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You have decided to change your current bathroom for the best, giving it fresher look and feel? Then you’ve made a right decision. After all, it is exactly the bathroom that gets the highest load of use during a day. So, getting it remodeled makes a good sense. This may improve your quality of life. Or, at least, this may not let you feel bored with the appearance of your old room. If your day starts in a worn-out, dull bathroom, your mood may be ruined for until the night. On the other hand, when you like your bathroom, when it is pleasant for you, it may give you extra energy and positive thinking for a day. So, what do you think about adding more texture to your space? Combining a number of different textures, you will give your bathroom a new, one of a kind style and atmosphere. So, let’s consider some ways to use different textures in your future bathroom remodel.

Flooring Texure


Using different textures in bathroom flooring is not only stylish but improves the space from the safety point of view. For instance, if you combine traditional ceramic tile flooring with textural elements, you will be less likely to0 slip on the floor after taking a shower. Even safer and more slip-proof option is sandblasted stone or honed natural stone (of course, not of the polished type) that provide even more traction.

Another great option is wooden flooring elements. In this case, hardwood needs to be sealed in order to prevent moisture damage. Another popular flooring option is carpeting. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, using it as the major bathroom flooring material is quite problematic. However, you may still combine carpet tiles with another tiling. Another variant is to add rugs over tiles.

It is much more convenient than using carpet tiles, as rugs may be removed and cleaned easily at any time. If there is a shower cabin in your bathroom, it also needs textural flooring for the sake of safety. One of such options is pebble flooring that feels great for the feet. Additionally, you may put a removable rubber pad for even more safety. To this, removable pad may be as well taken away from the shower and cleaned anytime to prevent mold appearance.


Combining different textures on your bathroom walls is stylish and provides a great opportunity for design experiments. For example, you may add mirrors over the entire wall or walls to make your space look larger. To this, such a decision is quite convenient, as it provides you an opportunity to see how you look on every side in new clothes or after a month of workouts. And for a more natural feel, you may add bamboo or wooden wall elements. The only thing here is that they are better to be used in the least wet bathroom areas.

                                         Countertops in Bathroom

First of all, your bathroom countertops need to be sustainable and strong, as they are being used a lot on the daily basis. As for textures, you have a great variety of choices, from noble natural marble or granite to laminate or engineered stone. All of them are available in different colors, shades, textures, and palettes. So, it is only up to you to decide what fits best to your bathroom design and your personal preferences.



Different accessories are one more wonderful way of adding even more texture and convenience to your bathroom design. A simple trashcan or laundry basket (if your family stores laundry exactly in the bathroom) made of wood, plastic or steel may be a great textural and at the same time useful and functional element. Shelves made of tough glass or metal can be another contrasting textural element for your bathroom.

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