Best Colors for Quartz Countertops with White Cabinets

Best Colors for Quartz Countertops with White Cabinets

Best Colors for Quartz Countertops with White Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets with dark countertop

When it comes to white color, it’s widely perceived as a pure, noble, stylish color, so it’s no wonder so many interior designers prefer using white quartz countertops and various white elements in kitchens. It is the best choice in terms of adaptability since it is not really a test to discover hues that turn out poorly with white. White cupboards, particularly, show off the splendor and style and when combined with entirely shaded quartz countertops, they bring in the purity and nobleness, no matter what is the style of interior.

At the same time, while white cupboards are well known for their flexibility, this doesn’t imply that you don’t need to put some idea on the shade of your ledges while picking one. Indeed, you are presumably doing precisely the contrary thing at this moment. Your interior is at your hands! The more alternatives you have, the more troublesome it is to choose. This is the reason we are here to assist you with choosing the ideal quartz countertops with white cabinets for your room.Here are the best quartz ledges for white cupboards that prevailed among homeowners in San Diego.

Let’s find out which color combinations with white will make your kitchen the room of your dream.

Going all-white

White quartz countertops with white cabinets is an exemplary mix. It includes a fresh, clean inclination to a kitchen and permits you to supplement this with for all intents and purposes any sort of stylistic theme that you need. Regardless of whether these are kitchen embellishments or bright backsplashes, you can never turn out badly with a white quartz ledge. In the event that you lean toward an increasingly monochromatic topic for your kitchen, you can settle on an unadulterated white quartz countertop.

Pro tip: make sure the white elements in your interior have the same shade (clear white, creamy, greyish, etc).

What about blue?

There is continually something quieting with the shading blue and this serene vitality that it radiates can be stretched out to rooms. Joined with white cupboards, blue quartz countertops create the atmosphere of freedom and bring about calm vibes. This is likewise ideal for when you want to create a marine-styled interior since blue, white, and a bit of green from indoor plants can cause you to feel like you are resting somewhere on exotic island. If you’re in search of countertops for white cabinets, consider blue: dark shades look very expensive and stylish together.

Deep, ever-stylish black

White kitchen cabinets with black countertops…Sounds too contrasting? Dark has consistently been the go-to shading when searching for something that would contrast with light colors. Black quartz countertops with white cupboards provide ageless, chic zest for any kitchen or dining room. Besides, it’s far superior is that it’s a decent corresponding shading for your kitchen apparatuses, particularly in the event that they are those metal-hued types.

Brown doesn’t mean boring

If you consider something neutral but interesting, think about brown quartz countertops with white cabinets. Earthy-colored elements are one is the favorite choice for white kitchen cupboards in San Diego. This shading brings such a bit of characteristic vibe to your kitchen so on the off chance you are into the eco-friendly interiors, this would be a win-win option for you. Earthy-colored quartz countertops with white cupboards likewise produce a warm gleam to an unassuming residence’s kitchen. This looks particularly decent on the off chance that you have a great deal of wooden elements and greenery.

Pro tip: Brown elements likewise will look awesome with wooden floor and old-style tiles.

Beige as a gentle alternative to brown quartz countertops

One more versatile color is beige, this is why many home owners are raving about this shading and use it for stone countertops. For sure, beige adds a lofty mood to any room. Like other neutral colors referenced above, it is easy to combine with practically any stylistic layout of your decision. Be that as it may, in particular, it tends to be perfectly combined with white kitchen cupboards. Beige quartz countertop is a stylish pick, not mentioning that it creates the sense of comfort and can be combined with many other colors.

Gray: calm, modern, generous

Gray countertops with white cabinets give both a modern and smooth touch to room. Particularly if you select a deep dark shade, your kitchen will have a ultra-present day feel to it. Like dark quartz ledges, it is a shading that is likewise advantageous to clean and keep up. Dark quartz ledges can add a cool touch to any kitchen and you can likewise alter it with other stone elements. In case you’re additionally into striking hues when deciding on the room style, they can without much of a stretch work out positively for your grey quartz countertops.

Whichever shade you prefer for your interiors, we can always help you with selecting ideal quartz kitchen countertops. Our company has rich experience of home remodeling and repair works, and we have created hundreds of design projects for our customers. Just make a call, and soon you will enjoy your new, cozy & stylish kitchen designed by professionals.

Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular?

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular?

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular?

White kitchen with white countertop

Gone are the times when the kitchen was arranged in the back of the house and used only as a cubbyhole to prepare meals, wash dirty dishes, and store all possible stuff. Today, the kitchen has a different, some may say, sacred role. It is the focal point of your dwelling, the place with a magical power to bring everyone together early in the morning and after a long day way.

White kitchen with wood walls

Since the kitchen is the chief attraction of any residence, homeowners try to improve it in all imaginable ways, beautifying kitchen interiors and augmenting its functionality. And white kitchens nowadays are an evolving aspect of design.

A white kitchen is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. White is the color that shines like a star, is fresh like morning dew and clean like a baby’s soul. Shining, clean, fresh are the best words to describe a great kitchen. White is all about luxury.

Apart from luxury, white is also associated with health and sanitation – the two attributes of a household’s immaculacy and security. And when your home is sterile and healthy, it definitely costs more. A white kitchen looks speckles and amazing, producing a sense of healthy cleanliness.

This gives confidence that any product cooked in such a kitchen is proper. For this reason, restaurants’ owners practically always elect for white kitchen cabinets.

White’s simple, yet, stunning beauty represents happiness, purity, and tranquility. Color therapists highly recommend having an all-white space in the house to feel inspired and refreshed. Why shouldn’t it be a kitchen?

White is a perfect solution for small kitchens. Since this is the brightest color of the spectrum, it can reflect light, thus making a tiny room appear more spacious.

Think that white is a boring color? No such thing. It is the ultimate neutral – when compared with white, every other color looks in its best, which fills the space with interesting contrasts and vivid accents. Artwork and accessories explode when set against a white backdrop!

White as a basic color can morph into any kitchen style, whether it is strict traditional or roaring contemporary.

White is a dominating color for most manufacturers, and it can work in your favor: you can easily find snowy cabinets, white cabinets with white countertops, tile, and appliances that will not only look great but be very affordable to ideally fit your budget, too.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular? 10

There is no need to have an all-white kitchen. A white kitchen can come with jet-black cabinets or neon-yellow dining furniture, and it will not seem ridiculous if everything the entire area is kept in balance. Just weight your choices carefully and let the white color portray full-on elegance of your kitchen. 

Do not fear to experiment with mixes and color shots to get really a winning combination:

  • White is great when coupled with wood. Timber flooring or a wood island is all-time perfect mixers.
  • Glass elements feel clean and enhance the glow of a white kitchen without excessive coloration. Upper cabinets with glass doors are always a smart choice for a white kitchen.
  • A couple of massive stainless steel appliance (like a range hood or a pot rack) paired with white will add a desired dash of glamour, making a kitchen truly gorgeous.

White Kitchen Styles

There are really many white kitchen styles, which can conditionally be divided into three main groups:

  • Classical styles: Baroque, Empire, Rococo, Gothic, Renaissance, Roman, and Greek styles.
  • Modern styles: Hi-Tech, Pop Art, Loft, Minimalism, Country, Art Deco, Eco-Style, Provence, Modern, etc.
  • National ethnic styles: English, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, African, Oriental, Egyptian, Scandinavian, etc.

The white color can spruce up any kitchen remodel design and steal the WOWs of anybody who walks in for the first time. In a traditional interior, white will provide a soothing canvas and accentuate the cabinetry. In a Hi-Tech kitchen, the snowy color will offer an appropriate field for experiments with color and details. And the Provence-styled tiny kitchen will look much airier and cozier when dressed in white. Here are our picks of the most appealing white kitchen ideas.

Classic White Kitchen

A classic white kitchen is all about good, large, high-quality furniture. Apart from a practical role, furniture defines the whole concept of the kitchen interior. For a classic white kitchen, it is better to opt for antique on-floor cabinets with turning legs and patina marks on the facades. White-colored furnishing, a backsplash, tile or a dining island is must-haves constituents of a traditional snowy kitchen. Walls painted in white or white wallpapers will create a perfect background for wooden countertops. White flooring will let the natural light flood the interior and visually enlarge the whole space. Natural materials, light wallpapers, and vintage furniture will enhance the white ambiance and produce a fashionable and beautiful kitchen interior.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular? 11

Hi-Tech White Kitchen

When it comes to white kitchen remodel, Hi-Tech design is what you cannot go wrong with. Utmost functionality and ultra-modern finishing are what make the Hi-Tech style so popular with interior designers and remodeling contractors. Futuristic, Hi-Tech white kitchen islands and cabinetry look incredible against black or dark walls, flooring, and ceiling. White monochrome elements like chandeliers, an air extraction system, quartz countertops or cupboards paired with sleek Hi-Tech colors will give an edgy look to your kitchen.

It is not difficult to make a kitchen fit all the demands of the Hi-Tech style, just use one, two or three of neutral colors to achieve that hottest trend: white and gray, black and white, silver and white or white and graphite.

Completely white seat furniture in the dark setting or walls painted in light tinctures contrasted with heavy-shade floors and ceiling and enhanced with several colorful accents (for instance, red cabinet facades, bright-green textile, silver pendant light or lemon-yellow lightning equipment) will showcase your flair for exquisiteness and non-standard solutions.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular? 12

Modern White Kitchen

A beautiful kitchen with modern white kitchen cabinets is a cool trend reflecting the energy of contemporary lifestyle. A kitchen in the Modern style is functional, comfortable, elegant, and easy-to-maintain while it also boasts astounding, bold and chic kitchen interiors complimented with fanciful elements. A white Modernist kitchen will be in its best if you combine this color with a brighter palette such as green, blue or red. Outstanding ceramics, a vivid backsplash or unusual stools will add these sparks of color.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular? 13

You can also find interesting renovation ideas for your home here.

Provence White Kitchen

Provence is, perhaps, the homiest and most romantic style for a kitchen in white shadows. This design seems to be purposefully invented for such premises: jolly wallpapers, rainbow facades, and colorful backsplashes create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the kitchen. The Provence style is known for the prevalence of bright accents in the interior: cheerful curtains, ornamental wallpapers, and matte facades of cupboards and islands. The use of dark finishing is also possible, but in very limited amounts, just to produce eye-pleasing contrasts without letting the dark palette dominate.

A calm white background is the best way to emphasize and highlight the bright colors of a Provence kitchen. The use of the black gamma is minimal in Provence kitchens, but the shades of yellow, blue, and green in an overall white setting are more than welcome.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular? 14

You can find useful information about a kitchen renovation costs here.

Other Style White Kitchens

White kitchens are great for other interior styles because they never fail to expand the space of a small room. A Rococo or Empire style kitchen will not look that refined and posh if there are no touches of white. Black tones are rich and elegant, but truly successful combinations are possible exclusively with white and its shades.

Roman and Greek styles of kitchen design also suggest the use of white overtones as the dominant color. Antique white kitchen cabinets are generally freestanding and are not fixed to the wall, which lands a kitchen a very period look.

Antique white cabinets

Sometimes, kitchens in such styles do not feature cabinets at all, but have open shelves instead, all painted in white or other pastel colors making the kitchen appear very sophisticated. Sometimes, there are Roman/Greek kitchens that are majorly blue with handcrafted white items everywhere around the perimeter: on countertops, window sills, workspaces. Blue-shuttered windows and whitewashed walls – do you have a different concept of a Greek kitchen?

A white and green gamut in the Eco-Style Kitchen design produces a very interesting combination. This fusion does not tolerate black finishes and is associated with summer greenery and freshness.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular? 15

Whatever the style you want to remodel your kitchen, the white color is always a unique and interesting approach to make the basic space of your house even more beautiful and trendy. White and its shadows can implement the most intense palette. Such a kitchen will easily stand the test of time and will never go out of fashion while bringing a lot of positive emotions to the homeowners and their guests.

Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.

Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Kitchen Remodel Before And After

We are proud to present our project in Carlsbad: it was made for a young family that moved from the Bay area. Like many of our customers, they have chosen white shaker style cabinets which are in high demand today.

Issues & Tasks

Kitchen Remodel Before And After 17

The house features the original kitchen built in 1990-tees. Although it was pretty functional, the large cabinets made looking bulky and huge, and the coloring definitely seemed to be outdated. Our customers wanted to refresh the room and make it seem more spacious. It goes without mentioning the problem of storage: there should be enough place to hide all the cookware and yet declutter space as much as possible.

Changes Made

As you can see on the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos, our team has made a lot of renovations, including:

  • The space near refrigerator was turned into the wine bar. We got rid of unnecessary sections and oven (it’s placed under the stove). That added functionality to the corner and increased storage space.
  • The main modification was the change of furniture. We decided to customize prefabricated cabinets and made some alternations (for example, we placed a built-in microwave under the island cabinet). Thus, we managed to leave the same functionality but made appliances more discreet).


Kitchen Remodel Before And After 18


Kitchen Remodel Before And After 19
  • The built-in chimney hood has been replaced with a wall mounted one. It looks more modern and less bulky.
  • To support the color combination of white furniture and silver appliances, we used silver rain mosaic tile behind the hood and white subway tile for the backsplash.
  • Another element supporting the colors is Quartz Calacatta countertop on the island, and Vena Carbon countertop on basic cabinets. They make the interior look more expensive and chic.
  • The previous kitchen island looked very bulky and outdated. It was replaced by a more visually lightweight island countertop with extended overhang surface supported by posts. Thus, we managed to add working area without devouring space.


Kitchen Remodel Before And After 20


Kitchen Remodel Before And After 21

To top it off, we colored walls to make the room atmosphere even lighter. The old sink was replaced, as well as the outdated appliances.


As the result, the kitchen looks more spacious, contemporary, and full of light. We left the old lighting scheme – their placement was quite smart as each working zone stays is illuminated. After a minor remodeling, the room has acquired a completely new look and new functionality while the storage space was totally preserved.

Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.

Navy Blue & White Kitchen Renovation

Navy Blue & White Kitchen Renovation

This was a 3 level condo where the client was looking to remodel their kitchen without changing the layout.

So, they chose a base navy blue and white shaker wall cabinets, a Callacata quartz counter top, with white scales mosaic tile for the back splash. We also installed floor tile, installed hardwood on the stairs and dressed up a small bathroom/powder room during the remodel.




Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Here we have German driftwood flat panel doors kitchen with granite countertops. The island was designed with side “waterfall”.
Matching floor tile and modern pendant lights complete this project.




5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors

5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors

5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors

5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors 23

Bright, dare-to-be-different kitchen cabinet colors come and go. Extravagant designer solutions please eye just for a while and soon become daily irritations. And only a strict classic has a timeless power to make your kitchen beautiful and functional. Below we will speculate on 5 the most popular kitchen cabinet colors that will make “the heart of your home” simply ideal without annoying you even after years to pass.

Dark Brown Cabinets

5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors 24

Being in a kitchen whose surfaces absorb light is an extraordinary pleasure comparable only to meditation. Dark brown is a ubiquitous color for kitchen cabinets and will never go out of fashion. Dark brown cabinets genuinely merge with any kitchen style, while the addition of bright accents or accessories will make a bold fashion statement and showcase the homeowner’s love for the beautiful. Moreover, brown kitchen cabinets perfectly hide all the blemishes – take advantage of this if you nurture an idea of kitchen remodel. But the true purpose of dark brown cabinets is to allow the elements of kitchen décor to shine against the sombrous background like stars sparkle against the night sky.

White Kitchen Cabinets

5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors 25

White kitchen cabinets are in high demand nowadays thanks to the increasing popularity of Scandinavian-style kitchens. Occurring in all possible tones, from snowy to pearly, white is a great color for small premises. The white background evokes to lightness, cleanliness, and airiness.
Since white wooden cabinet are covered with modern finishes, you may fear not that the glary surfaces of your kitchen will be stained with dirt or grease. White cabinetry is like a canvas on which you can paint a fantastic picture with vivid touches.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors 26

Gone are the days when gray kitchen cabinets were considered dull and tasteless. Today, thanks to technological achievements, gray boasts an insane diversity of shades, which makes it the right choice for those who appreciate exquisite designs. Gray kitchen cabinets can create the ambiance of tranquility, aristocracy, and sophistication. Such a color soothes anxiety and relieves stress. If you are too emotional and can easily get nervous, gray kitchen cabinets will bring the desired balance and stability to your life. Graphite, steel, Marengo, rocket metallic – there are so many variations of gray but none of them ever fails to produce a wondrous kitchen.

Natural Wood Cabinets

5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors 27

A kitchen with natural wood cabinets looks classy, luxurious, and noble. When it comes to a kitchen remodel, most homeowners opt for exactly natural wood cabinetry and seating furniture as a proven way to make the interior picture-perfect. Apart from being highly attractive, wooden cabinets are absolutely eco-friendly, they do not cause any allergenic reactions, and are able to serve for many decades without losing their goodliness and functionality. Natural cabinetry can boast unparalleled aesthetic properties. Since natural wood comes in a wide range of textures and shades, finding the perfect kitchen furniture that will suit your personal tastes and budget will not be difficult. Due to the unrepeatable natural patterns and coloration, cabinets made of natural wood are always unique and gorgeous.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors 28

Midway between the exciting red and the rich maroon, cherry is the color that stirs the imagination and provides infinite scope for experiments in kitchen design. Though cherry is a very alluring dye, its absolute prevalence can make the kitchen visually smaller than it actually is. For this reason, cherry kitchen cabinets are recommended to be set against a neutral background or mixed with light-tone appliances.

Cherry cabinetry perfectly harmonizes with beige, cream, and peach backdrops. The combination of cherry and white is a bold, yet, magnificent contrast suitable for those who hate trivial solutions. The blend of cherry and silver or greenish shades is also an impressive tandem which allows you to create truly one-of-a-kind kitchen design.

But do not go too far when experimenting with cherry kitchen cabinets and try to avoid the usage of numerous colors. Two or three shades, one of which is cherry, will be more than enough to turn your kitchen into a masterpiece.

Summing everything up, you will not go wrong if you decide in favor of all-time somber, cold and elegant kitchen tones: apart from being utterly practical, convenient, and universal, they never distract you from performing kitchen routines or enjoying your cup of tea in silence.

Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.

The 3 Zone for Storage in Your Kitchen

The 3 Zone for Storage in Your Kitchen

The 3 Zone for Storage in Your Kitchen

The 3 Zone for Storage in Your Kitchen 29

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

Think that something is off about your kitchen layout but cannot put your finger on exactly what? Aren’t you excited about your moderately sized kitchen and want to make it more functional and spacious? Want to have more usable counter space in the room where you generally hone your culinary skills in the evening? If you answered YES to any of these questions, your kitchen is defiantly poorly organized and you, apparently, don’t know about the golden kitchen storage rule – a so-called sink stove refrigerator triangle.

The concept of this rule is pretty simple: a kitchen’s three primary activity areas (the sink, the fridge, and the stove/range) should form, obviously, a triangle. Elements in the glorious kitchen triangle orient traffic flow within a kitchen, thus ensuring an optimal rotational movement between task-specific zones: cooking (an oven), washing/peeling (a sink), and storing (a fridge). So, in plain words, it is all about smart kitchen storage and organization.

And once you learn to apply this rule, you will enjoy a better kitchen that is eye-pleasing, obstacle-free, and highly convenient at the same time. We will teach you that lesson to group your kitchen storage around three main workspaces.

Three Essential Zones of Kitchen Storage

Refrigerator Area

Your refrigerator is a grand and, perhaps, the most important appliance in your entire house because it preserves the freshness and safety of  

The 3 Zone for Storage in Your Kitchen 30

your products and meals. It is the first kitchen zone involved in food preparation. Mind these tips to make the storage area around your refrigerator utterly useful and bottleneck-free:

  • Position your fridge near the entrance to shove groceries into right the moment you come in.
  • An optimal variant is to position a countertop/kitchen island next to or across from the fridge so that you will have convenient space within easy reach to place your bags and sort groceries out. Such a location of a countertop/ island also allows having cereal boxes, canned goods and other dry foods always at hand.
  • Making your staples easily accessible will also facilitate your preparation routines. Apply the spot around your refrigerator for housing a mixer, a blender, food processor, coffee machine, a can opener, a toaster, mixing bowls, measuring miscellany, sifters, trays, salad molds, cups, and other utensils requisite for dry goods. It makes sense to provide yourself with a spacious (at least, 500 cm3) pantry pullout cabinet for dry food storage somewhere in the fridge zone, too.
  • What about a built-in appliance garage near the fridge station? This kitchen must-have will save you from countertop clutter while helping to easily accommodate bulky appliances.
  • Obtain a medium-sized closet and put it near your refrigerator to store a broom, a dustpan, and a mop but make sure, this cabinet doesn’t block traffic flow around your kitchen.

Sink Area

The region around your sink and dishwasher is the second most important kitchen storage space. This so-called sanitary point should be found between the fridge and the cooktop/range for utmost efficiency. Since a sink is the heaviest used appliance in any kitchen, it should better take 

up a central position.

A countertop in the sink zone should be maximally uncluttered. The space in and around the sink is used for meal-preparation activities including washing, peeling, and chopping as well as sorting out the mess after eating. Put garbage and recycling bins under the sink to ensure effortless trash disposal.

Kitchen cabinets in the sink area should be allocated for all sorts of tableware, glassware, and flatware. There also should be separate storage for dishtowels, cleaning essentials, as well as drying and polishing utensils.

Cutting boards and knives should be placed in the middle between your travel from the refrigerator and the sink. By doing so, you can easily access these things from the fridge, use them for intended purposes, and quickly wash in the sink as well as throw all the leftovers to the garbage/recycle containers under the sink.

Though it is a common practice to store glassware in wall cabinets beside the sink/dishwasher, you will not go wrong if you use a drawer as a location for drinking glasses, wine glasses mugs, and cups. Since glass and ceramics are quite fragile materials, store your glassware upside down on a nonslip rubber drawer liner for better protection.

When planning kitchen storage and organization, it is better to find a way to store items which are directly related to each other. For instance, cups are better to be positioned near a coffee machine.

The 3 Zone for Storage in Your Kitchen 31

Range Area

The place around your stove is meant for cooking and serving meals. These functions determine the position of a range – near the dining room. All items involved in the prep workflow must stand in the stove/cooktop center.

As for an oven and a countertop, you should locate them beside or closely across to each other so that you will have sufficient space to put down hot items quickly and safely. Potholders, trivets, and other supplies for handling hot kitchenware must also be within obvious proximity to

The 3 Zone for Storage in Your Kitchen 32

the stove and oven. Allot some space of the range zone for plates, bowels, and other dishes which can aid to deposit the prepared food to the dining table.

It will not hurt to dedicate a separate kitchen cabinet for storing different cookware which you use on the stovetop and another cabinet – for keeping bakeware for the oven. A microwave oven, a waffle maker, and other warming appliances also belong exactly to the range center as well as breadboards and bread bins.

The stove zone is also home to spices, pots, and pans, and they can be stored both in the upper cabinets/shelves and in drawers/pullout cabinets standing on the floor – this entirely depends on your personal preferences.

A triangle concept is still the best way to design your kitchen and make storage utterly practical. Since your kitchen has three distinct functions – cooking, washing, storing – it is reasonable to organize three self-contained work areas where every kitchen zone will everything which relates to the particular kind of activity. It means that the cooking zone should contain all attributes you would possibly need to prepare meals: measuring pieces, pots, pans, and whatsoever, and all this stuff should be located beside both your pantry and the stove. Your “wet” zone has everything you need to clean up dishes and ingredients: mops, sponges, dishtowels, disposal bins, household chemicals, etc.

A classic kitchen triangle is a great way to properly organize storage in your kitchen but do not think it is the only principle to rely on. While assessing the traffic flow, you may find out that a triangle does not fit your particular kitchen layout, but take it easy. Like any rule, triangles can be broken or transformed into another figure (especially, if you have more working zones in your kitchen – a bar, for example). And never forget: it is possible to create a fiendishly functional and appealing kitchen without frills just by having a proper layout and useful cabinets.

Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.

Transitional Kitchen Remodel | White Shaker Cabinets

Transitional Kitchen Remodel | White Shaker Cabinets

The footprint hasn’t been changed. We used white shaker cabinets and Crema Latte quartz slabs.
For the back splash tile owners have picked mosaics which provided contrast between counter top and cabinetry. Wall mounted exhaust hood makes this kitchen look contemporary.
For the garbage disposal we used pomp action switch.
Also, for the dining area we created a side board which makes this room more functional.  


What are Shaker Cabinets?

What are Shaker Cabinets?

What are Shaker Cabinets?

What are Shaker Cabinets? 33

Minimal, precise, and evocative – there is no other kitchen design that can boast the same timeless beauty and, consequently, insane popularity. Shaker cabinets perfectly blend into any kitchen interior whether it is an elegant classic or bold modern. If you are nourishing a kitchen remodel idea, Shaker style kitchen cabinets should hold the top spot in your variants. Below, we will thoroughly explain, why…

What is Shaker Style?

The way how the Shaker style came to existence is unusual and interesting. The trend appeared three centuries ago, initiating a new direction in the interior design art.

The new style took its name from the English religious group called ” Shakers”. The group was originally established by working-class men and women in Manchester, England in the 1700s, but they gradually migrated to America and brought their grand ideas to the New World.

What is Shaker style in two words? It is simplicity and linear strictness.

Unlike the colorful and cheerful Country style that was at the peak of popularity in America at those times, the Shaker style is extremely simple, if not to say austere.

The strictness and tenuity of this style are explained by the fact that Shakers wanted to express their life purpose in every element of the interior design. They thought that accessories and ornaments are useless extravagances and preferred practical and functional solutions instead.

Despite its simplicity, however, the shaker style finally edged out the sumptuous Victorian style that was the hottest trend in those days.

So the shakers devoted their life to simple worship and thought that excessiveness was a sin. This belief was clearly visible in the furniture they made. They denied the use of inlays, carvings, intricate door handles, and pompous veneering. The outstanding features of a Shaker kitchen are:

  • Cabinets constructed from valuable wood. Doors may have a simple recessed panel. White shaker cabinets were in priority as the epitome of the impeccability. However, contemporary dark shaker cabinets are increasing in demand.
  • Drawers were placed in solid wood frames. The knobs were timber, too, the use of metal pulls was excluded.
  • Shelves substituted massive cupboards.
  • Pegs were all around the kitchen perimeter for hanging up different utensils. Pegs were so strong that could hang a chair while the floor was cleaned.
  • Shaker cabinet colors should be neutral: creamy, white or off-white. The wooden worktop and countertops should be left exposed.

What is a Shaker Cabinet?

Shakers created their kitchen cabinets which were unprecedentedly simple, ultimately functional, and surprisingly durable.

Shaker cabinetry was never made of artificial materials. Cherry shaker cabinets were most popular, however other valuable wood species like birch, oak, and maple were also used to manufacture the divine furnishings. Shaker cabinets are characterized by the dominance of straight lines and naturalness, the simplicity of forms and the absence of arrogant decorations.

What are Shaker Cabinets? 34

Though these believers promoted modesty and austerity, the furniture they created was high-quality and illustrated unique craftsmanship of cabinet-makers. Surely, all the furniture was hand-made.

Strict square construction is a signature of Shaker cabinets for kitchen. Though dramatically simple, such construction gives the room an elegant look and never-ending charm. There is no need for excessive decoration, just let the wood speak for itself and it will tell much.

What is a Shaker cabinet? It is that with sharp lines, a proportioned frame and inset panel design. Cabinet doors are made of five panels assembled together without any bevel on the frame. Such a door is combined with five-piece drawer fronts or plain drawer fronts. Both doors and drawer fronts can be inset, partially overlaying or fully overlaying.

Shaker Kitchens Overall Tendencies

Reflecting natural simplicity, shaker-styled kitchens are painted in neutral colors. These include total gray shaker cabinets as well as variations of tender brown, creamy-white, gentle yellow, light green or celestial blue – all dyes must have a natural source and be completely safe for tenants of the house.

Furniture wax or oil in light wood colors serve as finishing for shaker cabinets. Wood flooring and walls are covered with varnish or paint. The use of stone flooring is also possible in Shaker kitchens.

Textile in Shaker kitchens is all-natural, too: wool, silk, and cotton harmoniously complement unpretentiousness and severity of Shaker cabinetry.

Doors, seat furniture, cabinetry, and flooring traditionally have natural wood shades, while walls and ceilings should be painted in restful monochrome colors like white, blue or pale-grey.


Other distinctive features of the shaker style include simple straight lines, the lack of intricate decorations, artificially aged surfaces of cabinets and countertops, the use of simple metal fittings and unsophisticated kitchen utensils. Repeating elements emphasize the great meaningfulness of shaker kitchens. Built-in furniture with massive doors and numerous drawers is most welcome.

Quartz and granite are the most prioritized materials for countertops in Shaker kitchens. Though soapstone would give a countertop the desired period look, too, this material is much softer compared to the previous two. The edges of countertops are generally squared and polished.

Shaker cabinetry is meant with maximum functionality in mind and offers place literally for everything, maximizing storage in a busy house. The modesty of Shakers was perfectly reflected in their kitchen interiors. The kitchen appliances were smartly concealed behind cabinet doors, so there was no irritating glaring around – this principle survived up to date.

Shaker kitchens are very functional; their space is well-organized thanks to the use of all possible rails, partitions, and draw-out systems inside cabinets and cupboards.

Sometimes the Shaker style is called “American country”, given its simplicity and convenience. Based on these considerations, Shaker is close to the modern urban style. Natural materials, scarce decoration, and the absence of unnecessary elements in the interiors are what make these two worlds so similar.

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Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

The house was built in 1940s and we ran into a number of challenges during the construction process, including foundation, plumbing and subfloor level. The owner wanted to expand her only bathroom and we tried a variety of different approaches. Finally, we settled on the idea of building the bathroom in place of the bedroom and using the former bathroom as a den.

The outcome exceeded the owners expectations. During the process we helped her pick materials to ease the full process. 

For the kitchen made it open and spacious, with a complete custom kitchen remodel with European smaller standard appliances, blue shaker cabinets, natural wood shelves & desk top, granite counter tops, with a subway tile on the back splash. We also installed solid wood flooring throughout the house.

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