Living Room with a Fireplace

The Design Project of a Living Room with a Fireplace

A living room is a highly important place in a home, and the project design of this area was meticulously thought out, confirmed with the client, and carried out. A living room performs a bevy of different tasks, so such a space needs to be lovely, comfortable, spacious, unusual, yet harmonious. How did the Groysman Construction Company remodel that area? We added a wall to accommodate a fireplace to bring a touch of sophistication and aristocratic elegance to the interior as well as create a truly inviting atmosphere in the living room.

The room renovation began from the walls – we added accent wooden panels paired with marble and achieved soft lighting with the help of beautiful lamps and pinpoint lights. We also decorated the walls with unique design elements, which all together helped to create a warm ambiance in the living room conducive to relaxation and easy communication. 

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