Bathroom Tiles Ideas

Amazing Bathroom Tiles Ideas for a Truly Gorgeous Washroom

When it comes to a bathroom renovation in San Diego, perhaps, the most exciting stage of the entire process is choosing the finishing materials to make the environment outstanding and personalized. Tiles are a preferred outfitting material for such a demanding area as a washroom. Durable, affordable, low-maintenance, and infinitely various, tiles allow you to design a room that is truly lovely, and functional and adds value to your property.

 If you are arranging a bathroom renovation in San Diego, you may be tempted to follow a white-everything or marble-it-all path. But before you plunge into action, check out these offbeat, fresh bathroom tiles ideas that can spark your designer inspiration and, maybe, encourage you for some fantastic experimentation. 

Play with Shapes

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While both floor and wall tiles in your bathroom may stick to the same color scheme, you may choose to play with different patterns to introduce visual interest into the area. For instance, diamond tiles on the floor paired with rectangular pieces on the walls produce a chick combination no one cannot help but admire. 

Tap the Power of Checkerboard 

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If your washroom will feature great fixtures after renovation, and you need some bathroom wall tile ideas to go well with them, you can consider checkerboard patterns to get the job done. As checkerboard tiles with gold ornaments will enhance the aesthetics of your gold fixtures. This trick works with other fixture shades as well. Quintessential black-and-white checkerboard tiling on the floor producing a strikingly pretty duet with crystal-white or total black wall tiles, showcasing your penchant for timeless designs. 

Go High Contrast 


Well-made contrasts are what truly catch the eye and make a bold statement of fashion! By adding striking elements like washbasins or decor accents, you can make your bathroom a bridge between the old and new worlds as we all love eccentric experiments and off-beaten paths in bathroom decorations.  

Showcase the Shower 

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While you may gravitate toward simple, minimal-style floor tiles, do not hesitate to unleash your creativity in the shower (or the surroundings) to produce a dramatically stunning effect. One of the trendiest bathroom decoration ideas is to utilize plain floor tiles outside the shower zone and go bold in the shower enclosure itself. But you can also follow the opposite direction and get a minimal-styled shower amid swanky surroundings, with both variants being of a wow factor. 

Harness the Allure of Hexagons 

Harness the Allure of Hexagons

Although you may frequently encounter rectangular bathroom tiles, hexagons are also all the rage and make one of the most preferred surface coverings. Coming in an infinitely large selection of colors and ornaments, hexagons enable you to create virtually any feeling in your interiors. Oversized hexagons on the floor also make a serious addition to sophistication and can serve as an appropriate background to highlight a luxurious tub or a shower cabin. A dark hexagon tile floor is also an exquisite designer decision that draws attention upward to other beautiful elements.

Black-and-White Geometry

Black-and-White Geometry.

Black and white may be a threadbare combo, but there is a reason it is infinitely classic: such a designer choice lends stylish simplicity and sophistication to any interior, whether it is a tiny washroom or a huge spa-like bathroom. 

Modernize It with Subway Tiles

Amazing Bathroom Tiles Ideas for a Truly Gorgeous Washroom | Groysman Construction Remodeling | 1

Subway tiling is a classic staple in most bathroom decoration styles. Still, it is in your power to give a modern twist to your favorite classics. Instead of a rectangular shape, you can go for square tiles. Square tiles in pale or neutral shades will lend airiness and freshness to your bathroom, so it appears more spacious. Or, subways for the walls and hexagons for the floor are a decision that is never wrong. 

Alternate Directions 

Alternate Directions

If you cannot boast of an extra large bathroom, you can still make it appear larger by alternating the direction and tone of the tiles, horizontally or vertically to achieve a more dynamic and textured appearance. Terracotta tiles will add spectacular natural vibes to your space, too.

Vary the Styles

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Minimalistic bathrooms are objects of everyone’s fascination these days. Natural hues of wall tiles are a real catch if you gravitate toward contemporary and minimalist designs in your bathroom. If you have a large bathroom with multiple zones, you may want to try alternating tile materials between different sections. You can incorporate different colors, but a good rule of thumb is to stick to one natural color throughout the space. 

No-Tiling is Possible

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While bathroom wall tiles cater to different requirements and expectations, no one says you need to tile it through length and breadth. One or even more walls can be kept un-tiled, and your bathroom still never loses its appeal. For instance, you can put your mind on a half-tiled washroom that only features tiling in the room’s damp areas, such as inside the shower cabin and around a tub, toilet, or basin. The remaining segments of the walls, which are not likely to be affected by water, can be painted or covered with wallpaper. 

Add a Sexy Charm

Mirror tiles

Mirror tiles bring a dash of mystery and intrigue to the interior, making it ultimately posh. A mirrored surface is a wonderful method to introduce more depth, maximizing the natural light in your bathroom. Plus, nothing makes a louder statement of fashion than tons of sparkle and light. With such spectacular tiles, your washroom will also look bigger and more inviting to splash for a while. Moreover, mirror tiles help hide the buildup of soap scum, so they are a wise choice for such challenging areas as a bathroom. 

The versatility of half-tiling enables you to design lovely decor to impress everyone. Complementing neutrally colored or marble tiles with white to off-white paintwork can produce a clean, airy room that mimics the spa-like airiness of a hotel bathroom. You can achieve a show-stopping bathroom with one accent wall as well if you are worried about overloading the area with too many details. For example, if you have an all-white bathroom, you can simply take advantage of whimsical tiles in different hues and ornaments to add some drama. It will also give your bathroom a nice depth.

When it comes down to bathroom tile ideas, things go truly wide. Running the gamut of all possible shapes, colors, and styles, bathroom tiles allow you to create a space that is as unique as you. For a successful bathroom renovation in San Diego, hire a licensed and well-established home remodeling company like Groysman Construction. Backed by many years of experience and the genuine professionalism of our home renovation team, we can tackle the most challenging bathroom renovation projects, helping you achieve the space you have always dreamed of. 

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