5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors

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5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors 1

Bright, dare-to-be-different kitchen cabinet colors come and go. Extravagant designer solutions please eye just for a while and soon become daily irritations. And only a strict classic has a timeless power to make your kitchen beautiful and functional. Below we will speculate on 5 the most popular kitchen cabinet colors that will make “the heart of your home” simply ideal without annoying you even after years to pass.

Dark Brown Cabinets

5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors 2

Being in a kitchen whose surfaces absorb light is an extraordinary pleasure comparable only to meditation. Dark brown is a ubiquitous color for kitchen cabinets and will never go out of fashion. Dark brown cabinets genuinely merge with any kitchen style, while the addition of bright accents or accessories will make a bold fashion statement and showcase the homeowner’s love for the beautiful. Moreover, brown kitchen cabinets perfectly hide all the blemishes – take advantage of this if you nurture an idea of kitchen remodel. But the true purpose of dark brown cabinets is to allow the elements of kitchen décor to shine against the sombrous background like stars sparkle against the night sky.

White Kitchen Cabinets

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White kitchen cabinets are in high demand nowadays thanks to the increasing popularity of Scandinavian-style kitchens. Occurring in all possible tones, from snowy to pearly, white is a great color for small premises. The white background evokes to lightness, cleanliness, and airiness.
Since white wooden cabinet are covered with modern finishes, you may fear not that the glary surfaces of your kitchen will be stained with dirt or grease. White cabinetry is like a canvas on which you can paint a fantastic picture with vivid touches.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

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Gone are the days when gray kitchen cabinets were considered dull and tasteless. Today, thanks to technological achievements, gray boasts an insane diversity of shades, which makes it the right choice for those who appreciate exquisite designs. Gray kitchen cabinets can create the ambiance of tranquility, aristocracy, and sophistication. Such a color soothes anxiety and relieves stress. If you are too emotional and can easily get nervous, gray kitchen cabinets will bring the desired balance and stability to your life. Graphite, steel, Marengo, rocket metallic – there are so many variations of gray but none of them ever fails to produce a wondrous kitchen.

Natural Wood Cabinets

5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors 5

A kitchen with natural wood cabinets looks classy, luxurious, and noble. When it comes to a kitchen remodel, most homeowners opt for exactly natural wood cabinetry and seating furniture as a proven way to make the interior picture-perfect. Apart from being highly attractive, wooden cabinets are absolutely eco-friendly, they do not cause any allergenic reactions, and are able to serve for many decades without losing their goodliness and functionality. Natural cabinetry can boast unparalleled aesthetic properties. Since natural wood comes in a wide range of textures and shades, finding the perfect kitchen furniture that will suit your personal tastes and budget will not be difficult. Due to the unrepeatable natural patterns and coloration, cabinets made of natural wood are always unique and gorgeous.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors 6

Midway between the exciting red and the rich maroon, cherry is the color that stirs the imagination and provides infinite scope for experiments in kitchen design. Though cherry is a very alluring dye, its absolute prevalence can make the kitchen visually smaller than it actually is. For this reason, cherry kitchen cabinets are recommended to be set against a neutral background or mixed with light-tone appliances.

Cherry cabinetry perfectly harmonizes with beige, cream, and peach backdrops. The combination of cherry and white is a bold, yet, magnificent contrast suitable for those who hate trivial solutions. The blend of cherry and silver or greenish shades is also an impressive tandem which allows you to create truly one-of-a-kind kitchen design.

But do not go too far when experimenting with cherry kitchen cabinets and try to avoid the usage of numerous colors. Two or three shades, one of which is cherry, will be more than enough to turn your kitchen into a masterpiece.

Summing everything up, you will not go wrong if you decide in favor of all-time somber, cold and elegant kitchen tones: apart from being utterly practical, convenient, and universal, they never distract you from performing kitchen routines or enjoying your cup of tea in silence.

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