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How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen in San Diego?

➡ When it comes to California, particularly San Diego, costs to renovate a kitchen usually vary between $35 000 and $70 000. Generally, the price range falls somewhere from $20 000 to $130 000. Yet still, smaller remodel projects might cost between $10 000 and $15 000, while prices of luxury kitchens can fall well beyond 100k. In fact, the price depends on the scale of the project, the volume of work, as well as the quality of chosen materials and fixtures.

What is included in a full kitchen remodel?

➡ If you intend to fully renovate the kitchen area, this means you can renew the general kitchen layout, for instance, install entirely different cabinets & counters, shelves, and even countertops, reinstall flooring, add or replace kitchen equipment, let alone replace fixtures, lights, and accessories. By renewing the existing kitchen zone and design, you’ll get a chance to expand storage capacity, and refresh not only the exterior but the feel and spirit of the kitchen too.

How do you start to design a kitchen?

➡ First of all, you think over the design you wish to implement and the best layout considering cabinets, shelves, and appliances. Second, you choose the color scheme. Third, you hire a reliable contractor; then, together you adjust the layout and choose suitable materials (experienced pros from Groysman Construction can give priceless advice given the company’s experience in the industry). 

What is the right order to remodel a kitchen?

➡ Once the layout and color scheme have been discussed and settled, next you go to:
☑ Removal of old, to-be-changed, kitchen elements.
☑ Professional inspection for wiring and plumbing.
☑ Frames, doors, walls, and windows.
☑ Installation of cabinets and a kitchen island (if planned)
☑ Flooring installation work
☑ Finally, appliances, sink faucets, and lighting fixtures are installed.

What does a kitchen remodeling contractor do?

➡ A reliable and experienced contractor, such as Groysman Construction, takes care of the project from the initial estimate to the final inspection, including:
☑ Initial estimation of costs
☑ Official permits, building codes, and inspections
☑ Decisions on methods and order of execution of works
☑ Workflow management
☑ Team coordination.


How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom in San Diego?

➡ On the whole, San Diego residents spend from $10,000 to $15,000 on remodeling bathrooms. In fact, the price bracket is from $4,000 to $35,000 and depends greatly on the chosen materials, sanitaryware, and equipment. A minor project might cost even $3,000 given that the workscope is minimal or some tasks a homeowner carries out by himself. The cost of a luxury project with premium-level equipment, materials, fixtures, as well as accessories can exceed $35,000 if you plan a full renovation.

How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

➡ The execution time frame depends on the project, particularly, the space, availability of necessary materials, and, of course, the workscope. Generally, complete remodel takes from 3 to 6 weeks. In fact, smaller projects like replacing sanitary equipment might take less than a week, while the entire renovation of a larger bathroom might require from 6 to 8 weeks. Actually, TV shows cannot be used as a reference as they are created to keep us entertained. Actually, remodeling demands thorough preparation, including electrical, construction, and plumbing works; once the preparation is completed, pros proceed to deal with the exterior.

When remodeling a bathroom what comes first?

➡ Planning comes before anything else. You think over the desired layout and choose a contractor. Once you’ve discussed and settled the details with the contractor, the process might consist of the following steps:
☑ Demolition
☑ Plumbing and electrical works
☑ Installation of required grabs, rails, etc.
☑ Walls are closed with vapor barriers or cement boards
☑ Tiling
☑ Installation of the shower cubicle
☑ Lights and fans (if required) installation
☑ Sink, toilet, and bathtub installation
☑ Cleaning up
☑ Final inspection

What kind of tile is best for a bathroom?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles might be the optimal option for any bathroom. They are similar in their properties (durable, scratch-resistant, and water-proof); however, porcelain tiles are considered a premium variant as they are manufactured from more finely ground materials and show higher water resistance and durability. Ceramic tiles are pretty close in their properties to porcelain but more budget-friendly. Due to a combo of costs and properties ceramic tiles represent a very popular choice for bathrooms.

What is the best bathroom remodel contractors near me?

➡ Groysman Construction is a well-known reputable contractor in San Diego, California. Pros from Groysman will defer to your layout & design ideas, recommend suitable materials, plan a budget-friendly project, coordinate all stages of the process, and take care of required permissions. Thirty years in the industry and many happy customers represent valid proof of Groysman expertise.


How much does it cost per square foot for flooring?

➡ Speaking of expenses, rates for floor renovation or installation may vary notably and depend generally on the material type, be it wood, ceramics or stones. As for San Diego, most households pay about $12/sq. ft. Actually, vinyl installation can cost starting from $3/sq. ft. for mid-range vinyl planks, and you can pay $25/sq. ft. and more for a premium floor made of solid hardwood. Typically, fees fall into the range of $5 to $20/sq. ft.

How to install flooring laminate?

➡ Laminate isn’t only a budget-friendly option but also an easy-to-install variant. In fact, it doesn’t require nailing or adhesives. Laminate planks snap easily with each other, and the entire installation procedure is dry, unlike ceramic tiling. With proper experience, you can lay laminate planks yourself but to get a smooth and top-grade-looking floor you’d better hire pros.   

Many laminate manufacturing companies recommend using underlay before installing laminate planks. Foam sheeting underlay helps to cover any bumps or gaps on the subfloor and facilitates sound absorption.

How to install flooring wood?

➡ Wood represents a lasting and stylish flooring option. Because the wood comes in various sizes and shapes, the installation procedure may vary given the selected supplies and the existing subfloor. In fact, you have a selection of strip flooring, planks, or parquet. As solid as wood seems, hardwood flooring requires some expertise and preparation to achieve a stunning result.  

The Groysman Construction crew performs all tasks associated with floor renewal or installation: from preparing the underlayer and moisture-proofing to actual installation & polishing.    

Is vinyl flooring waterproof?

➡ To be precise, vinyl flooring isn’t 100% waterproof but it is renowned for being water-resistant. This fact partially explains the popularity of vinyl floors. Another convincing reason is its unsophisticated installation and budget-friendly price.

Water-resistance properties won’t save you from flooding but small drops and spills can be easily wiped out with no effect on the flooring.  

Modern vinyl comes also as tiles and planks that provide a luxury floor feel: planks click together and glued. Every so often you can barely distinguish vinyl from laminate slats.

What flooring is the best for kitchens?

➡ Ceramic tiles, all types of laminate & wood would perform well as a kitchen floor. A choice depends on individual preferences and budget: hardwood might seem a bit more costly but gives kitchens a stunning look; ceramics and stones are resilient and waterproof and come in diverse shapes and colors; laminate is an attractive and inexpensive variant.

What flooring is the best for bathrooms?

➡ Tiling should be a go-to variant for bathroom flooring. At present, tiles come in a range of materials, shapes, and colors to put into practice any interior design ideas. Besides, the floor of stone or ceramic tiles is very enduring, water- and damage-resistant, which is a substantial advantage when it comes to bathrooms. It is possible even to find ceramic and stone tiles with the antiskid surface for non-slippery flooring.

The only disadvantage of the tiling is that it’s more labor-consuming in terms of the actual installation. Yet still, once you hire specialists to prepare and lay tiles properly, the flooring might last lifelong: waterproof, easy-to-clean, and relatively inexpensive.   

Who does flooring near me?

➡ Groysman Construction is a go-to company headquartered in San Diego if you need to change the floors. Fully licensed, qualified, and experienced professionals can renew the flooring fast and with minimal discomfort for the family. Due to extensive expertise in engineering materials and solid experience in remodeling, including floor renovation, the crew can also advise on the optimal solution in terms of supplies or subfloor preparation.


How can I add more space to my house?

➡ Expansion of livable space can be done in several ways:
☑ Ground floor expansion
☑ Sunroom addition
☑ Second-floor addition
☑ Terrace enclosure
☑ Bump out addition
☑ Basement or attic remodeling
☑ Addition of an attached or detached accessory dwelling unit

Note that there can be state, area, or neighbourhood restrictions and building codes your remodel plans have to comply with. Reliable local contractors are usually well aware of existing regulations and can consult about existing constraints. 

What’s the cheapest way to add a room?

Remodeling an attic, basement or garage is one of the budget-saving options to add some living space to your house. In this case, you do not add or install structural components and deal only with the renovation of the existing space.

Another least expensive option is to build a sunroom or bump out, which doesn’t require many materials and HVAC systems. Some companies even offer pre-made sunrooms for easier DIY installation.

How much does it cost to make a second floor?

➡ On average, the second-story addition costs vary between $200 and $500 per square foot. Actual costs depend on the footage and complexity of a project. Additionally, the type and quality of materials influence the cost too. Sometimes you can add a second floor for less than $150,000 while adding a story to a larger house with luxury finishing might cost up to $500,000 and more.

How long does it take to build a second floor?

➡ The addition of an entirely new story to a house requires several months, usually from 6 to 10 months. The actual remodeling period depends on the house construction, authority inspections and permits, supplies and materials availability, and weather. Partial additions can take from 3 to 6 months.

Find a home addition contractor near you

➡ Considering a room addition, work with a reliable contractor who will make the addition seamless. Room addition increases the house value in the market, so you need to partner with an experienced contractor that is capable of improving your home to good quality.

If you’re a San Diego resident, look no further than Groysman Construction — reputable and renowned for its superior qualification in home remodeling. The Groysman team has already put many home expansion dreams into practice.