Flooring performs more functions than something you just walk on. It defines the style of your house. Moreover, it protects its structure. Due to the crucial role of the flooring, choosing the right material for it is of absolute importance.

There are lots of variants to choose from. And we offer you six of them that are the most convenient and stylish at the same time. So, let’s consider the best flooring options available, their pros and cons.

1. Concrete Flooring

Nowadays, concrete is used not only for garage or sidewalks but for interiors as well. It may be finished in different ways. It may also be of various colors, textures (including smooth, stamped, polished, and so on), or patterns. So, concrete options for flooring are far more various than usual boring gray of rough texture. Concrete may be even covered with paint to your choice. It must be noted that interior concrete needs to be sealed to preserve good look for a long time.

One more important benefit of concrete flooring is that it works well with heating and stores heat. To this, it is eco-friendly for a number of reasons (for example, it requires less energy to produce compared with other flooring types). And at last, it is good for air quality, as it emits no harmful substances, prevents mold and mildew appearance, and does not absorb odors.

2. Natural Hardwood

Natural hardwood flooring is always trendy. Wooden flooring is a synonym of elegance, luxury, and timeless classic style. In case of proper maintenance, hardwood lasts for ages, becoming even better as it gains its unique “character” in the course of time.

Though its benefits are unquestionable, this material may be too expensive for some homeowners both from the point of view of money and maintenance efforts. It is worth noting that all wood types have their own peculiarities. It’s obvious that, for example, bamboo is absolutely different from walnut. These differences are about everything from functional properties to color. You should consider them before making a choice.

3. Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood floorings have improved greatly in recent years. Their modern varieties look almost exactly like real wooden floors. Their main advantages are easy maintenance, installation and lower cost compared with their natural competitors.

4. Tile

You may think that tiled floor is something cold and too simple. However, modern tile varieties may look and feel absolutely differently. Apart from usual ceramic tiles, there are also warm and cozy carpet tiles, and natural looking elegant stone tiles. So, tiled flooring is the option not only for bathrooms and kitchens. To this, all types of tiles are available in a vast variety of sizes, forms, colors, patterns, and textures. They may differ in durability, they may be scratch-resistant, and water-resistant. Tiles are also very easy to install and to take care of. And one more their advantage is that they are easily combined with in-floor heat.

5. Vinyl

Modern vinyl flooring has changed too compared with its previous available options. Nowadays, it looks attractive. For example, it may mimic wood or stone. To this, it may be rather durable in case of proper care. Its main advantage is that it is soft but at the same time really easy to clean. The last is especially important if you have little children. And one more benefit: it is quite cheap.

6. Carpet

Carpet is the coziest and softest flooring option to walk on. Fortunately, modern carpet floors can be not only comfortable but practical as well. Carpets come in a great number of colors, textures, and levels of softness.
Carpets are also different in density and fiber. The most popular fibers for carpet materials are nylon, polyester, acrylics, and wool. All of them require different types of maintenance. The most luxurious, pleasant, but costly and hard to take care of option is, of course, wool. Synthetic fibers are not that perfect to the feel, however, they are always less expensive. As for other properties, synthetics differ greatly. One more thing, carpet fibers hold heat better than any other material. So, this flooring type may save you from cold in winters and cut your energy bills.

In conclusion, we must say that flooring installation, no matter what type you choose, requires a great amount of work and experience. So, you are better to order professional services or, at least, consult remodeling experts. We, at Groysman Construction, offer you consultations and provide the full set of works on flooring installation.

We at Groysman Construction are happy to offer you the full set of works on flooring installation of any type. Contact us to book a consultation in San-Diego.

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