What type of countertops do you prefer?

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What type of countertops do you prefer? 1

When you go shopping for a kitchen countertop, you may get overwhelmed by the selection – there are myriad types of kitchen countertops at the market, each having its merits and flaws and coming at its price. The market is awash with countertop options: all imaginable colors, patterns, and textures, each is better than the last. Their materials have never been more versatile either: from budget-friendly laminate countertops to pure luxuries like marble and granite countertops.
But some countertop materials are all-time classic and found in most homes today. Here is a glance at the bestselling types of countertops highlighting their most remarkable features and helping you decide whether they are the right candidates for your kitchen remodel.

What type of countertops do you prefer? 2

Beautiful, wear-resistant, and fire-proof, granite countertops are great for intensive daily use. Granite countertops are also very easy to take care of: it is enough to clean such a surface with a PH-neutral detergent containing glycerin once a week to prevent the development of stains and multiplication of bacteria. Although granite is not considered cheap, countertops made from it are pretty worth their money and will please your eye for many years down the line.

Marble countertops always look stunning. Marble countertops are impeccably smooth, meaning they are fantastic for such cooking activities like dough rolling or pasta making. There is only one drawback behind marble surfaces – they may suffer from knife cuts.

Also known as engineered stone, quartz countertops strike the balance between beauty, strength, and hygiene. Indeed, a quartz countertop does not absorb moisture and cleaning fluids as well as never develops stains. These countertops are also resistant to scratches, dirt, and extreme temperatures while not requiring special care to stay gorgeous.

A stainless steel countertop is a cost-effective, yet, nifty solution for modern kitchens. Such a surface is also very durable, low-maintenance, and moist-resistant. Stainless steel countertops will also easily stand the trial of high temperatures. The only problem with them is their susceptibility to mechanical damage.

Formica countertops aka laminate countertops are increasingly popular in contemporary homes as they present a decent substitute for natural wood or stone, yet coming surprisingly cheap. Laminate surfaces are resistant to various damages and do not require special treatments to stay functional and shining. High-end laminate countertops can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees, not to mention their ability to be resistant to different stains such as wine, coffee, and citrus acids.

Crafted from natural wood strips, butcher block countertops showcase a strong aesthetic appeal backed by superb durability and eco-friendliness. Great as a work surface, butcher block countertops are often used in kitchen islands where the hardest food preparation activities (such as chopping, baking, and slicing) take place. However, the warmth and beauty of natural wood are also very tempting to be used as eating areas. Surely, butcher block countertops will hardly avoid gaining cuts or scratches after years of use, but agree scars only enhance the character and appeal of such worktops.

What type of countertops do you prefer? 3

Read more about different kitchen countertops as well as their upsides and downsides in this article, and we hope this information will empower your buying decision!

Users’ opinions about popular kitchen countertops

Our customers are unique as surely as their needs and requirements that they imply on kitchen countertops. Different homeowners share their experience about having this or that type of kitchen countertop, but we would like to know your opinion, too!

What type of countertops do you prefer? 4

Chloe, 30 years, Web Developer:

My quartz or engineered stone countertop… It shows many good qualities such as an attractive, even luxurious, appearance that contributes to our kitchen’s overall aesthetics, and durability to hold up well my cooking enthusiasm. You know, quartz’s strength is as good as those in concrete or granite and you must be very strong physically to make your quarts countertop crack or chip! I’m not so strong, by the way. The material does not seem to gain stains, and I’m confident it will not shelter germs and mildew. The biggest noticeable concern about quartz countertops is, however, their price that is compared to other luxurious materials such as granite and slate. But it ensures a good ROI in the long run as it will serve you well for years and years!

What type of countertops do you prefer? 5

Mark, 27 years, Dental Hygienist:

I’ve got a granite countertop for my kitchen remodel, and not only because it is a natural stone with all the joys that come with it, but also because this rock is indestructible. Indeed, if you maintain it as recommended (such as apply sealer twice a year or so), a granite countertop will last a lifetime! Though born by Mother Nature, granite is relatively cheap, and I did not hit my wallet hard when buying it. The price, actually, tipped the scale when I was contemplating obtaining a new counter. As for aesthetics, granite is also fanciful and always pleases me when I drop my eye on it. Finally, it’s a natural stone – it doesn’t keep me bothered about having to replace it someday!

What type of countertops do you prefer? 6

Amanda, 41 years, Interpreter and Translator:

Here’s my opinion about my solid surface kitchen countertop! As the name suggests, solid surface countertops are seamless and fabricated from solid composite materials such as acryl or polyester. Mine is acrylic, and it entertains a wonderful aesthetic charm! Yes, a solid surface kitchen countertop may scratch if you constantly cut on it without a cutting board – but which counter will hold up against such an execution, mmm? I personally avoid putting hot-boiling pans on my solid surface counter to prevent heat deformation and try to wipe the spills immediately – that’s enough to maintain this surface as good as new!

What type of countertops do you prefer? 7

Peter, 39 years, Insurance Sales Agent:

Before renovating my kitchen, I researched about countertops, and a butcher block grabbed my fancy. The beautiful warmth and feel of natural wood backed by a low environmental impact, 100 % biodegradability, and overall affordability cast all my doubts away – I wanted exactly this piece in my kitchen. Mine is made of walnut, and it doesn’t irritate me with constant maintenance treatments. I just wipe the surface with a damp cloth adding a drop of mild soap to revive the glory of my butcher block countertop. Never use harsh detergents and don’t allow split fluids to stay even for a while on the surface. Twice a year, I try to do oiling to fend off dulling, prevent the signs of aging, and guard the unit against bacteria and mold.

And what is your favorite kitchen countertop? Make your arguments in the comments, share your experience with this or that counter, and partake in our poll to help us find out the most popular kitchen countertops with San Diego homeowners!

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