Kitchen Flooring Ideas and Materials

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In the modern house should be a modern, cool kitchen. Where you can spend time with your family, hang out with friends. If you want to create a beautiful and stylish kitchen, you must pay special attention to the choice of flooring!

The floor must be practical, functional and durable. A huge number of options, materials and colors will allow to implement any project. We have collected the most modern ideas for the kitchen floor, which will help you to get the desired result. So, let’s look on the best modern kitchen flooring ideas! The most popular kitchen floor colors are black, brown and white. Black kitchen floor is the most practical of all the other colors. Today we will tell you about the best kitchen floor materials: tiles, concrete, cork, bamboo, laminate, wood, vinyl and stone.

Floor Tiles

One of the most practical solutions for the kitchen is tile. It is durable kitchen flooring and very practical, does not require painstaking care. You can find tile in any color and design.
Specialists of the Groysman construction company will help you to perfectly install the tile on the floor. Our professionals will do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The advantages of ceramic tiles for facing kitchen surfaces:

  • high resistance to moisture;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • ease of care and the ability to use chemical cleaning agents;
  • resistance to direct sunlight;
  • durability at the accurate address;
  • a rich palette of colors, ornaments, drawings;
  • The ability to imitate stone, wood and glass surfaces, glossy and matte design.

This is the one of the best flooring for kitchen!

Concrete Kitchen Floor

Concrete floor – one of the easiest and fastest ways to floor. It has several advantages:
• The floor can be made of filled material. Concrete offers almost unlimited design options for color, texturing, painting, polishing.
• It may be painted with natural stone.
• It does not require special care and is resistant to staining with proper sealing
• Ideal for use with radiant flooring that is efficient and economical.
• Concrete is very strong and durable.
It does not contain volatile organic compounds found in synthetic carpets, hardwood, vinyl, laminate and other types of floor coverings.
It is cheaper than other floor coverings. Information about the average prices for kitchen remodeling is here.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is an excellent material for kitchen floors and an environmentally friendly product. The strength of bamboo is one of the highest natural materials on the market. Bamboo flooring has a clean, modern look. Properly processed bamboo flooring is easy to clean only with a mop.
Like other hardwood floors, bamboo can be processed depending on the thickness of the boards. Be careful! Look at the warranty period. The greater the guarantee, the more reliable and better the material. Choose proven brands.

Kitchen Laminate Flooring

The kitchen is the heart of the house and may be subject to significant wear. Laminate for the kitchen can be an ideal material, since many of our products have a texture and, therefore, are less susceptible to slippage.

Laminate is an affordable and durable material for kitchen floors. Laminate can withstand heavy loads, it is easy to wash and care for it.

But technologies are rapidly developing and new materials for finishing the floor have appeared. Laminate was popular for about last 15 years than it started to fade away. New material became more popular and practical – vinyl. Let’s look at the benefits of the new material. We will try to answer the question – why vinyl became more popular than laminate?

Kitchen Vinyl Flooring

So, vinyl is one of the most popular kitchen flooring. It is very durable kitchen flooring and reliable in operation. It is easy to care for, easy to wash. It is also extremely durable, ideal for busy kitchens and comes in a variety of styles suitable for any aesthetics.

With vinyl flooring, you can get your desired style of kitchen at no extra cost. You can have a floor that looks like real wood, stone, or a more contemporary tile design that is soft and warm to the touch and easy to maintain. In addition, an important feature is the fact that vinyl has antibacterial properties, helping your kitchen stay clean longer.

Cork Flooring

Cork is a good idea for kitchen floors. Cork can be the perfect floor material for the kitchen. The material retains temperature and has antimicrobial properties. Cork is beautiful and durable, it has many qualities that are not suitable for other types of flooring.

Cork flooring is environmentally friendly and has soundproofing properties. It is compressed, but at the same time elastic and comfortable under the feet. In addition, it is resistant to mold, mildew and insects.

Cork floors are sensitive to high humidity and splashing, therefore cork floors are not recommended for bathrooms or wet basements. Cork kitchen floor is in order if spills are removed immediately.

The cork is naturally stiff and elastic, but can be damaged by high heels and dog claws. Cork floors are cleaned with vacuum cleaners and sweeping to remove sand and dust. Cork floors can be periodically sanded and processed depending on the thickness of the top layer of the cork.

Choose only high-quality cork, which will repel water and moisture. If you decide to install cork tiles, buy a few spare parts that may be replaced in the future if the tile is damaged. Because on this flooring often there are dents and other damages.

Wood Floors in Kitchen

Wooden floor – will give your kitchen a classic and respectable style. Wood coated with varnish or other coatings will last a long time. You can use oak floor kitchen. Maybe oak is the best wood flooring for kitchen.

Wooden kitchen flooring types:

  • Parquet floor may well be a good addition to the kitchen interior. However, parquet has almost the same drawbacks as laminate – it is not very resistant to moisture, despite the varnish coating. Even small scratches can lead to damage to the protective coating, and in the future – the entire floor.
  • The wooden floor of solid wood is well suited for the kitchen, of course, in the case of proper processing of the boards. Instead of the usual floorboard will be safer to lay the floor of the grooved boards.

This material is environmentally friendly and very pleasant to the touch. It will serve you for many years, and when the surface is old, you can easily sand it and again varnish it.

However, it is also one of the most expensive, especially if the price also includes expensive installation and fitting. It is also worth saying that the wooden floor is not suitable for any interior.

This floor is very expensive to maintain but gives solidity and luxury appearance of your kitchen.

Stone Kitchen Flooring

Natural stone has long been used in the form of flooring. Stone floor always looks very solid and monumental.

It combines elegance and monumentality. The most popular is marble and artificial stone. The stone is cold and it is not comfortable to walk barefoot. But the stone is easy to wash and durable kitchen flooring.

This is not surprising, because by choosing a natural stone for a floor, you will get a lot of advantages:

  • it is durable material;
  • natural stone is environmentally friendly;
  • does not require special care;

There are no restrictions on the use of natural stone for flooring. It can be marble or granite, onyx or travertine. Due to the variety of colors of natural stone, the most complex drawings and patterns can be realized. Find more interesting remodeling ideas for your home here.

So, we have considered the best flooring for kitchen. We hope that we have helped you with the choice!
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