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Open Floor Kitchen Remodel

Being at the forefront of kitchen interior trends, an open floor plan makes the kitchen area more airy and bright, improves traffic flow, and turns the kitchen into a more versatile zone suitable for both cooking and communication. Thus, house renovation often involves the elimination of walls and doors separating the kitchen from adjacent rooms.

To implement a trendy kitchen layout created by Boris Groysman a load-bearing wall has been removed providing additional space to build an island. Note a sink with a stylish faucet on the kitchen island – moving a sink to the island ensures more working space on the countertop along the wall.

Marble countertops and backsplash harmonize with gray shaker-style cabinetry, so popular in California these days. Floating shelves on both sides of the cooker hood open up space even more and serve as both storage space and decor that matches the flooring color.   

Built-in LEDs coupled with fashionable pendant fixtures allow several variants of lighting, including dimmed and bright light zoning.

As a result of the open-floor kitchen remodel, the entire area seems more spacious and family-friendly, encouraging communication and spending more quality time with loved ones.  

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