The bathroom is usually the smallest room in a house, though it is one of the most important. This room is a place to get ready for the new day in the morning and relax in the evening. Due to its size, bathrooms must be perfectly organized, functional and of course, stylish. For all this to become a reality, bathroom remodeling must start with creating a well-thought-out project and a true schedule of the work involved .

Before and After

Before and After

Thanks to our 30 years of experience, we guarantee perfect project development and professional execution of all it’s stages. The first element to create an ideal remodeling project is to have a free consultation with us in the course of which you will share your vision and preferences with our designers. We are ready to make all of  your wishes come true, no matter how much work it takes. We can renovate only part of your current room or change it completely. Moreover, what is most important: we work only within your predetermined budget, but we never save on quality. Therefore, we guarantee only the best work and the best possible materials within any budget.



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Lily Will about her Remodeled bathroom.

“Over the past 4 years we have used Groysman Construction for many projects. They have re-modeled two bathrooms, installed recessed lighting, relocated our washer and dryer and installed sliding doors for us.

Most recently they re-modeled our kitchen beautifully. The cabinet layout was improved by changing our floorplan and an island was installed to open up the kitchen. Groysman Construction has worked with the dreams that we had and they suggest added ideas to make it happen.

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Joel Akamine

Quality and Style in Your Bathroom.

Apart from the kitchens, bathrooms are the most frequently used rooms in the house. That is why they need only the most sustainable materials of excellent quality. Therefore, the choice of using the most current materials is the crucial step in bathroom remodeling, and we always restrict the customers from saving on them for their own sake. As for style, the most common material choices in our bathroom remodeling’s are earth tones and classical themes with granite countertops and tan stone tiles. If the client wants the traditionally themed interior, we usually advice white tiled floors with marble countertops. However, everything depends on our customers’ taste, and no matter what style you prefer, we are ready to make all your wishes come true.

Complete Condo Remodel

Complete condo remodel. In the kitchen we used German termofoil finish modern style cabinets along with popular quartz replication of Calacatta marble countertops. Flat panel cabinets provide not only sleek look but also functionality. It's easy to clean scratch...

Complete Condo Renovation

From the first meeting the Groysman Construction was serious about the project and start measuring everything and giving me an idea about the cost ( which for us was very important as we were going to fix EVERYTHING in our 1972 condo from the floor to the ceiling and...

Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

The house was built in 1940s and we ran into a number of challenges during the construction process, including foundation, plumbing and subfloor level. The owner wanted to expand her only bathroom and we tried a variety of different approaches. Finally, we settled on...

Newly Remodeled Bathroom

Espresso Shaker vanity with contrasting white quartz counter top. This shower has a “Pony” wall and soap niche with mosaic accent, Ceiling light solution with mosaic background and Schluter trim. Shower bench covered with the Espresso Quartz. Here are some photos of...

Different Remodeled Bathrooms

Here are just some of examples of our bathroom remodeling projects. They are absolutely different in every aspect; some of them are designed for customers with large families and some for single people. Some of them are plain and decorated in soothing color, the...

Warranty for Your Bathroom Repair.

Award Winner 2017

5-year Workmanship Warranty

With our 5-year Workmanship Warranty, you are guaranteed to get a durable space with a stylish design. In all of our projects, we take into consideration all of the details and possible problems to make sure you get the perfect results. For example, we always make sure that grout is flawless so that you will never face a problem of mold or decay. To this, we focus extensively on tile laying to create smooth surfaces. We understand the importance of a perfect bathroom remodeled space, so we exert every effort and skill while creating your remodeled bathroom.

Customer Experience

In addition to perfect results, we guarantee a pleasant customer experience. Each day we make sure that our clients are aware of exactly what step of their bathroom scope of work is being achieved; we schedule and organize our work perfectly, so, the process of keeping the project organized (often the most painful part of remodeling projects is the fact that they can become disorganized becoming a stressful process) will be trouble-free and smooth; often the most painful part of remodeling projects is the fact that they can become disorganized becoming a stressful process. Information about our work plan that we give to our clients, it is so precise that it contains even the names of employees that will be working during each hour. Such attention to detail helps our clients stay aware of everything that is happening to their house and be involved in the process of their project.

Our Experience in Bathroom Remodeling.

We have decades of experience in successful bathroom remodeling, however, we are not stuck in the past. We are open to innovations and we constantly look for new inspiration and possibilities on the global scale. No matter where the new ideas come from, be that our designers or clients, we will make the most of them and create innovative designs, applying the most suitable method.

With our client’s we remodel bathrooms that meets their personal wishes while also meeting the needs of their age (we make suggestions), paying attention to all of the smallest details.

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