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Incredible Living Room Remodel (with Stairs) 

As a part of the house remodel project, Groysman Construction has performed a staircase makeover for the two-storied living room. Entryway renovation highlights a natural color palette of the house, including off-white walls and woodwork.

Sleek metal banisters and railing in light-gray color do not look bulky and do not encumber the living area — the stairs provide a contemporary and airy feel. The natural wood flooring matches perfectly with the wooden stairs.

Impressive large windows provide plenty of light, while the fireplace helps to create a homey and warm atmosphere. Stylish elements like a pendant fixture over the staircase make the entire space trendy and authentic.

As a result, the staircase is fully integrated into the interior — the entire house, particularly, the living room, looks spacious and modern.

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