10 Costly Renovation Mistakes to Avoid for San Diego Homes

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Chaos, frustration, dirt, tears are not what you expect from your home remodeling project. But substantially all home renovation initiatives in San Diego end up just like this. Reason? Underestimating the pitfalls. Oh, they are numerous, calamitous, and fiendishly costly. If you do not want to turn your house remodeling endeavor into an expectation-versus-reality dissonance, learn these great and terrible mistakes which most homeowners in San Diego commit.


The first wrong step most newbies take in the minefield of home refurbishment is the neglect to give the property a sober estimation. Your wiring, plumbing, and insulation systems might be in a very poor condition with you never guessing about existing problems. Such unawareness may cost you too much money and bring lots of grief later on.

Whether your home remodeling project is small or grandiose, never initiate it without a verdict by a licensed home inspector. Take your time to find a decent real estate inspection service that will examine the bones of your house and detect major issues with your roof, basement, structure and all communications systems.


Another trap most homeowners fall in when reviving their homes is the refuse to consult professional home designers and architects. These guys have a keen sense for upgrading interiors & exteriors. They can give you the best version of your home renovation envisions and streamline the whole project. They may suggest really smart ideas on revolutionizing your home style, increasing its functionality, and boosting its market value. If you hesitate about some drastic changes, applying to field experts help will help you make the right decisions concerning:

  • Introducing additional office space;
  • Expanding your kitchen;
  • Turning your basement or attic into living spaces;
  • Knocking down a wall;
  • Discovering new storage opportunities.

When renovating, it is crucially important to handle jobs without violating city codes or HOA rules. Professional home designers and architects are always aware of such restrictions, and will promptly advise you on how to steer clear from possible mishaps.

Reputable home designers often have ongoing relationships with tried-and-true vendors. This means they can help you find the right remodeling contractor who not only will properly implement your specific wishes while complying with all applicable rules and code requirements, but also treat you with a hefty designer’s discount.


When saying “new ideas”, we do not mean giving your faded roof a fresh color twist. The market of building and finish materials is booming, presenting bold innovations and groundbreaking approaches to home remodeling in San Diego, CA. So, put your boots and go exploring your community for a dose of inspiration.

This small excursion will help you find out what solutions are the most popular in your locality, what looks awkward, and what blends well/sticks out from your neighborhood’s style. You may discover that some stucco effectively stands the test of the merciless California sun while other finishes lose their prettiness shortly after installation. You may also take a fancy for unusual metallic patterns and modern exterior elements, so you would like to include them in your renovation project.

If proven methods do not satisfy your exotic remodeling cravings, then you may attend home shows, which are held frequently in San Diego. Home shows are spectacular events organized by remodeling contractors, interior design companies, and landscaping companies who promote the latest ideas, styles, and innovations, thus helping you get the winning recipe for your unique home improvement startup.


One of the stupidest remodeling mistakes is to believe that the whole enterprise will fit the designated budget. No, it will not. In no way. Never. Just take it from us. Unpleasant surprises (aka unexpected expenditures) are an integral part of any home improvements, both minor and major.

Every homeowner dreams of a bombastic home remodeling with all the bells and whistles, but not everyone can afford it. Take a balance between your wants and needs and make a detailed financial estimate before commencing works. But do not forget that even a fixed budget needs some room to stretch. Hired labor, emergencies, and delays are notorious budget-breakers, but they must be included in home renovation costs from the very first stage of planning. Popular wisdom states that you should allocate 20 percent minimum of your renovation budget for accidents or unexpected costs.


Remodeling on a budget is like a miracle: we all believe in it but never witnessed in reality. But most homeowners, still, do not quit stubborn attempts to cut costs and are always inventing new tricks to discount their way through a home remodel. One of such dubious ways is buying the cheapest materials and fixtures and believing it will not rebound for quality. In the long run, cheaper materials will cost you even more: you will have to replace them again much sooner compared to more expensive (i.e. more sustainable) products. Never let a low price sacrifice quality and longevity because the golden rule “You get what you pay for” works everywhere, including home renovation materials.


Resist the temptation to hire the first contractor to respond to your bid or who offers the cheapest quote. Easy decisions promise no good. Top-tier remodeling contractors in San Diego never seat idle – they are busy all the time and are hardly able to take up your project right away.

Yes, you will have to do it: to interview, at least, five remodeling companies to discover the one who will strike the equilibrium between the job done quickly and properly. Home refinements are a huge financial investment, and you can’t allow it to be wasted.

Renovators, whom you are going to entrust your precious home, must be reliable people, equipped with technical knowledge, direct experience, and legal competencies to realize your dream.

Signs of good contractors:

  • A detailed estimate. They are eager to provide you with a thorough overhaul of work scope and consult you about necessary materials as well as required permits and approvals to start a renovation process.
  • Licenses and certifications. Decent contractors never refuse to get their credentials to you proving they are eligible to perform different house remodeling activities.
  • A list of references. It is essentially a list of real customers with their full names, addresses, and telephone numbers who have already cooperated with the contractor and can share their experiences with you.
  • A contract. Licensed and reputation-conscious contractors always sign a contract with their customers, specifying the jobs to do, money to pay, responsibilities to take, and the timeline to complete.


Home remodeling is a priory very messy and stressful, but living in the space during the works may fray all your nerves. Staying in during renovations is a big mistake, especially if there are small children or overly sensitive/allergic adults in your household. Just think of that constant noise, ubiquitous filth, and volatile toxins which always accompany home refurbishments. Will the small or older ones in your family easily withstand this nightmare? Plus, a fundamental renovation will inevitably involve electrical, water supply, and heating shutdowns, which is inconvenient. Worse yet is that home renovations tend to take longer than expected because of unforeseen events or emergency repairs, which may shift the established timeframes and, ultimately, cause added stress.


Changing your mind in the mid of the renovation journey means to trash what has already been done, to blow out the money that has already been spent, to stress out your contractor, and to delay the joy of relishing an updated property.

The remedy for this renovation mistake is pretty simple: doing as much planning as possible and making sure your mind is set in stone before the renovation extravaganza begins.


What is all the rage today may quickly become outdated, ridiculous or even a token of tastelessness in future. So, do not spend a mint of money on freakish designs which will soon go out of fashion. Experimenting with home styles is a risky game where you have little chances to win: an extravagant interior or exterior may reduce the value of your real estate rather than adding to it. Choose functionality rather than trendiness. And if you want a popular or bold design, consider discussing it with a professional designer. An expert will help you develop a design that will be timelessly beautiful, yet functional.


Home renovations are expensive, but they get even more expensive if tackled by non-professional do-it-yourselfers or first-timers: just because mistakes always cost too much. Giving the price tag of hiring an official home renovation company and the abundance of demonstration videos on YouTube, it is no surprise that most homeowners believe in the almightiness of DIY solutions. The matter is that without technical skills and vocational training, such projects are doomed.

If you have never done any large-scale home renovation projects before, have no specialized knowledge in your background, and can’t consider yourself a handy person, think twice before tackling such tough projects without a hired help.

Groysman Construction Remodeling Company will help you avoid these ten common, costly mistakes for getting reasonable solutions.

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