7 Tips from Pros for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Even if your small-sized bathroom cannot be extended via wall demolition, there are techniques to expand it visually using a layout, color palette, mirrors, and lighting options. With the help of an experienced designer, you can transform a tiny space into a true masterpiece without compromising comfort.

What color makes a small bathroom look bigger?

A natural palette of shades of a single color provides a spacious feel, particularly if the flooring matches with walls — the trick elongates the bathroom and makes it airy. A white ceiling is an optimal solution for tight spaces as it adds space, while a colored one might shrink up the space.

Natural light works wonders. If there is no source of natural light, use light fixtures to ensure the bathroom is lit well.

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How do you make a small bathroom look luxurious?

Below you will find 7 tips on how to transform a bathroom making it look airy and welcoming.

  1. Space illusion via the lighter color scheme. To make a tight space look larger, avoid darker shades and sharp contrasts. Opt for a lighter color palette and go in step with nature: a sustainable approach is a hot trend and natural materials and color schemes can work wonders.
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2. Use large pattern tiling to add space. An easy guess: What option will make your bathroom look larger and airy: small-sized dark square tiles or larger off-white/marble tiles? You’ve got it right — large tiles of light colors open up the space. Large patterns, such as wide stripes or large geometrical patterns deceive the eyes and make a bathroom virtually larger. The smaller area has a great advantage — it’s easier to afford high-end tiles that add a luxury spirit to the bathroom.

3. Bright accents. If you think that a light-colored bathroom might look airy but dull, experiment with bright accessories: towels of fun colors and a bath mat will add life and character to the interior. Don’t deny yourself a bathtub if you like a relaxing bath after daily routine — Japanese soaking baths are compact or think of a walk-in bath as an alternative.

4. Open shelving and floating vanities. Give up on bulky vanities and give preference to compact units. Consider floating a floating vanity — it is installed into the wall and provides more space for traffic or a unit with rounded edges for easy and bruise-free maneuvering. Close cabinets are great for hiding numerous bath accessories, cosmetic products, or spare towels, but they consume valuable space. Open shelves are a great alternative for storing bath essentials: stylish shelves made of various materials are currently available in the market or you can order a custom-tailored one to fit ideally in the bathroom.

5. Mirrors. In combination with fair colors and plenty of light, mirrors can do wonders. Large mirrors with narrow or no frames reflect light and brighten the space. If there are other shiny objects, like fixtures or sanitary equipment, the light will be bouncing from them too enlarging the space.

6. Frameless shower with a sliding door. To remodel a small bathroom with a shower, opt for a frameless shower unit. Trendy and stylish, frameless glass showers gain popularity as they make the bathroom look airy. A sliding door conserves precious space and allows even the tiniest bath zone to seem luxurious. While planning a small shower remodel, consider built-in wall niches for keeping gels, shampoos, and shower puffs close at hand. You will free other surfaces — clean lines and surfaces (not cluttered with multiple small objects) do expand space visually.

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7. Lighting. Recessed light & pendant fixtures can shrink tight spaces. Replace them with built-in LEDs and wall luminaires – directed upwards, light elongates the wall visually.

If you wish to learn more about professional tricks of visual space extension, Boris Groysman, an architect and owner of Groysman Construction, has shared his experience-based recommendations on how remodeling a small bathroom makes a tiny washroom look classy and chic.

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How much does it cost to remodel a small bathroom?

Small bathroom remodel expenses depend on the scope of planned work and vary from $5,000 to $30,000. For budget-friendly solutions, you can expect to pay from $5,000 to $15,000. If you consider turning your compact bathroom into a masterpiece with high-end sanitary equipment and tiling let alone changing wiring or piping, be ready to pay well over $30,000.

Small bathroom renovation requires special skills and experience. By hiring a licensed remodel company you relieve yourself from the stress of searching for workers for every type of work you need. A contractor will estimate the project, develop a unique layout, determine a schedule, and get the required permits.

At Groysman Construction, we value your time and ensure excellent quality and result that exceeds expectations. Our portfolio speaks for itself. Call us today to get a free quote.

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