Choosing Bathroom Cabinetry

Choosing bathroom cabinets is a very important step during bathroom remodeling. Meantime, it is quite hard choice, considering all the numerous options available. At one point, you may find yourself stuck on choosing between unassembled and ready-made cabinets, stock and custom, oak or maple, and so forth.

It is obvious that the cabinets have an effect on the bathroom look and feel very much. They largely determine the style of your whole space. Today, the cabinet’s options are so diverse that simply buying simple white cabinets would be a horrible style crime. So, where to start?

Analyze your bathroom space

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First, you need to figure out the peculiarities of the way you use your bathroom. The answer to this question is individual, so think well about your bathroom habits and use this to choose the most appropriate configuration and materials for your future cabinets. For example, if you often relax taking long baths, you may wish to have a place for TV in your room.

One more good starting point is a bookstore or interior design websites. Look through magazines or design websites for ideas to see what you really like. This may help you narrow the options. You may also visit a designer showroom if there is any in your city.

Designers claim that designing a bathroom is a challenging task. It is trickier than creating, for example, a kitchen design. The first reason is the smaller space of a bathroom. Other thing is that almost everything in the bathroom has water or electrical issues. Therefore, in creating bathroom design for your remodel you should consider hiring a professional.

Don’t spend too much on cabinetry

The best tip as for not overpaying for new bathroom cabinets is described in the previous paragraph. After all, if you completely realize how you use the bathroom, you will not buy what you do not actually need.

Bathroom cabinets are not always the most costly part of a remodel. However, the prices of vanities/cabinets vary a lot – they may cost even a several thousand dollars. As usual, in case of bathroom cabinetry you get the quality depending on the amount of money you pay. Nevertheless, there are ways to spend less. For example, when it comes to prices, hiring a professional designer may help again, just because their connections may help you get advantageous deals even with the classiest dealers.

You can save money in case if you buy unfinished cabinetry, assemble and install it on your own. However, it is quite time-consuming and exhaustible work, especially if you have no experience. You may also spend less if you shop for your new cabinets online, looking for the most competitive prices. The obvious disadvantage of buying cabinets online is that you cannot see it in real life, touch it and make sure you like everything about it. So, be ready to get a pig in a poke, especially if you deal, for example, with a new online store.

Decide on your bathroom style

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Basically, bathroom cabinets may be classified into 3 groups. The 1st is the standalone vanity (usually with the sink). The second category includes all other bathroom cabinets and units. The third is the cabinet’s sets or the so-called suites.

As for styles, they are as numerous as the paint colors. Sleek, shabby chic, country, classic, contemporary, modern, eclectic, glass… The style options are almost endless.

However, do not let this wide variety of style choices make you forget about the main purpose of your cabinets that is: to store your things. Fortunately, modern cabinets are perfect in organization. They have lots of amenities like drawer dividers, garages for devices like hair dryers, linen trays, and so forth.

The above said cabinetry organizing amenities are not the only modern trend. The other popular feature is, for example, lighting – we see more and more cabinets with built-in lightning in different forms.

Another trend is a furniture-like look; this means, for example, adding bun feet to the bathroom cabinets and using such materials as dark cherry or walnut for them. The main reason for this trend is that people often want to turn their bath into a relaxing retreat, something like an at-home spa.

One more common practice is to match the style of the bathroom cabinets with other home interior details. Many homeowners want their bathroom cabinet’s match, for example, the kitchen cabinetry, living room furniture, bedside-tables to create style continuity.

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