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High-Style Kitchen Remodel

A new example of a kitchen remodel in San Diego: performed in the trendiest colors, white and gray, the renovation resulted in a true masterpiece. A laconic style of white glossy surfaces and stylish gray finishes of cabinetry with a jet-black dining set looks simply astonishing. Matching built-in kitchen appliances in metallic gray color contribute to the overall style and luxury feel of the interior. Patterned tiling used for backsplashes adds character and personalization to this magazine-worthy kitchen design.
After the remodel, a kitchen island with a built-in stove provides an ample room for family breakfast meals. Black chairs and a narrow black rim on the spotlight installed over the island match ideally with the black dining furniture in an adjacent dining room.
Large windows ensure plenty of natural light across the kitchen & dining zone. Airy and trendy, this chic kitchen is a true jewel of the house.

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