Advantages and disadvantages of a one-wall kitchen

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Minimalism is a growing trend, taking over the whole world, which is reflected in many aspects of life. The simple, reserved, yet awe-inspiring aesthetics of minimalism found good use in kitchen design. More and more homeowners in San Diego opt for a one-wall kitchen as a proven way to declutter the space, keep everything within a quick reach, and improve the traffic inside the confines, all without sacrificing the kitchen’s functionality and attractiveness.

What is a one-wall kitchen?

A single-wall kitchen is a design concept when all kitchen essentials (cabinets, countertops, and major appliances) are tucked into one linear wall, while the other three walls of the kitchen remain open.

Being all about space-effectiveness and affordability, an I-shaped kitchen is a favorite arrangement in small properties, condos, and studio apartments helping the space look less cramped. In bigger houses, a single-wall kitchen can also contribute to an overall ambiance, for example, by transitioning the cooking zone into a stylish dining or living space. A one-wall kitchen arrangement is often enhanced with an island or a cart to allow more workspace for meal preparation.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a one-wall kitchen 2
Advantages and disadvantages of a one-wall kitchen 3
Advantages and disadvantages of a one-wall kitchen 4
Broadly speaking, a single-wall placement combines basic kitchen components in a single lovely unit. Putting all kitchen basics along one-wall has many benefits. The compact layout makes the entire room appear more spacious and creates a more efficient work zone to cook in.

Reduced to the minimum, this style is a cheap and easy option for DIYers who want to have a chic, pint-size kitchen without splurging on the professional installation. An I-shaped kitchen is often the primary choice for those San Diego homeowners who look for a chic, fully-functioning alternative to the classical (and usually bulky) layouts.

Advantages of a one-wall kitchen



The greatest allure behind a small one-wall kitchen is that it economizes space. All the work services including a sink, stove, a fridge, and a dishwasher stand along one-wall, giving plenty of room for other furniture and items. Alternatively, the vacant space can be arranged for a cozy dining setting or a lounge area.


Perfect for tiny dwellings

A single-wall kitchen design works well in homes where the space is very limited and every square meter counts. Thanks to a small size, all the kitchen systems are at hand and easy to access. Also, it can be used as a secondary kitchen in larger properties with many household members.

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It does not compromise the living space

Modern people especially those living in inner-city areas prefer dining out, taking meals out, and ordering food instead of cooking themselves, spending long hours in kitchens. This tendency eliminates the necessity for a full-sized, big kitchen. A one-wall kitchen unit is an all-in-one solution that provides basic services without occupying much footage. A one-wall kitchen with an island allows for a supplemental workspace and storage if a single unit still does not cover all your needs, but a full-fledged set is not your variant.


It perfectly fits narrow areas

 The single wall kitchen layout ideally gets into long narrow rooms where generally one person cooks. The unit stretches out the full length of the wall, while other parts of the room remain free to be used as you wish.

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Clever storage

 Despite their miniature size, single-wall kitchens offer much storage space, generally thanks to the overhead cabinets.


Budget-friendly installation

 A one-wall kitchen features only one row of cabinets and a single countertop, which makes such a unit very easy and cheap to install for DIY home renovators.


It improves workflow

The single-wall kitchen layout ensures a smooth workflow. This is because all work areas are close to each other. This highly practical kitchen layout uses a single work line with all three kitchen areas – stove, sink and fridge – placed side by side. The shorter the distance between the three working spots, the better the workflow.

Shortcomings of a one-wall kitchen

Despite its amazing benefits, a one-wall kitchen design has some pitfalls. Consider these aspects if you want to remodel your kitchen in San Diego with one-wall cabinetry.

Resale value.

Many homeowners start kitchen remodeling to boost the property’s market value.

Still, many potential buyers may not consider an I-shaped kitchen as an exceptional design, which may affect the property’s resale value.

Limited counter space.

A one-wall kitchen generally has only one countertop to cook meals, which may be very inconvenient when there are two or three people at once simultaneously doing their culinary magic in one kitchen.

The solution is a single-wall kitchen with an island to add more working space to the cooking process.

Advantages and disadvantages of a one-wall kitchen 7

If your kitchen needs renovation, and a one-wall design greatly appeals to you, Groysman Construction, a fully-licensed, accomplished remodel company in San Diego is ready and willing to bring its expertise and know-how to the process. With over 30 years of experience in the home improvement business, the team of Groysman Construction has the competence, skills, and dedication to turn your obsolescent kitchen into a masterpiece of modern design art. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn about what we can do to make your kitchen shine.

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