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Benefits of a Fireplace Remodel

A fireplace is one of the asked-for features during a house selection process. A warm and sympathetic atmosphere is often attributed to fire peacefully crackling in a room.

Whether you’ve decided on the full home renovation or think about renewing the old fireplace to let it look more up-to-date or enhance its heating efficiency, you definitely need help from fireplace remodel contractors.

The key advantages of a fireplace remodel include:

  • Makeover. Redesigning a fireplace changes the entire room’s feel and appearance. If you just got bored with the classic look and wish to shift to a more contemporary design to match the interior, discuss available options and your ideas with a contractor. Note that in some cases customization is limited and/or requires additional permits.
  • The heating efficiency upgrade. Over time the heating capacity of a fireplace can decline for several reasons, so fireplace renovation can increase the heating capacity: for instance, pros can install a fireplace door to boost the output.
  • Customization. If you love the fireplace but you’re not fully satisfied with its performance or wish to add extra functionality, fireplace remodeling can upscale not only the appearance but also functionality, including easier maintenance & cleaning, the location of a fire basket, etc. 
  • Safety. Regular maintenance is the key to safety; however, when you decide on redesigning the old fireplace, pros will clean and check the performance of the venting system and make sure the new design contributes to the safety of your fireplace. 
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Fireplace at Home: Pros & Cons

A fireplace is a desirable amenity despite continuous technological progress. A classic wood-crackling place provides warmth and peace of mind. Yet still, tech evolution influenced the world and now homeowners can install a fireplace with no need to supply wood — gas and electrical options are pretty popular nowadays.

Wood Fireplaces

Authentic feel of crackling woodYou need to have firewood supplies
You can use it during electricity shut-offsCannot be left unattended; requires safety precautions
You can use preferable wood typeRequires regular maintenance and annual inspection
Less efficient compared to a gas variety

Gas Fireplaces

You can turn it on instantly. The fire can be started by a thermostat, a switch, or remote controlCan be expensive to install if there is no available gas line in a house.
Efficient in heating specific areas. Can be installed in different zones throughout a house.Looks different than a real wood fire, with no crackling sound or odor.
Minimal maintenance. No soot or ash. An annual inspection is required.
Operates when power is cut off.

Electric Fireplaces

Less expensive compared to wood & gas fireplacesThe fire looks fake
Easy installationDon’t operate when the power is off
Portable and compactHeating comes at high costs
Limited style varieties

Whatever variety you install, you still deal with fire. Hence, you must pay particular attention to safety precautions to avoid unwanted consequences.

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Installing a Fireplace: Is It a Right Decision?

Spending time with family and friends around a warming fire, what can be better? Fireplaces have never been out of fashion but they do gain more and more attention in recent years as people try to get closer to nature and look for energy-saving home solutions. A fireplace offers it all: it heats a house and gently takes you out of the stressful daily routine providing a chance to observe flames from the comfort of your home.

Still in doubt? 3 main arguments in favor of having a fireplace:

  1. A fireplace upvalues a house. A properly installed and maintained fireplace helps to save on energy and adds an invaluable cozy ambience.
  2. Fireplaces improve house heating efficiency.
  3. There are three kinds of fireplaces. Feel free to choose a gas, electrical, or authentic wood fireplace. Every type has its own pros and cons described above, so you can always select the one that matches your requirements.
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How do you modernize a fireplace?

The exterior layout and heating qualities usually determine a fireplace remodel objective. Every house owner wants a fireplace reflecting the unique feel of the house. Luckily, you can select from a classic brick design to an up-to-date sleek model. To turn the fireplace of your dream into life, look for a trustworthy company that can recommend an optimal solution for your home.

Boris Groysman, the founder of Groysman Construction, one of the well-reputed remodel companies in San Diego, has shared some major aspects of How to Remodel a Fireplace so that you can get a clearer idea of the apartment fireplace makeover, most notably time expenditures and budget allocation. 

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How Much Does Fireplace Remodeling Cost?

Actual expenses of the fireplace renovation depend on the scope of work and the quality of supplies, with the common range varying from $400 to $2,000. The fireplace refacing cost starts from $200 for repainting; yet still, the national average for renovating a fireplace is around $1,200 and includes a more comprehensive overhaul.  

For a more personalized estimation of an old fireplace remodel, request a free quote from Groysman Construction today. The winner of the Best of Houzz Award for five years in a row, the team is recognized for its custom-tailored solutions and individual approach to every client. Soon you can enjoy a renewed fireplace that should become a highlight of the house’s interiors.

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