New flooring even in one separate room can absolutely change the appearance of the whole house, improve its look and make it more comfortable place to live in. The best way to get new flooring is to order it here, from the best specialists in Floor Remodeling – Groysman Construction!

The flooring varieties available on the market are quite numerous. So, no matter what style your home is you can choose the floor that will be ideal for your lifestyle and personal preferences. With floor manufacturing lots of different raw materials are used; they are, for example:

  • wood,
  • different tiles,
  • recycled materials,
  • laminate,
  • cork,
  • rubber,

so, the choice of the perfect floor type may be confusing. However, such diversity of options, with their own pros and cons, provides many opportunities to keep your personal lifestyle in mind, taking advantage even of several materials in one room at the same time.

There are options suitable for any budget and taste, and our experts will get you acquainted with the possible remodeling choices, taking into consideration your finances and all of your wishes.



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wood flooring remodeling san diego

Wood Floor Remodeling

Floors of hardwood are absolutely natural, durable, and stylish, and in fact they may be used in any room. The classical beauty of wood fits perfectly into any type of interior style and theme and always looks great. Types of wood used in flooring production are quite numerous, from low-cost domestic oak or maple to exotic Acacia koa. Our company can provide any type of wood for you to choose from, for example, Brazilian cherry. However, you should be aware that any wood requires special care and maintenance. Contact us to discuss the details.

laminate flooring remodeling san diego

Laminate Floor Remodeling

Laminate is one of the most cost-efficient options. It is simple to install, it requires just a little maintenance and offers a wide choice of colors and patterns. For example, laminate can look absolutely like natural wood or stone, so it may be used even in luxurious interiors.

ceramic flooring remodeling san diego

Ceramic Tile Floor Remodeling


Ceramic tile requires professional installation. As for advantages: tile floors require very little care, and they can be quite diverse. Tiles can be of different sizes, patterns, colors, and textures, so they provide a really great deal of choice. There is also a possibility to order your own custom tile design that will be really one-of-a-kind. And as for materials used in tile production, basically, they are glazed ceramic, quarry, porcelain and terracotta; they all differ in characteristics and prices.


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Just want to reiterate what an excellent job Vladimir performed installing our floors. His work was perfection and it is so refreshing to deal with someone who takes pride in

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Mike On His House Remodeling.

“I just wanted to thank you for the great remodeling job in our house. The travertine floors and bamboo laminate completely changed the look of our house! Our house looks like a brand…


Professional Flooring Installation

If you want a really ideal floor, then truly professional installation is highly recommended. Our company’s professionals are perfectly skilled in floor remodeling in all types of rooms. We can handle any material the correct way, be that tile or laminate or anything else. All our employees are licensed and insured, and ready to provide excellent results and high-quality customer service.

Floors Remodeled

Here is the result of one of our latest floor remodeling projects for one of our customers in San Diego. First of all, the customer wanted to make the house look more...

Free In-House Consultation on Floor Remodeling

Contact us to order a free consultation right in your house. In addition to flooring types described above, we can install all other possible variants such as: particular cork, stone, and bamboo.

During these consultations, thoughtfully, we provide high-quality material samples for you to choose from.


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