Many people see the autumn as a time of changes and beginning of a new life. So, what can be the better season to give your kitchen a new look of your dream? Refreshing you kitchen design is a greate idea for autumn.

This autumn has brought us a number of wonderful new trends. It has inspired the best interior designers to experiment with combining modern and more classic styles to make your kitchen warm and elegant as never before.

So, here are five inspiring ideas of autumn kitchen design for you to finally get your kitchen remodeled and change your home for the best.

Invisible appliances

Hiding kitchen appliances out of sight is one of the latest trends in interior design. It means that all the appliances are masked and blended with cabinets. When your oven, dishwasher, and other appliances are hidden inside kitchen cabinets, your kitchen obtains a more country style look that is another hot trend now. This way, you can emphasize elegant woodwork of your furniture. To this, using this twist, you do not need to choose appliances that match your kitchen design, by that focusing primarily on their functionality and quality. One more benefit of this setup is saving of space, so it is perfect for smaller kitchens with limited free space.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood is traditional flooring option; it has being used for centuries. It is sustainable, perfect-looking and warm. However, it may be quite expensive and it may require more careful maintenance than, for example, tiles, but it is worth both money and effort. Wooden flooring is a number one choice among the best designers, as it is always unique in texture and fits well to any kitchen style. It is a synonym of good taste and it looks wonderful both in contemporary and in village designs.

Village design style

You may be surprised, but village or rustic kitchen design is a hot trend now. Its characteristic features are soft pastel colors and prevalence of natural materials, such as wood and stone. All this is pleasant on the eye, makes kitchen warm and cozy, turning it into the heart of your house. Country cabinetry, shelves, stone countertops and a wooden kitchen table with a patterned tablecloth – all these elements will transfer you to the good old days. Village kitchen style may be further emphasized by log accents. These may be, for example, window frames.

Smart space planning and management

The crucial component of any modern house in general is functionality and convenience. The kitchen, of course, is of no exception. A very pleasant trend in kitchen design is the best possible use of all its space. It is especially essential for the smaller kitchens, in which using all the gaps is very reasonable. Therefore, try to think how you could use some areas of your kitchen that are now useless. For example, you may turn them into cabinets or drawers to use them efficiently. Another idea is to add a wine rack to the empty wall space between upper and lower cabinets, to hide a trash bin into the useless corner cabinet, or to add holders for things like foil to the back of the cabinetry doors. Well-planned and organized kitchen space is really convenient and trendy at the same time.

Add more light

The lighter your kitchen is – the better. Nowadays, all the best kitchen designers opt for adding a lot of light to the kitchens they work with. After all, kitchen is not the room where semi-darkness is appropriate. Adding more light is especially important if your kitchen windows look out on the northern side or if they are open onto the garden full of trees and natural light is obstructed. One good option in this case is track lighting. It can be easily directed exactly where it is needed the most. Lighting can also serve as a beautiful accent. For example, you may install LED bulbs under the upper cabinetry to add even more light to your working area. They may be also added to emphasize glass or metallic elements of your design. Even more, they may be installed under the lower cabinets to accent the flooring. The great advantage of such solution is that LED bulbs are durable, easy to install and energy efficient. All this makes them a favorite choice both for designers and homeowners worldwide.

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