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Kitchen remodel may be not only stressful but quite costy as well. Of course, everything depends on the volume of work needed and on your exact expectations. If you want only minor kitchen restyling, your spending may be not too big. However, if you, for example, live in an old house and your kitchen haven’t seen a repair since the day of the construction, get ready to open your wallet large.

Homeowners from San Diego should keep in mind that kitchen remodeling cost is much higher in this area than the average cost of kitchen remodel in other parts of the USA. According to the statistics, remodeling service here are 21% more expensive than USA average wages. And the materials are about 7% more expensive. The average cost of kitchen remodel depends greatly on the selected materials and their quality. The other components of the cost of kitchen remodel are labor and delivery cost.

Let’s consider the cost of kitchen remodel and approximate price for its elements.

Floor, ceiling and walls price

There is a wide variety of flooring: vinyl, cork, laminate, bamboo, wood and of course ceramic tiles. Each type of kitchen floor materials has its own advantages and can create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony in your kitchen. But the cost of rework significantly depends on the cost of the selected material.

Costs include finishes, underlayment (different for each finish), adhesives, expandable materials, and installation services The cheapest flooring type is sheet vinyl that will cost you from 2 to 4 dollars per square foot. Other economy options are olefin carpet ($3-5/SF), marmoleum ($3.5-6/SF), cork, and bamboo ($4-7/SF). The most luxurious options are reclaimed wood, ceramic and porcelain tiles. They will cost you much more – from 11 to 17 dollars per square foot. Ceiling repair will cost you about $200. As for walls, the cheapest option is wallpaper (from $2.5 per square foot). Glass tiles and stone veneer are the most expensive (from $10 to more than $25).
Insulation cost is from 0.5 to 1.5 dollars per square foot, depending on the insulation type and material used.


Good kitchen lighting makes the room cozy and pleasant. Creating the right lighting in the room is an important point. The use of various lamps, sconces and chandeliers allows you to identify the most functional areas in the kitchen.

Apart from the labor, you will need to pay for all the materials needed, including fixtures and bulbs. Various modifications will require additional spending. For example, average ceiling lighting will cost you about 180 dollars. And under-cabinet lights – about 90 dollars.


Cost of painting and finishing

In most cases, costs include surface preparations, material and labor. Ceiling and walls painting will cost you about 1.5 dollars per square foot. And cabinets painting will be about 3 times more expensive.

Cabinets and countertops

Cabinets are an indispensable element of the interior for any kitchen. They set the style and help organize the space in your kitchen. Updating cabinets can completely transform the look of the kitchen.

Including cabinets themselves, delivery and installation, San Diego homeowners should expect paying from $35 per linear foot of the cheapest cabinets to more than $500 of luxurious custom-made ones.

As for countertops, if you opt for the least expensive options, consider formica ($29-40 per square foot). More expensive variants are concrete ($68-115) and quartz ($70-120).



Appliances prices vary greatly from brand to brand and from type to type. For example, oven will cost you from 1000 to 9000 dollars. And dishwasher – from 500 to 1300.

 Apart from the mentioned remodeling elements, you may also need plumbing, replacing windows, doors, and so on. Anyway, you are better to let the professionals to estimate what kind of remodel and repair your kitchen really needs. There may be much more work needed than you expect.

Only after choosing a remodeling contractor and consulting the experts, you will be able to count the approximate cost of your exact future project. Also, when choosing the materials it is better to opt not for the cheapest but for the most durable and efficient options in order not to pay twice.

As you can see, how much you will spend on your kitchen remodel depends only on your needs and finances. The possible cost starts from about 1000 dollars and may rise up to almost infinity.

If you want to save on your remodeling project – contact us, we will help you!

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