Calacatta Quartz Countertops Review

by | Nov 3, 2017 | BLOG

At this time, the contemporary trend is for homeowners to prefer the natural materials in their residences; one of the most popular is quartz.

An educated homeowner who has researched has learned that one of the absolute best choices for their kitchen and bathroom countertops is quartz.

If you want to change something in the kitchen, start with the countertops. Quartz countertops have become very popular between both professional chefs and amateur cooks all around the world.

The cost of quartz vs. granite is that they typically are in the same price range; most variation in pricing is based on the quality of the stone.

Quartz is always much less expensive than marble, but it is more expensive than solid surface.

Because quartz countertops are made with a blend of stone and resin, the resulting surface is very hard like granite, but also glossy. Quartz countertops are made of 93% natural quartz granules and 7% resins and colorants. Very contemporary and attractive look!

Only a few specialized countertop companies produce very high quality quartz. Known as the best Italian brand is the Calacatta Brand; famous for both countertop quartz and for its dining furniture made of natural stone.

Homeowners can view color samples at the company’s website or go directly their nearest Calacatta Quartz retailer to view samples and/or full slabs.  You will find the high quality of Calacatta quartz is reflected in the pricing. 

Calacatta Quartz countertops feature the realistic design of fine natural marble; yet, it is easy care and maintenance free quartz. This elegant quartz is ideal for a variety of design styles from traditional to modern. Many people choose a natural looking type of quartz which is similar to a marble pattern, but some choose an option of quartz with more color and/or movement than a Calacatta for their countertops.



  • attractive
  • non-porous surface
  • resistant to staining
  • resistant to bacteria
  • hardness/durability
  • cost easily fits into most countertop budgets

Quartz countertops are very practical in daily use.  They are resistant to cuts, but it is not recommended to use a knife directly on the surface; avoid cutting food on the surface without a cutting board. Calacatta countertops are a food-safe surface making it a great choice for kitchens with a lot of cooking and activity.

Quartz countertops are stain resistant, but that does not mean they are very stain-proof. While cleaning you will find it is not necessary nor is it recommended to harshly scrub your quartz.  Your new quartz countertops are extremely practical, low maintenance and will shiningly serve you for many years.

If you think that calacatta quartz countertops are the right choice for your kitchen, we can help you with your kitchen remodeling!

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