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Kitchen Remodeling Trends | Groysman Construction Remodeling | 5

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Interior design is an ever-changing and evolving industry influenced by various factors, such as new materials and engineering advances, sustainable practices, and smart technology development. Within this dynamic landscape we can distinguish the latest trends in kitchens you might consider for the upcoming kitchen remodel. What are some popular kitchen remodeling trends of 2024? As

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Top Bathroom Remodel Trends | Groysman Construction Remodeling | 6

Top Bathroom Remodel Trends

A modern & functional bathroom delivers not only comfort to the house residents but also increases an overall house value once you decide to move out. Whether you plan a modern bathroom renovation for your family or prepare a house for sale, a bathroom remodel is always a smart investment.  Let’s focus today on the

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How Spacious Should a Kitchen Be for an Efficient Island Setup? | Groysman Construction Remodeling | 8

How Spacious Should a Kitchen Be for an Efficient Island Setup?

Kitchen islands have recently become one of the hot trends in kitchen design. Latest design magazine editions and dedicated online resources feature islands as a centerpiece of family meals and warm conversations. How much room is required to build a kitchen island table? What dimensions are optimal for your unique project? Today we will discuss

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An ADU Home: Invest or Not? | Groysman Construction Remodeling | 10

An ADU Home: Invest or Not?

In recent years, building secondary housing units has been at the forefront for many property owners across the country. ADUs can expand a living area, provide freedom and privacy for young-adult or aged family members, act as an supportive income source if offered for rent, and upsize the total property value. What Is an ADU?

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Kitchen Layouts: Top 7 Types  | Groysman Construction Remodeling | 12

Kitchen Layouts: Top 7 Types 

The diversity of models, shapes, and colors can confuse anyone who considers kitchen remodeling. Interior design magazines and furniture stores publish yearly trends and expert recommendations to transform your outdated kitchen into a masterpiece. But the all-important aspect of a modern, fully-functional, and trendy kitchen zone is not a color or style but its layout. 

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