The best kitchen renovation trends of 2019

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Do you want to change something in your kitchen? But, you do not know what needs to be done so that the changes respond to new trends that will be in vogue in 2019. Well, let’s consider the best kitchen renovation trends of 2019.

Storage walls

The kitchen should be very spacious, without extra cabinets. All the excess can be hidden in cabinets mounted in the wall.

Minimal hardware

In the kitchen, all appliances must be functional. There should be only what you use daily. There should not be extra equipment in the remodeled kitchen.

Backsplash shelves

Remodeled kitchen with traditional upper cabinets, statement backsplashes are on the rise. Stone backsplashes with shelf or a narrow ledge are will having a popularity in 2019.

Pendant lighting

Recessed fixtures have been used for many years, but in 2019 there will be pendant lights in trend. They give the kitchen a certain charm and comfort. The style of your kitchen will be special and unique. In a cozy atmosphere of the kitchen, it’s nice to spend family evenings and spend time with friends.

The handleless kitchen

A kitchen on which there is not a single handle is a reality! A reality that is popular. All cabinets, appliances open by touching hands, feet, etc. This is very convenient as you often hold dishes or products in your hands. This trend is a step into the future.

White kitchen

White kitchens are still in trend, but you can choose another alternative. For example, you can choose other tones and add accessories to dilute the white interior.
Kitchens remodel in different ways, one of the easiest is to change color. A worthy replacement for a white kitchen can be a kitchen with a matte finish, household appliances and furniture. Matte color never goes out of fashion, it is easier to keep it clean. Also, you can create a completely black kitchen, its in trend now. Get more information…

Banquet seating

If you are a happy owner of a large kitchen, then one of the trends of 2019 is exactly for you. This is a banquet hall – a special place for gathering with family and friends. The ability to create a special place in the kitchen makes it unique and enjoyable for spending time.

Tall column fridges

High column refrigerators, not only roomy but also functional. They take up much less space and give the kitchen a visual effect. The remodeled kitchen looks taller and more spacious. Such refrigerators can be ordered at any height, which is very convenient.

Concealed hood ranges

In 2019 there will be a trend in the hidden arrangement of hoods and ventilation in the kitchen. For example, it can be hidden in the facades of the kitchen cabinet.

Glass shelving

Glass shelves replace wooden racks. This is a great alternative! Glass shelves are easier to clean, they let in light and look very stylish. Moreover, they are much cheaper than iron or wooden ones. They do not look huge and very well flow into the overall interior.

Kitchen materials can be different in 2019

In 2019, Italian style Terazzo will be in trend. Previously, it was used for floors, but next year it will be actively used for covering walls, kitchen aprons, etc. The uses are endless. Its texture will give the kitchen a luxurious look, your unique style will not look like anyone else.
But I must say that such material as marble also has not lost its relevance. It is used for the production of countertops and kitchen islands. It will add elegance and chic to any kitchen. But it is expensive, so not everyone can afford it. Click here for more…

Single level islands

One of the trends of the next year is popular right now. Single-level islands create a special dining area. They do not reduce the useful space of the kitchen, but rather give coziness to your kitchen.

Statement flooring

The floor is an important part of the kitchen, which is not always attached special importance, but in vain! Kitchens remodel starts with flooring. A beautiful, bright patterned floor is able to create an attractive view of the kitchen and a visual effect. For these purposes, the best fit tile and mosaic. Discover this info here

Pops of color: brighten up the room

Completely white or black kitchen is always in trend. But you can experiment with color. Add accessories and color motifs to individual places in the kitchen. You can paint in other colors those places that are often contaminated. Practical and stylish.
What colors to choose? In 2019, the trend will be fiery tones and rich cream. Also, green and blue hues, olive green are in fashion too. Read more…

Different kitchen sinks

White sinks or stainless steel sinks are still in demand. But in the trend of the sink with metal elements. In this case, there is a tendency to separate the sinks in the kitchen. This way you can save space in the kitchen.
Sink is the most necessary thing in the kitchen. In 2019, the washing system will be popular, which turns it into an integrated workplace with accessories: board, grates, garbage container.

Cabinet doors & original handles

Handles give a special look to your kitchen. Without them, it is impossible to imagine modern design. They come in different shapes and forms.

Instant table

If you have a small kitchen and you have nowhere to put the table, then the instant table is what you need! It is attached to the kitchen island and extends. It is very functional and practical.

Kitchen storage: open shelving

Open shelves with beautiful dishes – a great way to demonstrate your taste, but do not go too far. Expose only the dishes that you use most often. Dishes should not be too much otherwise the kitchen will not look good. All extras should be placed in closed cabinets. This concept comes into fashion in 2019. Those items that interfere, can be stored in beautiful glass or wooden boxes. They will also be a kind of interior decoration.

Eat fresh with an indoor herb garden

One of the main trends in 2019 is the herbal garden in the kitchen. It has become a fashionable to grow fresh greens, which is used for cooking. Pots are placed around the kitchen table or countertop.
It creates a sense of nature in the kitchen. You can also find out how to grow moons on the wall. It looks very natural and fresh. Conditions for growing plants You can’t be grown up that year.

Smart technology

And of course – smart kitchen. Everything works automatically and is combined with your smartphone through a special application. You can turn on your electric kettle while you are in the car, turn on the oven and more. In 2019, we face the present future, which is actively being implemented into life right now.

Induction cooking

Induction ovens – safe and economical. At the same time, they do not occupy much valuable space in the kitchen. Have a wonderful look. Do not require hoods and design solutions, respectively, to hide all unnecessary.
Hidden induction stove. It is mounted on the tabletop, absolutely safe for adults and children. Induction plates work on the principle of electromagnetism, so you can safely lay hands on it, nothing will happen. Warming will be after putting a griddle on it.

Gold and copper accents

Gold and copper are used to emphasize accessories and individual elements of interior kitchen design. These tones are one of the trends and are used on taps, cabinet handles, and table tops. They perfectly stand out on a light and dark general background.
To make your kitchen look stylish and flawlessly refer to professional remodeling companies. They will help you choose the right option for your budget.

Concrete finishes

Kitchens remodel in different ways and with the use of various materials. Cheap and stylish finish on rear panels, floor coverings, etc. Concrete gives the kitchen industrial notes in combination with a modern look. To make a concrete finish does not need much time. You can even do it yourself, but of course it’s better to hire a remodeling company. Your remodeled kitchen will look fresh and fashionable!

So, we looked at all the major trends that will be popular in the kitchen in 2019. Most of them are already being introduced. Kitchen remodeling can be an easy task if you hire professionals. Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.

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