Complete Condo Renovation

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From the first meeting the Groysman Construction was serious about the project and start measuring everything and giving me an idea about the cost ( which for us was very important as we were going to fix EVERYTHING in our 1972 condo from the floor to the ceiling and the cost was important). We had multiple meetings with Igor and Andrew while we were finalizing the scope of work and the final estimate was pretty close to the original quotes. The only increases were due to the additional work we asked them to perform which was not originally budgeted.

TEAM: Groysman construction got a great team of talented people. We really enjoyed working with Andrew, Igor, and Alexander. Igor was working in the construction for decades, so I would feel very comfortable to knock my whole place out and build my it from the ground. Andrew is a designer and was helping us to design the kitchen and other things around the place ( such as turning the closet for water heater into a storage area, designing the laundry and bathroom, and many other things). Andrew always comes with a great idea and Igor makes it happen in the reality. Alexander was main execution contact and his work ethic is excellent. He made our place look pristine!

TIMING and COORDINATION: Igor was a project manager and he was scheduling everyone: painters, plumbers, demolishes, electricians and etc. Having a professional who knows the order in which all work needs to be done is a huge benefit and it allowed me and my husband to be hands off and only do a check ups to make sure everything goes smooth. We did have couple small hiccups, but Igor managed it well and we still finished everything on time. My advice to anyone whose project is more than just repainting the walls – let the professionals do the job. Yes, it would cost a bit extra but the results and all the stress you avoid along the way is well worth the cost.

SCOPE of WORK: Groysman Construction has been hired to demolish the whole place, replace the floors, remove texture from walls and ceiling, remove heating wires and add lightning across the whole place, completely rebuild the kitchen and the bathroom, replace the water heater, paint walls and ceiling, assemble closets, demolish several walls in order to rebuild the laundry and closets area, replace all doors, attach tracks for the curtains, install window sills, update the plumbing, replace range hood, tile the kitchen, install quartz counter top etc.

QUALITY of WORK: Let me say, unfortunately for myself and for other people, I am very demanding consumer. I always do everything in my life as close to perfect as possible and this is what I expect from other people. The work done by Groysman construction has exceeded my expectations. They turned our place into magic! Almost a year after the remodeling, our place looks as good as when they returned us the keys. I’ve heard so many horrible stories from my friends and coworkers about how bad their experiences were. It is such a relief that I do not have one of those stories to share with you. All I want to say is if you are looking for someone to complete your project – look no further, you will thank yourself many times for choosing Groysman Construction

PRICE: I shopped around prior to hiring Groysman construction and I believe that they have very reasonable prices for the quality of work they perform. After all the work, time and money we put in our home, I hope we would not have to move for a while. If I move – I will choose Groysman construction over and over aging. Good luck to everyone with your projects!

Victoria Gustafson

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