How to Remodel a Fireplace

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A fireplace in a house not only has an immediate purpose of heating you during cold weathers but it also serves to add more value to your property as well as to give more personality and charm to your dwelling. But there is no such a physical object on the planet that could stand the test of time and intensive use, and even well-built fireplaces once get worn-out, obsolescent, ineffective, and unsafe. So, fireplace renovation is not a question of if but when. Whatever the reason that pushes to towards home fireplace refinement, there are several steps you should take before actualizing this project.


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When it comes to executing your fireplace renovation project, the first thing you should do is to form a sober estimate of the condition of your current fireplace. A thorough evaluation will help you understand what actual improvements your existing unit needs and what features you do and do not want to see in a new fireplace. While estimating, you should also determine the main reason for your fireplace renovation initiative:

  • Are you craving for a fresh ambiance in your home?
  • Does your fireplace performance raise flags?
  • Are you thinking of the ways to cut your heating bills?
  • Is chimney draft your main concern?
  • What share of your family budget can you allocate on this enterprise?

Ask yourself these questions to know for sure what you want to get as a final product.


Do you want your new fireplace to express your individuality and unusual attitude to life? Or are you looking for ways to make a bold fashion statement? Do you have a clear vision of your ultimate fireplace design (minimalist, industrial, contemporary, transitional or whatsoever)?

The World Wide Web is packed full of modern fireplace renovation ideas to inspire you. But it is reasonable to scour the online galleries of local fireplace installation companies because their pricing by any logic will be more affordable while their services – ready available compared to fireplace manufacturers from other areas. Some manufacturers’ websites even include special design tools that encourage homeowners to plan out their own fireplace styles – take advantage of this feature to experiment with ideas and craft your dream fireplace.

While browsing online portfolios of different fireplace installation contractors, make inquiries about their fireplace renovation costs, service packages, rebates, and warranties. Read also real customer reviews on Google maps about every vendor you are interested in. And if you still doubt, give us a call, and will eagerly provide you with any assistance related to fireplace renovation.

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Not all fireplaces are created equal. While some are good for heating spacious rooms, others have rather a decorative function, say, complementing the interior style. Before you purchase a new unit, you need to make sure about the following things:

  • Will it be an indoor or outdoor fireplace?
  • Will your fireplace be gas, electric or wood?
  • Do you want to install a new fireplace from scratch, replace an old one or just update current fireplace mantel?
  • Have you decided where it will be placed and how much space it will occupy?
  • What function should your fireplace perform: direct or aesthetical?
  • What materials will be around the unit? Is it safe to put the fireplace in the allocated area?


When you have a precise vision of your outdoor or indoor fireplace, it is time to find a professional who will smoothly translate it into reality. Surely, this must be done by an authorized fireplace dealer who has all necessary permissions and competencies on executing such challenging projects.

Pick up such a vendor who will allow you to get more bang for your buck. Tell the dealer your renovation reason, expectations, and space details so that he or she can offer you the best value for your money. A good fireplace installation dealer will always make suggestions about customization options such as creating a unique fireplace facing, ornament and fire bed accessories to be an embodiment of your envision.

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Now let the contractor do the hardest work instead of you: to bring the fireplace into your home and do the whole installation (provided it is not a DIY adventure, but such complicated projects will scarcely be successful without professional help).

Once the installation is completed, it is time to kick back in a cozy arm-chair and enjoy the enigmatic flames from your newly-minted fireplace!

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Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.


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