Modern Kitchen Island Ideas 2019

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The kitchen island is an ideal way to expand the cooking zone, which can also be used as a dining area. It provides extra storage space for numerous kitchen utensils. Kitchen islands come in different designs and sizes. We will show you 10 ideas for creating a modern kitchen island that can improve the interior of your kitchen.

Kitchen Island Color

White color is a classic. All-white kitchen island will make your kitchen appear larger and brighter.

The bright colors of your island will give it an accent. Yellow will give warmth and a sense of comfort. Green will give a sense of freshness and connection with nature. Black and gray colors are practical to use.

Introduce color into your kitchen, then a contrasting kitchen island is a smart route to injecting brilliant color in it. Installing a different colored kitchen island enables you to contrast the color of the units with the rest of your kitchen. More tips as for choosing the best kitchen paint colors here.

Different Materials for Kitchen Island

Keep the look clean and easy to care for by opting for a metal kitchen island. Choose a stainless steel for an industrial kitchen island look. For comfort, stainless steel can be combined with wood and tile to soften the look. A stainless steel worktop reflects light and makes the room brighter and lighter.

Mixing metal and wood will give your kitchen an industrial style. These materials are cost effective and add great durability and strength to your home.  The unusual material and shape  used on the stools carries on the streamlined vibe here.

Gleaming stainless steel and crisp white paired with the gorgeous hardwood will made the space feel modern. Kitchen island could function like a bar. This island would work for a casual eat-in with friends.

Glass can give you a stylish glossy finish to your counter. The translucent piece will also be placed over. You can choose from your kitchen island ideas.

Marble is one of the most popular materials for kitchen islands. Marble is a great material surface for working pasty, so go for a marble-topped kitchen island. Marble is a durable and practical material. It looks very beautiful. Get more information about most popular countertops material options here.

Kitchen island with stools

Kitchen island can not be imagined without chairs, which should be used in such a way that they fit into the design. Use our ideas to create a truly beautiful and functional island. It will be a joy for years to come. When you have a kitchen island table you will naturally also want to buy the perfect set of chairs. If you find the perfect seating then right set of gorgeous coordinating stools can set off your island perfectly.

A Mirrored Kitchen Island

If you want to create a unique look of your kitchen, then use mirrors for facing the kitchen island. Mirrored panels can cover drawer fronts. A mirrored kitchen island will look glamorous in even the most standard of kitchens. Its reflective surface will make your kitchen seem as if it’s larger and brighter and it’s also a clever way of disguising a kitchen island taking up valuable floor space in the middle of your kitchen.

Portable Kitchen Island

If you have a small apartment with a small kitchen, then a portable kitchen island will suit for you. They are stylish and practical and can be moved. An portable island on wheels can easily ferries dessert and extra dishes from the kitchen to the dining room.

A kitchen island can be turned into a bar counter – it’s a wonderfully way to eat and entertain and it’s perfect for more casual meals in the kitchen. A small kitchen island can be put to use as a breakfast bar, seating plenty of people.

A Minimal Kitchen Island

If you’re under the impression that kitchen islands have to take a considerable amount of floorspace, there’s plenty of minimal kitchen island ideas to prove you wrong. Minimalistic style is well suited for any kitchen! He is not intrusive and does not take much space.

A Cooking Kitchen Island

Your kitchen island can be turned into a place for cooking and for dining table. For your convenience, you can create surface space in your kitchen by moving your cooker to your kitchen island. Moving the sink onto a kitchen island makes an extra workspace and centralizes your room, even with a small kitchen island.

Have your pots, pans, and utensils hung over the island, as this will also be giving you easy access to your kitchen equipment while you are prepping and cooking.

An island with basket storage is a stylish and practical way of keeping all of your kitchenware together.

Use open shelving. They not only does open shelving keep your kitchen items accessible, but they make for stunning kitchen island ideas. Open shelving on your island allows you to store jars of spices and dried goods, or tableware or pots and pans.

Family Kitchen Island

This idea can be implemented in the house, if you have enough space to add a small wooden children’s table and chairs. You can manage bar stools. This kitchen island is great for entertainment, for everyday meals, everyone can gather and eat on the island.

How to choose the right shape

Large kitchen island provides a lot of useful space, as it allows you to store dishes and other utensils in the island cupboards. Such islands have a rectangular shape, in which the length of the table top is much greater than the width. If you put such an island on the rollers, you will have a convenient mobile version that you can remove from the center of the kitchen at any time when you need additional space.

Wide kitchen island.If you’ve got ample floor space to work with, an extra wide kitchen island will offer you plenty of additional storage and surface space while creating a stunning impact. If you have a large kitchen in which you can conveniently place any kitchen furniture, then you can put a wide kitchen island. It has many advantages. On a large tabletop, you can place a cooking hob for cooking, a dining table for the whole family. And if necessary, you can comfortably accommodate a large group of friends.

Asymmetrical kitchen island – it can be used to create additional seating, or as space for your sink, counter space, and extra storage. Or, simply use it to make a strong visual impact with a contrasting color and material. If you aren’t have enough space in your kitchen, or if it’s an awkward space, kidney or bean-shaped kitchen island ideas might be the best alternative for you. They wrap around you, taking up less space than a square kitchen island and there are no sharp corners to knock into – perfect for smaller spaces.

Circular or oval kitchen islands – they take up much less space, since there are no corners. Circular islets are best suited to provide you with additional storage space, since it will be difficult for you to install a dishwasher in one. Oval kitchen islands are great for the bar, so be sure to use them with the same bar stools.

Consider on creating a rectangular kitchen island. It will fit better in the interior than the square island. On a longer island, you can place much more ideas for your work space. Long kitchen islands are suitable for hiding household kitchen appliances, which makes your kitchen minimalist in design, spacious and stylish.

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