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Remodeled Kitchen in Escondido (North of San Diego)

The custom-designed and built kitchen is a part of the house renovation project carried out by specialists from Groysman Construction. Once kitchen remodeling has been completed, the spacious area with several large windows seems destined for a minimalist white kitchen with a large kitchen island with built-in functional drawers.

Marble countertops and backsplash make up a perfect combination with white cabinets and are easier to maintain than stark white options; as a result, the cooking area looks stylish and inspirational.  

The same marble countertop is used for the kitchen island. With no sink installed, the island is perfect for family meals and large enough to make gatherings with friends. Built-in island drawers are multifunctional and provide additional storage space.  

The remodeled kitchen in white colors looks airy and crisp and offers unlimited possibilities for accent décor items and highlights, such as three pendant lighting fixtures hanging over the island. Contrasting wood-color flooring makes the kitchen stand out. Combined together, kitchen updates make the entire zone sociable and inviting. 

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