If you are planning a remodel and your plans include several rooms at once or some room additions, you want to get yourself prepared. We mean, of course, that you want to know about the price you will have to pay. You may calculate the costs in different ways. And the most common and convenient of all is probably using a remodeling price per square foot method.

This method is quite popular to use, both among the contractors and among the homeowners. But using it you will, actually, never know the exact costs – only the estimates. It is based on simple calculations: just multiply an average remodel price per square foot by the overall square footage of your project.

Average Remodel Price Per Square Foot in San Diego

It looks way too simple, right? But this method has one big problem. The sad truth is that actually there is no such thing as an average remodel price, because what you pay greatly depends on what you want to do, just like in the case of remodeling only a kitchen. However, the homeowners in San Diego report about spending around $250-300/sq ft for their basic projects. And this number may be a great starting point for you to make estimates. However, if you are planning a major project with complex structural jobs or just the second storey addition, the price may go as high as $700/sq ft.

What Factors Influence Remodeling Cost Per Square Foot

Apart from the number of jobs you need to have done during your remodel, the types of materials, and size of your remodeled rooms, there is something more. Here are some quite unexpected factors that may influence remodel price per square foot:

  • First, it is the season, when you are having your project done. In the business of contractors, there are more and less active periods. Therefore, if you are booking the job for the “slow season”, you may have to pay less.
  • Second, it is the intensiveness of work. For example, for such painstaking job as laying tiles in your bathroom you may have to pay more, especially, in case the area is large.
  • Third, it is whether you will make any changes to the project in the process. It’s quite obvious that if you change your vision once when some part of work is ready, you will have to pay twice for this change.
  • Fourth, it is the prices for the houses in your neighborhood. It is just unreasonable to over improve your house to make it cost much more that the neighboring houses.
  • And, at last, the above-mentioned price of $250-300 is just what is on paper. It does not include all the furnishing and decorations you will want to buy once the remodel is ready. So try to take all these into account when planning a budget to understand your “true” future spendings.


Without expert help, attempts to calculate your exact remodeling cost per square foot make a little sense. Once you have made estimates and assured yourself that you really need to make your plans as for remodeling come true, do not procrastinate booking a meeting with expert contractors.

The Groysman Construction team consists of only licensed and experienced contractors that will be happy to help you with planning. To this, we will provide you with the list of works your house undoubtedly needs and offer you options for other, not necessary jobs, and, of course, the materials (samples included) depending on your budget.

So, turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company right now, and make your first step to the house of your dreams. We will be sure to complete it exactly under your budget and according to your vision.

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