What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout?

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What is an L-type kitchen design?

As the name implies, an L-shaped kitchen repeats the form of the English capital letter L. Typically, this kitchen arrangement suggests that major appliances for cooking and cleaning are placed on one side, while units for storage are found on another side of the L.

L-like kitchens are hugely loved for their ergonomics. It is a popular choice for smaller homes where owners are looking for ways to extract all the good out of available kitchen space, while ensuring efficient workspace and easy traffic flow.

What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout? 1
What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout? 2
What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout? 3
What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout? 4

It is one of the most efficient kitchen layouts as it provides for a classical working triangle, allowing you to easily move between your cleanup, preparation, and storage stations. To achieve an L-form, the kitchen needs to be tucked in the corner where two walls constitute a perpendicular angle, and one wall typically is longer than another. Appliances and cabinets are placed along adjacent walls leaving enough open space in the center, which can act as a dining or living area.

It is not uncommon that an L-type kitchen features an island in its design. An island serves as an extra work zone for cooking or storing, and it is also a stylish addition to the kitchen. Being all about space-effectiveness and functionality, an L-shaped layout creates a practical and beautiful kitchen space that is perfect not only for kitchen routines, but family gatherings and parties.

Advantages of L-shaped kitchens


Nice ergonomics

The ergonomics of the L-type kitchen layout are meant to create an easy passage through space, as well as to provide an efficient and convenient cooking environment. Countertops and cabinetry are placed to ensure that everything is within easy reach, while cleanup and cooking appliances are positioned to encourage logical movement between work zones.

What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout? 5

Desirable working triangle

What makes an L-resembling layout highly efficient is that it facilitates the so-much wanted working triangle. An idea behind this triangle is that the kitchen arrangement must create an effective connection among three key segments in the space: the cleaning, storing, and cooking areas.
Generally, an external wall of an L-looking kitchen design contains major appliances for food prep and cleaning, including the sink and the dishwashing machine, allowing you to move freely between the most-actively used working zones. Such positioning also makes plumbing easily accessible and easy to hide in cabinets.

What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout? 6

Open-plan living

An open-plan living area is very popular with modern homeowners, and an L-shaped kitchen is ideal if you have an open-plan or are considering an open-plan space for your next kitchen remodel project.
L-shaped kitchens only exploit two walls, naturally opening up space. This is perfect if you want to make your kitchen transit into another zone, say, a dining room, living area, or lounge nook. Since it offers more free space, an L-shaped kitchen design is also great for entertainment and gathering activities. The open space of the L-form kitchen is also great to arrange a table and chairs, making mealtimes a breeze.

What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout? 7

Works great for smaller homes

The L shape is ideal for a smaller kitchen, as it keeps all the storage units and appliances on two sides of the room, leaving the others free and open, so the overall space seems broad and uncluttered.

What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout? 8

Makes a lovely tandem with an island

If space is not an issue, you can incorporate an island into the L-shape kitchen, thus providing an unusual dining area for a family or a place to chat with friends over coffee. Not only this inclusion will render more options for storage, eating, and meal preparation, but will also make a fashionable and aesthetically-appealing touch to the overall appearance of the kitchen. More than that, when all the cooking and cleaning stuff is concentrated along just two walls, you can devote the rest of the room to be used by your family.

What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout? 9

Disadvantages of an L-shaped kitchen design

If you seriously consider embracing an L-like arrangement for your kitchen, you want to be aware of the possible shortcomings behind this design.

Problematic spacing

Though the L-shaped kitchen is amazing for an open-floor plan, it can be quite spread out, with the appliances and worktops extending along two walls, which may be inconvenient for the kitchen user. Some homeowners may appreciate this, but others would hate to walk back and forth between their cooktops, sink, and fridge.

Not very suitable for several cooks

In smaller kitchens, a perpendicular layout is not suited for several persons cooking at once. Due to the limited space, too many hands at work can make it difficult to navigate around the area.

Corner-based cabinet is hard to use

The corner-based cabinet of an L-shaped kitchen may be inconvenient to operate, for example, when placing or removing big pots and pans.

What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout? 10

To make the most out of your L-shaped kitchen design and ensure it serves and delights you for many years to come, it is a good rule of thumb to consult a licensed kitchen remodeling contractor like Groysman Construction. Let seasoned, competent professionals handle your kitchen renovation project and transform the space into your dream, boosting the efficiency, aesthetics, and value of your kitchen.

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