Plants For the Bathroom

Amazing Plants For the Bathroom

As you have finally completed a bathroom remodeling, and your hygiene room is an epitome of perfection, one of your top priorities today may be the preservation and maintenance of that lovely aesthetics. Although your bathroom can be designed with the ultimate professionalism and meticulous attention to detail, there is always a risk of developing mold and mildew buildup. If left unaddressed, condensation buildup can lead to serious structural damage, not to mention peeling paint and wallpaper. 

As the home’s most humid spots, a bathroom generally contains excessive moisture that should be cleaned on time, or, otherwise, your investments in bathroom renovation will go down the drain. Surely, you can splurge on expensive dehumidifiers to reduce humidity in your bathroom or spend hours mopping and wiping the moisture. But obtaining some awesome bathroom plants to prevent dampness will serve you much better. And these little green ones will also dramatically enliven your bathroom! 

Most plants are capable of absorbing moisture from the air. But what sets these particular plants apart is their efficiency at absorbing more moisture through their leaves. This is perfect for damp, moldy bathrooms that need something like a sponge to soak up all the excess moisture. There are many other reasons why you should place plants in your bathroom.

Why to Collocate Plants throughout Your Bathroom?

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Clean Air

Indoor plants for bathrooms can eliminate volatile dangerous particles from the air, and they also release oxygen to cleanse the indoor climate. These green buddies are excellent air purifiers. They can remove unpleasant lingering odors from your bathroom. Therefore, natural plants are definitely preferable to artificial air fresheners, especially strong ones that can have other negative effects on your health.

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Cheerful Mood

Beholding a piece of greenery indoors can brighten up your mood and help to fight depression and stress. Plants for the bathroom can positively affect your mental health, improving your cognitive abilities.

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Great Bathroom 

Many bathroom plants soak in moisture and help reduce the dampness in the area. As your bathroom is not exposed to excessive humidity, you save much money on renovation and cosmetic repairs. The plants thrive on wetness and prevent the growth of mold, so it is a win-win strategy. 

As you see, dehumidifying indoor plants can do wonders for your bathroom. Groysman Construction, a well-established home remodel contractor in San Diego, has compiled a list of the best foliage options for your bathroom.

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Azaleas as great houseplants for shady bathrooms where windows are north-facing or even absent. Azaleas can thrive in low-light settings, and they will look their best at temperatures around 60-65°F. 

Moisture is a lifesaving factor for indoor azaleas. Placing this beautiful plant in your bathroom guarantees that this cutie will not dry out. Blessed with gorgeous blooms, the azalea will bring a pop of vivid purple, pink, red, or white to the area. 

Boston Fern

One of the most good-looking low-light bathroom plants, Boston Fern has a tropical origin and, therefore, will do well in a muggy bathroom.

Along with absorbing extra moisture, Boston Fern prefers dim environments without direct sunlight. If exposed to aggressive sun, the plant can burn quickly, so take care of that. Water the fern monthly when the soil looks dry and mist the fronds in winter to save them from wilt.

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Aloe is a low-maintenance, sturdy, yet cheerful succulent that is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have green fingers or leads a super-busy lifestyle. All it needs to look its best is access to bright light. Indirect light is fine, too, but direct sunlight is still better as it may encourage your aloe to produce pretty tiny flowers. So place a pot with aloe in a sunny spot in your bathroom. The juice of aloe is a great remedy for skin conditions, especially for burns and irritation. So you can involve your bathroom aloe in your beauty routines. 


Tropical good-lookers with long exquisite silhouettes, orchids are ideal houseplants for bathrooms that aren’t too, humid enough and generally don’t have direct sunlight. Delicate orchids will thrive in a humid environment.

Some species (such as epiphytes) can also absorb moisture from around. While orchids can tolerate scant sunlight, they will feel much better in brighter indirect light, so consider placing a pot with an orchid on your bathroom’s windowsill.

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Peace Lily

Another amazing darling from the tropics, the peace lily is blessed with a crown of creamy flowers, so you can leverage this plant to elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom. Along with a nice appearance, the peace lily can suck moisture from the surrounding environment, while neutralizing toxins as it does. Provide the plant with enough sunlight to make sure it can bloom, keep the soil moist but not over-wet, and you will end up with a happy, strong peace lily. If it gets too dry, the peace lilies will wilt quite noticeably, but give them a good drink, and they’ll come back to life right away.


A sprawling genus incorporating nearly 2000 species, begonia plants typically do well in pots and in warm, steamy environments like the bathroom. Hailing from humid tropical climates, most varieties of begonia will rid your bathroom of wet air and embellish it with vibrant, scented flowers. Choose a fibrous or rhizomatous variety (as these two are the most suitable plants for the household) and expose your begonia to sunlight in the morning. Keep the plant away from the reach of your fluffy friends as the roots are known to be highly poisonous.

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Tradescantia Zebrina

Mother Nature was definitely in a good mood when creating this deep purple creeping plant of sublime beauty. This potted stunner is guaranteed to fare well in your bathroom. High humidity content will keep Tradescantia Zebrina healthy and perky, while brown leaves signal a too dry atmosphere for the plant.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

If your bathroom is spacious enough, there is one green candidate to make a bold statement. A fiddle leaf fig feels pretty good when continuously exposed to bright light (try to never move the plant from light, leaf figs hate that). More than that, these buddies love warm, humid environments like bathrooms.

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So, here they are, magnificent bathroom plants to absorb surplus moisture and prevent humidity and mold in bathrooms. If you’d like to incorporate household plants into your bathroom design, Groysman Construction is glad to assist you. Our San Diego remodeling company specializes in all types of home improvements, from cosmetic facelifts to comprehensive overhauls. Contact us today, and we will find the right solution for your bathroom renovation initiative.

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