10 Basic Types of Kitchen Sinks

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Sink is an important part of the working area in the kitchen, so it should be comfortable, functional, practical and fit the overall interior. The role of kitchen sink is difficult to overestimate. Without it, you can not do in everyday life. The choice of kitchen sinks should be taken seriously. What type of sink to choose for your kitchen? What to look for? We will try to understand the basic types of kitchen sinks.

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Undermount kitchen sinks are visually appealing because they don’t interrupt the surface of the countertop. You can wipe the head trash directly into the sink – no rim will stand in your way.

You will get more tabletop space when the bezel is under the tabletop. Undermount kitchen sinks do not have a protruding edge or rim that rests on the countertop. Over time, the water weighs heavily between the sink and the lower part of the countertop, so you should use the services of professionals and not install it yourself. Design features require waterproof qualities of the entire material of the tabletop, and not just its surface. This requirement is fully met by natural stone (marble, granite), on the countertops from which the sinks of this subspecies are mounted.

Undermount kitchen sink is usually a bit expensive due to complex installation. Independently install such models under the countertops, even the master of all trades may fail. It is necessary not only to create the correct hole with cutting precision to the millimeter, but also to make grinding. Such work is done only by professionals in their field, and the finished product merges with the table top, leaves more space on the work surface, makes it practical and convenient for the owners.

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sink should be very durable and dimensional. It should easily accommodate the impressive size of the pots and mountains of dirty 

dishes. In such sinks there are simply no openings for faucets. The water tap can be mounted in a wall or table surface. It turns out that in any case you will have to order special furniture for your kitchen. But at the same time, it is easiest to remove such a sink and replace it with a new one in case of damage or other need.

Bar Sink

The bar sink can be installed on the kitchen island, or on the kitchen furniture countertop as an auxiliary, which creates additional convenience in cooking, table setting and washing fruits.

Bar washes are convenient for rinsing dishes, for example, during a party or create another convenient place to prepare food for cooking.

Top Mount Kitchen Sinks

Top mount kitchen sinks can be easily mounted to the worktop. As a rule, stainless steel sinks are used. The sides of this sink protrude to the surface of the tabletop.
In general, it is convenient to use.

Corner Kitchen Sink

The main advantage of corner sinks is their ability to use the most uncomfortable space in the kitchen – an corner that in most cases remains

unclaimed. This sink zoned kitchen space. It will be comfortable for you to wash the dishes, launder dirt from the products. Such sink are far from suitable for all situations – their optimum scope of application are corner furniture sets. Corner sink takes up a lot less space than usual. In addition, this is not a useful space, which is rarely used by housewives in the kitchen. Instead of the usual sink, in a free space, you can position the work area, or put kitchen appliances.

Corner kitchen sink looks very good. It can be either a bright accent of the interior design of the entire kitchen space, or simply the usual inconspicuous, practical and functional attribute of the room. It will depend on many factors: what size your kitchen, what style of design prevails, how actively you use the kitchen sink, what kind of kitchen appliances and devices you have.

Double Kitchen Sink

The hostesses use a double kitchen sink to separate the dirty dishes from the clean one – in one part of the washing the soaking and washing

process takes place, in the other – rinsing. A double sink for the kitchen, rectangular in shape, is considered the most functional. It is easiest to install it in a small room. With it, you can more rational use of space. To install a round or oval sink with two sections, more space is required. They have a fairly comfortable shape and stylish appearance.

Kitchen Sink with Drainboard

For those who wash a lot by hand, you need a large surface to dry dishes. Water flows back into the sink from the wing, which is made with a slight slope. This prevents stagnant water and drops on the floor and surface. For reliable protection against mechanical damage using a special matte finish. This protects the sink from chipping, scratching and other damage. In general, such a sink is very convenient to use. Many hostesses who often have to wash dirty dishes will appreciate it.

Integrated Sink

The integrated sink is made as one unit with the table top. Therefore, this sink has no joints. Integrated sink are made for individual orders, so they are very expensive. Each model is exclusive. There are many original design solutions.
If the sink is damaged, it cannot simply be removed and replaced: it must be repaired.

Single Kitchen Sink

A single sink can be an undermount and top mount.  It has one compartment for washing. There are many original design solutions.  Such sink 

will be hygienic and comfortable. It will not accumulate dirt and bacteria. Sink is very spacious, so you can easily wash greens, dishes and organize the washing of small things. It is especially rational to install such sink in a small kitchen where the working space is limited. It does not take up much space, but allows you to perform all the work that arise every day in the kitchen.

Sink with Lid

Of course, housewives constantly use the sink in the kitchen. But sometimes there is not enough extra space for cooking. A good way out of this situation was the sink with protective covers made of heat-resistant glass or wood, on which you can even cut! And if the sink is needed again, the lid rises easily.

They are located on a separate cabinet or the tabletop itself like a lid on a griddle. Fixation is ensured by protruding sides. If a kitchen (whether composite or natural) or steel is used in the kitchen set, or rather the countertop, it is better to trust installation, despite the simplicity, than a pro, since special equipment is indispensable. Visually, this type of kitchen sinks does not always look convincing, practicality and convenience, as well as the efficiency of space use often suffer. Find more interesting remodeling ideas for your home here.

When choosing single kitchen sink, pay attention to the following parameters:


Choose a place to wash, define an area that can be used for placement. You can order a sink of any size, under individual sizes.


At your request, you can choose a sink from any material: stone, stainless steel, porcelain and much more.


Different shells have different features. Some of them have space for one tap. Many sinks are now designed with noise reduction technology. Other sinks have improved drainage designs.


Kitchen sinks with one bowl do not have a large number of variations in shape, color. Therefore, ideally fit into any kitchen interior.

You can find useful information about a kitchen renovation costs here.

As you have seen, there are many types of kitchen sinks on the market. We tried to characterize each type. The main goal of any kitchen sink is its functionality, because a rather large proportion of household chores in the kitchen is associated with the sink, so when choosing a kitchen sink one should mainly pay attention to the convenience of its use, and only then, having determined the appropriate priorities, one can consider various color options and stylistic decisions of the model chosen by you.

Different types of kitchen sinks have their advantages. Before choosing a kitchen sink, pay attention to the methods of installation. Contact a professional before purchasing. Experts will study the area of your kitchen, determine the place for washing and determine the most optimal method of installation.

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