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Full Home Remodeling in Escondido (North of San Diego)

When it comes to the full remodel, house changes are significant and include, besides cosmetic renovation, changes in the overall home layout. Actually, house renovation is a lengthy project but it is definitely worth it.  

For this project in San Diego, California, the Groysman Construction crew:

  • has re-designed slightly a floor plan for the Master bathroom to fit a frameless shower stall and installed an electric towel warming rack,
  • has made a new trendy fireplace cladding in the Master bedroom,
  • has installed a custom-designed kitchen with a multifunctional kitchen island,
  • has installed natural wood-looking flooring,
  • and has used a combo of built-in LED spotlights and pendant light fixtures.

Given the light and natural color palette implemented for the interior, the house seems more spacious than before; contrasting oak-colored flooring ensures an authentic homey feel of the sun-lit house.

Once full renovations have been accomplished, the house obtains an entirely new look: airy & stylish, functional & inviting. The Groysman team has again proved its expertise in full home remodeling.   

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