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Top Bathroom Remodel Trends

A modern & functional bathroom delivers not only comfort to the house residents but also increases an overall house value once you decide to move out. Whether you plan a modern bathroom renovation for your family or prepare a house for sale, a bathroom remodel is always a smart investment. 

Let’s focus today on the recent bathroom remodeling trends and upgrades with the best ROI. 

What Are Some Popular Trends in Bathroom Remodeling This Year?

As the world goes towards sustainability, eco-friendly materials and the natural color palette are in the top list. This year, designers agree on minimalistic aesthetics as the hottest trend. Functional space with sufficient storage and natural design elements are in the limelight.

Another interesting trend of a few recent years is accessibility. People opt for maximum comfort for their families, such as adjustments for seniors and family members with disabilities and safety for younger kids.

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While considering an overhaul, take note of the trends in bathroom design:

  • Timeless solutions. Some trends come and go but there are timeless design solutions that remain popular for a long time. Typically, they include off-white tones, classic shapes, and a nature-based color scheme.
  • Personalized features. People tend to make bold choices that reflect their personality. Custom patterns on vanities and handmade tiles are definitely in trend. Chic accessories and fixtures are also gaining popularity.
  • Wood vanities. Well, it comes as no surprise that wood is the number one choice; however, dark wood finishes were replaced by lighter tones and fluted or geometrical patterns.
  • Open layout. Specific design techniques, illumination, and colors can make a tight bathroom look visually larger. For instance, plenty of light, off-white tones, and a frameless show unit create an illusion of a larger space.
  • Nature-inspired palette. The clear trend of the last few years is “Close to Nature”. This includes more natural materials, clear lines, and down-to-earth colors.
  • Stylish accessories. New fixtures can do a trick allowing a bathroom to look more modern. Stylish vanity handles and fixtures add an authentic feel to the interior. Many experts include black fixtures, particularly in a matte finish, to the list of bathroom trends for the coming years. 
  • Built-in technologies. With the entire world going digital and implementing smart technologies, bathrooms aren’t the exception. Smart lighting systems, remote-controlled sanitary equipment, automatic toilet seat warming, opening, and closing, and other touch-controlled options are getting more and more popular.
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Popular Trends in Bathroom Remodeling -

Bathroom Upgrades with the Highest ROI

Bathroom renovation has proven to provide a high ROI; however, you have to plan strategically. The average ROI falls between 70% and 75%.

Most remodeling experts agree that the final ROI depends on multiple factors, including the initial bathroom condition, budget, and timing. If you’ve just purchased a house and considered bathroom improvement, you might dig deep into full remodeling that involves plumbing work. If you plan to move out and offer a house for sale, you would probably opt for minor upgrades that deliver the highest ROI.

So, what changes will upscale the home value?

1.Cosmetic changes. Avoid layout changes as they are usually pretty costly and require time-consuming and expensive plumbing work.

  • Durable materials.
  • Energy-saving stylish fixtures.
  • Lights and accessories.

2. Opt for a neutral, unobtrusive color palette, which is always in trend.

3. Flooring. Outdated flooring can destroy the overall look. So, changing worn-out flooring will definitely pay off.

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Bathroom Upgrades -

What Bathroom Colors Never Go Out of Style?

There are two essential components of the timeless bathroom design:

  • Neutral colors.
  • Simple unobtrusive design.

To achieve a timeless look, opt for off-white, beige, gray, or taupe colors. The balance is the key: harmonized, neither too light nor too dark, shades never go out of style. For example, the warm white & soft gray combo is considered the evergreen classics. Other timeless color solutions include:

  • Creamy white and mocha
  • Black and white
  • White/beige and aqua    

These combinations are winners and don’t look outdated over time. Experiment with lighting, fixtures, and accessories  – they add character and determine the style. The clean and classic foundation provides myriad options for a contemporary look.

Keeping the above-mentioned aspects in mind, hire a reputable contractor who can help you put your ideas into reality and recommend finishes and materials to get the best ROI out of renovation.

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Look through Groysman’s extended portfolio of bathroom projects for inspiration, and pretty soon you can show your updated bathroom off to friends and relatives. 

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