plenty of stuff to place in a tiny bathroom starting from towels and finishing by endless cream bottles.

Find a place for everything you need. If you arrange things in a way that is convenient for you, you will enjoy spending time in your tiny bathroom. There’s no need to put everything in one big box to save space – you will have to fiddle with the pile of stuff to find things. Use boxes, shelves, lockers, etc. If possible, make open niches – it’s okay for your personal items to stay in sight. When each thing has its place, you don’t have to waste time searching for it.

7 Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom 2

A few more storage recommendations:

  • Do not buy cleaners and detergents for the future use. In a small bathroom, they only clutter up cabinets and shelves, taking away space from the items you really need.
  • Use hooks, magnetic strips, or mobile shelves for your possessions. Do not sacrifice personal amenities even if a bathroom will seem to be a bit cluttered.
  • Instead of hanging a regular mirror above the sink, you can hang a compact mirror cabinet where to put cosmetics, perfumes and all sorts of other little things that should always be at hand.
  • Under the sink, you can arrange a cabinet, install drawers or put a soft laundry basket in it, and hang another cupboard or open shelves over the toilet.

2. Light it up

Number one rule of small bathroom remodel (and any small space) is to add more light – this is what visually enlarges the environment. Whether you have a window in your bathroom or not, try to provide light sources for those places where you perform some procedures: take a bath, brush your teeth, shave, etc. By using concentrated light you make your bathroom much more comfortable.

Use several lamps to light up each spot – it will make night and day difference.

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Hang a big mirror, and it will definitely enlarge a small bathroom. Undoubtedly, mirrors make rooms seem more spacious than they are. Mirror and glossy surfaces visually increase the space. So if you plan a serious tiny bathroom remodel from scratch, do not limit yourself by a mirror only, use more glazed surfaces for this technique. For example, you can choose a glossy tile for the walls – it adds lush.

Another trick is use of a glass screens that separate the bathroom, or glass shower walls. Transparent surfaces do not clutter space, they reflect and transmit light.

4. Make it comfortable

It’s so nice to relax in a cozy bathroom at the end of the day! This is why it’s important to create a comfortable atmosphere. Lay a fluffy rug on the floor of your small bathroom, replace the ordinary curtain with a fabric one, and choose large soft towels with beautiful colors or patterns. These simple tricks will make the smallest bathroom feel incredibly cozy and comfortable.

7 Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom 3

5. Use compact furniture

Every inch in your small bathroom should be functional. Shelves on the walls, cabinets, drawers, corner modules, hooks – everything should serve the purpose of organizing space properly. The best option is to order small furniture. 

7 Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom 4

Mini plumbing is the smartest solution for small bathrooms: you can find compact sinks and toilets, and even bathtubs.

If it’s not possible, look for multifunctional items. We have already mentioned some of them: a mirror cabinet with shelves inside, or compact sinks with a built-in curbstone.

If you cannot fit the entire bath, turn one corner of your room into shower space. Tiny bathrooms with shower look very stylish and stay convenient. You just need to single out this zone correctly.

If there are no more opportunities for expanding the bathroom, but you want to add comfort and coziness, use tried and tested approaches. Hang a sink and a curbstone on a wall, and install a hanging toilet if possible. Organize a small niche for the legs at the bottom of the bathtub so that it would be convenient to approach it.

6. Select the right color

The right color is the key to success. For a small space to look larger, you should choose something light & bright. It’s highly recommended to select white color or light shades for the ceiling, doors and walls.

For the interior not to look too monotonous, you can add bright accents: multi-colored towels, a beautiful curtain for the bathroom, live plants or paintings on the wall. Such details are often used in Scandinavian countries. Ornaments on the floor are one of the main small bath remodel trends 2019: choose tile with some interesting pattern and let it attract attention. Avoid garish colors, otherwise all your efforts will go down the drain.

7. Use vertical lines

It’s not a secret that vertical lines make the room visually higher. But how to implement them in a small bathroom? The most evident answer is to use tiles with vertical patterns and lines. A contrasting wall behind the bathroom will make the room visually longer. You can use a beautiful mosaic or tiles with an interesting texture -- like wood, stone or brick. Don’t be afraid of bright saturated colors.

A large drawing will deceive the eye and make your room look specious. Use a wide strip, photo wallpapers or a bright print on curtains.

By the way, contrasting walls and areas can also serve to build partitions for zoning in a small room – it allows you to avoid using panels and real partitions. Such wall draws attention and will be a showpiece of your room.

What NOT to do in a small bathroom?

When you deal with a small room, it’s easy to make mistakes that will spoil all of your effort. Let’s find out what you should avoid when remodeling a tiny bathroom.

  • Do not use a dark color as a basic one. Of course, modern wood imitation tiles and dark loft colors are very popular, but they will devour the space in room. You won’t be able to save the situation by using more light – dark stays dark. If you really like black, brown, or any other gloom color, use it for making accents only.
  • Have a lot of stuff on shelves? Avoid decorations. If you need to choose between a bottle of shampoo and vase – place the first thing in your niches and open shelves. Yes, it might be not aesthetic, but you don’t want to compromise convenience, do you?
  • Say NO to very large tiles. If you use tiles over 15 x 15 inches, you will disturb the proportions in your bathroom. Opt for hexagon tiles – they look great and render a lot of design opportunities.

Hopefully, these 7 remodeling tips will help you avoid common design mistakes and allow you to create a bathroom of your dream. It’s easier than it seems, if you follow a few simple but important rules.





Making plans to remodel your bathroom this fall? You’re not alone: this year, more and more Americans are starting that long-anticipated bathroom remodeling project. Whether you’re redoing your bathroom with an eye on listing your home at a higher price or you’re building a better space for you and your family to use, it’s important that the remodel gets done right. Let’s review three major categories of plumbing mistakes—and how you can avoid making them.

Hiring the wrong people or using low-grade materials

Every homeowner wants to maximize the return-on-investment they get out of their bathroom remodel. There’s a right way to do this—including limiting the project’s scope, finding good deals, and keeping parts of your existing bathroom—and there’s a wrong way. Too often, homeowners who want a luxury bathroom at the lowest-possible cost cut corners in one of two areas:

  • They hire the cheapest labor, regardless of qu0alifications, experience working on remodels, or general trustworthiness.
  • They choose the cheapest materials—tile, countertop, cabinets, fixtures, and more—regardless of longevity, quality, or durability.

Doing either of these things can save you money on your upfront project costs, but they can also lead to disaster down the road. Unqualified plumbers and remodelers may make “rookie” mistakes or, copying your lead, take cost-saving shortcuts that have a negative impact on how the bathroom turns out. With low-grade, cheap materials, your new bathroom just isn’t built to last, and will likely start falling apart the day you start using it.

Worst-case scenario, the negligence or faulty workmanship of an inexperienced plumber may lead to disaster, such as a leaking pipe, an improperly sloped shower floor, or any other number of plumbing and remodeling errors. Then, you’re stuck paying for rework, pushing your project completion date out and potentially ballooning your remodeling costs past what you would have spent had you just hired experienced, qualified people in the first place.

Incorrect, rushed measurements

If you are doing any of your own remodeling work, be sure to pay extra attention to any measurements you take. Verify, and then reverify, that your measurements are correct. Many plumbing and remodeling mistakes occur because of incorrect measurements. When you are fitting pipes together or laying tile, even a fraction of an inch matters. Professional remodelers know the importance of accurate measurements, which is just another reason that you should always work with a certified and locally trusted contractor on your project.

Using the wrong tools

One of the best reasons to work with a professional is that they already come equipped with the tools of the trade. Many aspects of a bathroom remodel—from removing and laying tile to sloping a shower drain—require specialized tools that, as a homeowner, you may only need once. Of course, where the trouble often starts is when people try to substitute one tool for another they already have in their garage. This can lead to damaged materials, shoddy installation, or things just being flat-out broken.

From improper electrical work to mismatched bathroom vanities, there’s a lot that can go wrong with your bathroom remodel. Our advice? It’s always a good idea to work with a professional plumber and remodeler when redoing your bathroom. For more information on remodeling bathrooms and even more mistakes to avoid, be sure to check out this new infographic from the team at ABC Cooling, Heating Plumbing in Hayward, CA:


Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.





Bored with your current cabinetry but do not dare (or cannot afford) to have a full-fledged kitchen remodel in San Diego? The easiest and most cost-effective method to refresh your kitchen’s style is painting kitchen cabinets.


When it comes to giving your San Diego kitchen surfaces a new coat, the first question to pop in the mind is “what kind of paint to use on kitchen cabinets?” Choosing the right paint for your cabinetry is half the battle because kitchen cabinets are not made equal, but they are darn versatile.

Your kitchen leads a very active lifestyle, hence, painting and finishing materials must be of top-quality and resistant to continuous vapor, moisture, condensation, and temperature extremes. At the same time, your kitchen is a facility where you keep foodstuff and cook meals, which means finishes here must fully correspond to the safety and hygiene standards.


When you scour the selection of paints for your kitchen cabinets in San Diego, you should pay attention to the composition, water resistance, the coverage rate, drying velocity, toxicity, and, of course, the desired color.

There is no clear answer to “What kind of paint to use on kitchen cabinets?” because every paint has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s speak about the most popular paints for kitchen cabinets in San Diego.

  • Oily paints are resistant to damp and vapor, effectively tolerate temperature changes, and protect the surface from corrosion and mold. However, such paints have a viscous structure, which means they are difficult to apply and tend to develop streaks, pimples, and light spots during the application. Also, oily paints take longer to dry up and emit very unpleasant odor all the while. At the same time, oil paints can be applied to virtually any material including wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Acrylic paints are eco-friendly and safe solutions for cabinetry refinement. However, acrylic paints will gradually fade with every cleaning, which will eventually end up with a necessity to repaint your cabinets.
  • Alkyd enamels boast an excellent covering power. They are also safe, quick to dry up, and indelible. Such paint will withstand the test of constant steam, condensate, soot, and temperature shifts. However, a rookie DIYer will have lots of troubles if applying alkyd enamel with a brush or a paddle roller as this finish is a fairly tough paint. If you are going to cover kitchen cabinets with such enamel, opt for aerosol sprays – they allow for achieving the even coating without much sweat.


Modern paints for kitchen cabinets run the gamut of dyes and overtones, and it is not a big deal if you cannot find the one to please your exquisite preferences – you can just mix the colors to get a coveted hint but make sure the resulting coloration harmonizes with an overall style and enhances your kitchen’s visual performance.

The most popular option with San Diego owners is neutral paints, which include all shades of beige, brown, gray, and white. These colors are ideal for making dramatic contrasts and emphasizing the owner’s peculiar taste.

The most common and effective color contrast is when upper cabinets are painted in light colors while lower – in darker. This combination works more for classic interiors. Remember that mixing only dark or only light dyes is not a good idea; otherwise, the cabinets will blur together and lose all their charms.

Do not be shy of adding bright splashes to your kitchen cabinets in San Diego. So, black elements can be combined with red, light green, mint, pink or beige; white – with blue, lilac, or golden; beige hues go well with red, while lilac is in its best when coupled with coffee or yellow colors.

But do not rely exclusively on your fantasy when choosing the color palette for your kitchen – the result may turn out ridiculous – ask a professional kitchen painter to elaborate a winning color scheme for your old cabinetry that will correspond both to the kitchen design and your fancy taste.


When you have set your mind about the coloration of your cabinets, you may proceed with preparing the furniture for the execution. Whatever material the cabinets are made of, they are always covered with some kind of finishing layer. The first step to take in preparing your kitchen cabinets for painting is removing an old coat of finish. But this job is very difficult to do, perhaps, the hardest in the whole project. The technique of removing the finish layer depends on the type of material the cabinet is made of:

  • Timber cabinetry is generally coated with wood varnishes or paints. Though they get absorbed quite deeply, removing the coating from wood cabinets is not so painstaking – a coarse abrasive sponge, sandpaper or a sanding machine will effectively remove the upper layer.
  • If wooden or MDF cabinets are covered with veneer, then to remove the upper layer, you will need to apply the special solution on the cabinet surface to dissolve the glue and make the veneer soften. Once the top layer is softened, you can remove it with a harsh metallic brush or a sanding machine. After that, the cleaned surface is treated with sandpaper.
  • If cabinets are covered with PVC or melamine film, you can remove it by using a hot air gun. After the film is removed, the boards are processed with sandpaper.
  • If kitchen cabinets are covered with acrylic plates, you’d better give up on an idea to repaint them because it is practically impossible to separate the acrylic glass from the main board at home.
  • Wood chipboard cabinets require more gentle methods of removing the upper coat. The material is not as dense as MDF, so the use of a grinding machine is not reasonable. Solvents and sandpaper are generally used in such cases.

Can you paint kitchen cabinets without sanding them? Surely, and for this, you will need to process cabinets’ surfaces with liquid sandpaper or deglosser to remove the finish and then saturate them with priming coat.

The painting process starts with putting cabinets off the wall, disassembling them as well as removing all the fixtures and accessories like mirrors or glass elements. Then it is necessary to dispose of the old finish from every board.

  • Sanding is an integral part of preparing kitchen cabinets for painting. This treatment will help to make the surface even, yet quite rough. This roughness is needed to ensure good adhesion of the paint to the cabinet surface. MDF and wooden boards are processed with a sanding machine while chipboards are generally treated manually with sandpaper or a scrubbing brush.
  • After sanding, cabinet boards are cleaned of dust and degreased using acetone or other spirit-based solutions.
  • Cleavages, scratches, and other hollows are caulked with some filler paste.
  • Cabinet boards are then treated with a primer suitable for the chosen type of paint. Such as timber and MDF boards are processed with wood primer while plastic and metallic – with special primer for metal and plastic. You may have a logical question like “Do I have to prime kitchen cabinets before painting?” Yes, it is a must-have procedure if you want the outcome to delight but not disappoint you. Why does it matter? When coloring wood cabinets, the paint immediately forms a film and hardens on a surface, and it does not get deep into the wood. The primer penetrates deep inside and dries up quickly, which allows the paint to adhere firmly to the surface and makes flaking impossible.
  • After priming, the cabinet boards are left to dry up for 24 hours.


You can paint kitchen cabinets with a brush, paddle roller or aerosol paint. The last option provides for rapid and even coverage, but get ready that a significant amount of aerosol paint will be sprayed out in vain. Painting with a brush or roller requires great accuracy, patience, and certain operating skills.

The process of painting cannot be done in a living room or kitchen due to safety and comfort concerns. You can paint kitchen cabinets in a garage, a workroom or just in a backyard of your San Diego home if the weather forecast is favorable in coming days.

A brush or a roller is dipped into a tray with paint, and then the surface is coated with accurate and gliding movements strictly in the same direction. For a bright and lasting result, it is advisable to apply 2 or 3 coats of paint but only after the first layer has dried up well.

Before and After


If you want to combine colors while painting kitchen cabinets, just cover the sections which must be painted differently with sticky tape and paint the uncovered sections. Once the paint has dried up, the sticky type is removed, and the unpainted parts are covered with paint of a different color.

If you use spray paint, do not forget to shake it well before applying, then spray the paint onto the surface with sweeping movements from a distance of 20-30 cm. The second layer can only be sprayed when the previous has dried up.The paint layer takes, at least, 30 minutes to stabilize. Once the painting is finished, kitchen cabinets are left for 24 hours to exsiccate completely.

Painting kitchen cabinets is not as easy as it seems: it involves correct decision-making, consumes much time and physical efforts, and requires maximum carefulness and consistency in execution. If you cannot boast impressive DIY skills, you’d better leave painting kitchen cabinetry to expert remodelers in San Diego who not only will repaint your old cabinets quickly and professionally but also save you from notorious disassembly, assembly, and clean-up travails.

Wondering, how much does it cost to have kitchen cabinets painted? There is no exact answer to this question because lots of factors can affect the ultimate price of the project.

If your San Diego kitchen cabinets are in bad condition, you will have to sand, patch, and prime them before repainting, which will add up to the total cost of this initiative. Now consider how much time and physical labor you would be spending on painting rather than doing something more profitable or pleasurable, so the cost soars even higher.

The project of painting cabinets is multi-task: you will have to buy high-quality paints, primer, and a ton of related miscellany. Then you will have to disassemble the cabinets and take the parts to the special premise where they will be painted and left for drying up. After that, they will have to be assembled back and taken to the kitchen again, with all imaginable chaos in between. Plus, a thorough cleanup when this extravaganza is over – they all make DIY kitchen cabinets painting extremely costly.

If you want the job to be done greatly and within your time and budget limits, it is smarter to hire a professional contractor to paint your kitchen cabinets in San Diego. Well-trained cabinet painters have a wealth of knowledge and technical skills to produce the result that is the utmost in quality.





Do you love spending time in your San Diego kitchen? Is the kitchen your main source of inspiration for everyday deeds? Does your kitchen steal WOWs from the lips of everyone who is seeing it for the first time? If you have answered NO to any of these questions, you desperately need a kitchen remodel. And this is where your major headache starts: how to find the best kitchen remodel contractor near me in San Diego? Of course, you may google this inquiry, but unless you do not know how to identify a five-star construction and repair company, your online search may come to naught. Avail yourself of these simple guidelines on how to find a very able and congenial kitchen remodeling contractor that is also close to where you live in the San Diego area.



When looking for a trustworthy kitchen remodel near me, you should understand that a good worker never sits idle. It means that if a contractor is really nice in everything that goes, they are super busy and are tackling multiple home remodel projects at once. So, your first task is to make sure that the remodeler of your interest has a large team to execute your kitchen project without prevarication or delays.

A good remodeling company in San Diego must consist of not only consultants, builders, and finishers, but include licensed and well-experienced architects, designers, cabinetmakers, plumbers, electricians, and all sorts of other technicians and managers in their staff, giving you peace of mind that your project will be executed not only excellently but also in full compliance with city codes.


When it comes to a kitchen remodel, we always want the project to be ultimate in service, price, and guarantee. In other words, we want it to be performed by the best and brightest professionals. But discovering them in the ocean of San Diego contractors is stressful and exhaustive because a rich selection never helps decision-making but only complicates it.

So your hunt for a tip-top kitchen remodeling contractor close to you in San Diego should start with figuring out which kitchen designs you admire and which you dislike. Pinterest or Instagram images are bed helpers in this case because all these pictures were taken by strange people from a world away and have nothing to do with you. No, you need a concrete answer to your question: how to find the best kitchen remodeling company near me in San Diego?

Start your search with paying social visits to your friends, colleagues, and relatives and gently exploring their kitchens in between. Note what you do and do not like in those rooms; what you would like to change or improve in their realizations, which design elements look suitable and which – incongruous, etc. Naturally, you will need to ask some questions, such as what contractor handled the project, what problems the owner faced while dealing with that remodeling company, whether the team did everything on time, and how overall happy the owner is with the contractor’s performance.

When your fellows’ kitchens investigation round is over, you have some names of local remodelers in San Diego, and you are acutely aware of which kitchen projects you admire and which – not all that much.

Knowing your favorites among San Diego kitchen contractors, you can now go online and do more thorough research. Most home remodelers have profiles on popular social networks to let customers know more about their brand and their success. Through scouring social media accounts of kitchen remodeling companies, you can learn about their work from-behind-the-scenes: you can see what projects they have already completed and are currently doing, read real customers’ reviews, and just get a clear vision of the contractor’s potential and shortcomings.

While social networks of a San Diego kitchen remodeling company may look pretty appealing and demonstrative, do not eagerly fall for this visual attractiveness. There are a couple of key features differentiating the ultimate home remodeler from mediocre.



Superior customer care is another attribute of a decent remodeling company in San Diego. A reputation-conscious contractor does its utmost to please a customer, no matter it is existing or prospective. They have lots of communication channels, from phone and Skype to live online reps in social networks and popular messengers. The most advanced ones even have own mobile apps for even better engagement with the audience.


They are quick to response and patient to explain a complex process of a kitchen remodel in plain terms. At the same time, a good kitchen contractor in San Diego never pushes their own ideas on a client but attentively listens to the customer’s pain points to get to know their specific requirements and propose the best solution to address them.

While most kitchen contractors boast fascinating oratorical skills, only a few of them can really match rhetoric with action. The best remodeler will offer you plenty of guarantees including time completion and customer satisfaction guarantees, in which the responsibilities and liabilities of both parties (the contractor’s and the client’s) are clearly described and rise no questions.


Remodeling companies, like any other businesses, must evolve to keep pace with the time and meet the ever-increasing demands of tech-savvy clients. Make sure the San Diego contractor you would like to go with has not only a resourceful design crew but also a deep knowledge of modern fixtures and top-rated home appliances. To showcase their competence, a great kitchen contractor will not limit itself with a portfolio on their website but also have an in-house showroom demonstrating sophisticated equipment and machinery they can easily install in your kitchen.
A top-tier remodeler is not only that who offers you the most beneficial color palette for your kitchen cabinetry but that who can boost your kitchen’s functionality and improve traffic through smart architectural plans, spacing decisions or layout redesigns. To make things much clearer, the finest remodeling company will even create a 3D virtual presentation of a future remodel, giving the customer a precise vision of what the end result will look like.


While the great bulk of contractors in San Diego render basically the same services, they do not price you equally. Understanding what you are going to pay for in your kitchen remodel and getting the most for your money are, probably, the most challenging tasks in the whole project.

When seeking for the best kitchen remodeler near you in San Diego, you, in earnest, compare apples to apples trying to discover what value you will receive for your dollars. It is very tempting to fall for the lowest quote, but oftentimes a lower price indicates a longer execution time, the use of cheaper materials or subpar work, which eventually will cost you very dearly in a long run. For this reason, never hesitate to ask questions, lots of questions, to understand each contractor’s design capabilities and their strategies on executing each phase of a remodeling process, and choose that one who will give you more bang for your buck without compromising the quality of work.


However, there is a wickedly simple way to find the best kitchen contractor in San Diego and benefit at every stage of a remodel extravaganza – to hire Groysman Construction Remodeling Company and enjoy how your obsolete and problematic kitchen is rapidly transforming into a beautiful and ultra-modern facility at a price that you can afford.

10 Costly Renovation Mistakes to Avoid for San Diego Homes

10 Costly Renovation Mistakes to Avoid for San Diego Homes

10 Costly Renovation Mistakes to Avoid for San Diego Homes

10 Costly Renovation Mistakes to Avoid for San Diego Homes 18

Chaos, frustration, dirt, tears are not what you expect from your home remodeling project. But substantially all home renovation initiatives in San Diego end up just like this. Reason? Underestimating the pitfalls. Oh, they are numerous, calamitous, and fiendishly costly. If you do not want to turn your house remodeling endeavor into an expectation-versus-reality dissonance, learn these great and terrible mistakes which most homeowners in San Diego commit.


The first wrong step most newbies take in the minefield of home refurbishment is the neglect to give the property a sober estimation. Your wiring, plumbing, and insulation systems might be in a very poor condition with you never guessing about existing problems. Such unawareness may cost you too much money and bring lots of grief later on.

Whether your home remodeling project is small or grandiose, never initiate it without a verdict by a licensed home inspector. Take your time to find a decent real estate inspection service that will examine the bones of your house and detect major issues with your roof, basement, structure and all communications systems.


10 Costly Renovation Mistakes to Avoid for San Diego Homes 19

Another trap most homeowners fall in when reviving their homes is the refuse to consult professional home designers and architects. These guys have a keen sense for upgrading interiors & exteriors. They can give you the best version of your home renovation envisions and streamline the whole project. They may suggest really smart ideas on revolutionizing your home style, increasing its functionality, and boosting its market value. If you hesitate about some drastic changes, applying to field experts help will help you make the right decisions concerning:

  • Introducing additional office space;
  • Expanding your kitchen;
  • Turning your basement or attic into living spaces;
  • Knocking down a wall;
  • Discovering new storage opportunities.

When renovating, it is crucially important to handle jobs without violating city codes or HOA rules. Professional home designers and architects are always aware of such restrictions, and will promptly advise you on how to steer clear from possible mishaps.

Reputable home designers often have ongoing relationships with tried-and-true vendors. This means they can help you find the right remodeling contractor who not only will properly implement your specific wishes while complying with all applicable rules and code requirements, but also treat you with a hefty designer’s discount.


When saying “new ideas”, we do not mean giving your faded roof a fresh color twist. The market of building and finish materials is booming, presenting bold innovations and groundbreaking approaches to home remodeling in San Diego, CA. So, put your boots and go exploring your community for a dose of inspiration.

This small excursion will help you find out what solutions are the most popular in your locality, what looks awkward, and what blends well/sticks out from your neighborhood’s style. You may discover that some stucco effectively stands the test of the merciless California sun while other finishes lose their prettiness shortly after installation. You may also take a fancy for unusual metallic patterns and modern exterior elements, so you would like to include them in your renovation project.

If proven methods do not satisfy your exotic remodeling cravings, then you may attend home shows, which are held frequently in San Diego. Home shows are spectacular events organized by remodeling contractors, interior design companies, and landscaping companies who promote the latest ideas, styles, and innovations, thus helping you get the winning recipe for your unique home improvement startup.


10 Costly Renovation Mistakes to Avoid for San Diego Homes 20

One of the stupidest remodeling mistakes is to believe that the whole enterprise will fit the designated budget. No, it will not. In no way. Never. Just take it from us. Unpleasant surprises (aka unexpected expenditures) are an integral part of any home improvements, both minor and major.

Every homeowner dreams of a bombastic home remodeling with all the bells and whistles, but not everyone can afford it. Take a balance between your wants and needs and make a detailed financial estimate before commencing works. But do not forget that even a fixed budget needs some room to stretch. Hired labor, emergencies, and delays are notorious budget-breakers, but they must be included in home renovation costs from the very first stage of planning. Popular wisdom states that you should allocate 20 percent minimum of your renovation budget for accidents or unexpected costs.


Remodeling on a budget is like a miracle: we all believe in it but never witnessed in reality. But most homeowners, still, do not quit stubborn attempts to cut costs and are always inventing new tricks to discount their way through a home remodel. One of such dubious ways is buying the cheapest materials and fixtures and believing it will not rebound for quality. In the long run, cheaper materials will cost you even more: you will have to replace them again much sooner compared to more expensive (i.e. more sustainable) products. Never let a low price sacrifice quality and longevity because the golden rule “You get what you pay for” works everywhere, including home renovation materials.


10 Costly Renovation Mistakes to Avoid for San Diego Homes 21

Resist the temptation to hire the first contractor to respond to your bid or who offers the cheapest quote. Easy decisions promise no good. Top-tier remodeling contractors in San Diego never seat idle – they are busy all the time and are hardly able to take up your project right away.

Yes, you will have to do it: to interview, at least, five remodeling companies to discover the one who will strike the equilibrium between the job done quickly and properly. Home refinements are a huge financial investment, and you can’t allow it to be wasted.

Renovators, whom you are going to entrust your precious home, must be reliable people, equipped with technical knowledge, direct experience, and legal competencies to realize your dream.

Signs of good contractors:

  • A detailed estimate. They are eager to provide you with a thorough overhaul of work scope and consult you about necessary materials as well as required permits and approvals to start a renovation process.
  • Licenses and certifications. Decent contractors never refuse to get their credentials to you proving they are eligible to perform different house remodeling activities.
  • A list of references. It is essentially a list of real customers with their full names, addresses, and telephone numbers who have already cooperated with the contractor and can share their experiences with you.
  • A contract. Licensed and reputation-conscious contractors always sign a contract with their customers, specifying the jobs to do, money to pay, responsibilities to take, and the timeline to complete.


10 Costly Renovation Mistakes to Avoid for San Diego Homes 22

Home remodeling is a priory very messy and stressful, but living in the space during the works may fray all your nerves. Staying in during renovations is a big mistake, especially if there are small children or overly sensitive/allergic adults in your household. Just think of that constant noise, ubiquitous filth, and volatile toxins which always accompany home refurbishments. Will the small or older ones in your family easily withstand this nightmare? Plus, a fundamental renovation will inevitably involve electrical, water supply, and heating shutdowns, which is inconvenient. Worse yet is that home renovations tend to take longer than expected because of unforeseen events or emergency repairs, which may shift the established timeframes and, ultimately, cause added stress.


Changing your mind in the mid of the renovation journey means to trash what has already been done, to blow out the money that has already been spent, to stress out your contractor, and to delay the joy of relishing an updated property.

The remedy for this renovation mistake is pretty simple: doing as much planning as possible and making sure your mind is set in stone before the renovation extravaganza begins.


What is all the rage today may quickly become outdated, ridiculous or even a token of tastelessness in future. So, do not spend a mint of money on freakish designs which will soon go out of fashion. Experimenting with home styles is a risky game where you have little chances to win: an extravagant interior or exterior may reduce the value of your real estate rather than adding to it. Choose functionality rather than trendiness. And if you want a popular or bold design, consider discussing it with a professional designer. An expert will help you develop a design that will be timelessly beautiful, yet functional.


Home renovations are expensive, but they get even more expensive if tackled by non-professional do-it-yourselfers or first-timers: just because mistakes always cost too much. Giving the price tag of hiring an official home renovation company and the abundance of demonstration videos on YouTube, it is no surprise that most homeowners believe in the almightiness of DIY solutions. The matter is that without technical skills and vocational training, such projects are doomed.

If you have never done any large-scale home renovation projects before, have no specialized knowledge in your background, and can’t consider yourself a handy person, think twice before tackling such tough projects without a hired help.

Groysman Construction Remodeling Company will help you avoid these ten common, costly mistakes for getting reasonable solutions.

How to Remodel a Fireplace

How to Remodel a Fireplace

How to Remodel a Fireplace

A fireplace in a house not only has an immediate purpose of heating you during cold weathers but it also serves to add more value to your property as well as to give more personality and charm to your dwelling. But there is no such a physical object on the planet that could stand the test of time and intensive use, and even well-built fireplaces once get worn-out, obsolescent, ineffective, and unsafe. So, fireplace renovation is not a question of if but when. Whatever the reason that pushes to towards home fireplace refinement, there are several steps you should take before actualizing this project.


How to Remodel a Fireplace 23

When it comes to executing your fireplace renovation project, the first thing you should do is to form a sober estimate of the condition of your current fireplace. A thorough evaluation will help you understand what actual improvements your existing unit needs and what features you do and do not want to see in a new fireplace. While estimating, you should also determine the main reason for your fireplace renovation initiative:

  • Are you craving for a fresh ambiance in your home?
  • Does your fireplace performance raise flags?
  • Are you thinking of the ways to cut your heating bills?
  • Is chimney draft your main concern?
  • What share of your family budget can you allocate on this enterprise?

Ask yourself these questions to know for sure what you want to get as a final product.


Do you want your new fireplace to express your individuality and unusual attitude to life? Or are you looking for ways to make a bold fashion statement? Do you have a clear vision of your ultimate fireplace design (minimalist, industrial, contemporary, transitional or whatsoever)?

The World Wide Web is packed full of modern fireplace renovation ideas to inspire you. But it is reasonable to scour the online galleries of local fireplace installation companies because their pricing by any logic will be more affordable while their services – ready available compared to fireplace manufacturers from other areas. Some manufacturers’ websites even include special design tools that encourage homeowners to plan out their own fireplace styles – take advantage of this feature to experiment with ideas and craft your dream fireplace.

While browsing online portfolios of different fireplace installation contractors, make inquiries about their fireplace renovation costs, service packages, rebates, and warranties. Read also real customer reviews on Google maps about every vendor you are interested in. And if you still doubt, give us a call, and will eagerly provide you with any assistance related to fireplace renovation.

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How to Remodel a Fireplace 25

Not all fireplaces are created equal. While some are good for heating spacious rooms, others have rather a decorative function, say, complementing the interior style. Before you purchase a new unit, you need to make sure about the following things:

  • Will it be an indoor or outdoor fireplace?
  • Will your fireplace be gas, electric or wood?
  • Do you want to install a new fireplace from scratch, replace an old one or just update current fireplace mantel?
  • Have you decided where it will be placed and how much space it will occupy?
  • What function should your fireplace perform: direct or aesthetical?
  • What materials will be around the unit? Is it safe to put the fireplace in the allocated area?


When you have a precise vision of your outdoor or indoor fireplace, it is time to find a professional who will smoothly translate it into reality. Surely, this must be done by an authorized fireplace dealer who has all necessary permissions and competencies on executing such challenging projects.

Pick up such a vendor who will allow you to get more bang for your buck. Tell the dealer your renovation reason, expectations, and space details so that he or she can offer you the best value for your money. A good fireplace installation dealer will always make suggestions about customization options such as creating a unique fireplace facing, ornament and fire bed accessories to be an embodiment of your envision.

How to Remodel a Fireplace 26


Now let the contractor do the hardest work instead of you: to bring the fireplace into your home and do the whole installation (provided it is not a DIY adventure, but such complicated projects will scarcely be successful without professional help).

Once the installation is completed, it is time to kick back in a cozy arm-chair and enjoy the enigmatic flames from your newly-minted fireplace!

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Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.


Complete Condo Remodel

Complete Condo Remodel

Complete condo remodel. In the kitchen we used German termofoil finish modern style cabinets along with popular quartz replication of Calacatta marble countertops. Flat panel cabinets provide not only sleek look but also functionality. It’s easy to clean scratch resistant material.  



Complete Condo Renovation

Complete Condo Renovation

From the first meeting the Groysman Construction was serious about the project and start measuring everything and giving me an idea about the cost ( which for us was very important as we were going to fix EVERYTHING in our 1972 condo from the floor to the ceiling and the cost was important). We had multiple meetings with Igor and Andrew while we were finalizing the scope of work and the final estimate was pretty close to the original quotes. The only increases were due to the additional work we asked them to perform which was not originally budgeted.

TEAM: Groysman construction got a great team of talented people. We really enjoyed working with Andrew, Igor, and Alexander. Igor was working in the construction for decades, so I would feel very comfortable to knock my whole place out and build my it from the ground. Andrew is a designer and was helping us to design the kitchen and other things around the place ( such as turning the closet for water heater into a storage area, designing the laundry and bathroom, and many other things). Andrew always comes with a great idea and Igor makes it happen in the reality. Alexander was main execution contact and his work ethic is excellent. He made our place look pristine!

TIMING and COORDINATION: Igor was a project manager and he was scheduling everyone: painters, plumbers, demolishes, electricians and etc. Having a professional who knows the order in which all work needs to be done is a huge benefit and it allowed me and my husband to be hands off and only do a check ups to make sure everything goes smooth. We did have couple small hiccups, but Igor managed it well and we still finished everything on time. My advice to anyone whose project is more than just repainting the walls – let the professionals do the job. Yes, it would cost a bit extra but the results and all the stress you avoid along the way is well worth the cost.

SCOPE of WORK: Groysman Construction has been hired to demolish the whole place, replace the floors, remove texture from walls and ceiling, remove heating wires and add lightning across the whole place, completely rebuild the kitchen and the bathroom, replace the water heater, paint walls and ceiling, assemble closets, demolish several walls in order to rebuild the laundry and closets area, replace all doors, attach tracks for the curtains, install window sills, update the plumbing, replace range hood, tile the kitchen, install quartz counter top etc.

QUALITY of WORK: Let me say, unfortunately for myself and for other people, I am very demanding consumer. I always do everything in my life as close to perfect as possible and this is what I expect from other people. The work done by Groysman construction has exceeded my expectations. They turned our place into magic! Almost a year after the remodeling, our place looks as good as when they returned us the keys. I’ve heard so many horrible stories from my friends and coworkers about how bad their experiences were. It is such a relief that I do not have one of those stories to share with you. All I want to say is if you are looking for someone to complete your project – look no further, you will thank yourself many times for choosing Groysman Construction

PRICE: I shopped around prior to hiring Groysman construction and I believe that they have very reasonable prices for the quality of work they perform. After all the work, time and money we put in our home, I hope we would not have to move for a while. If I move – I will choose Groysman construction over and over aging. Good luck to everyone with your projects!

Victoria Gustafson

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