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The kitchen is the most visited place in the house. Good kitchen lighting makes the room cozy and pleasant. Creating the right lighting in the room is an important point. The use of various lamps, sconces and chandeliers allows you to identify the most functional areas in the kitchen.

In 2019, pendant lighting will become fashionable. Spotlights are still popular, but the demand for a new trend is already growing. More about modern trends in kitchen remodeling you can find here.

The kitchen is very demanding, as there must be light in every part of it. In the kitchen, they use both general lighting above the table, in the middle of the space, and local light, above the tabletop, used during cooking. Kitchen pendant lamps provide the best kitchen lighting – soft, diffuse light throughout the room.

Pendant lights are one of the more stylish types of lighting. Modern pendant lamps can have a different looks. Golden lamp will add brightness effect to your kitchen. And glass lamps will give freshness and lightness to the interior.

  • Models on the ropes

They are located above the functional areas in the kitchen (dining or work). The main advantage of products consists in high operational qualities.

  • Ceiling fixtures options

 Used in spacious rooms. These are traditional products that modern manufacturers constantly improve and use new ideas to create interesting and stylish design of lighting elements.

  • Popular are products and suspensions

Adapter tubes or special chains are used for mounting. Basically these lamps are used for large modern kitchens.

  • Triple suspension models

They are used to clearly highlight the functional area in the kitchen. Most often, these systems are mounted above the kitchen islands.

  • Lamps on long suspensions

They complement the stylish interior well, making it more harmonious. These small items allow you to properly distribute the space in the kitchen.

  1. In the kitchen, you cook, eat or have a meeting with friends. Therefore, the light should be clear, but at the same time slightly muffled. The shape, material, color of the lamp and related fittings affect the quality and intensity of the light.
  2. If you want to get direct light directed to the surface, then you need to choose lamps from opaque materials. They prevent the spread and diffusion of light. You can use reflector lamps that focus light sources.
  3. If you want to get a direct diffused light, then you should choose lamps with open lampshades, but from light transmitting materials, as well as with dairy or matte bulbs.
  1. Beautiful chandelier over the dining table. She will create the right mood: a festive atmosphere when receiving guests or a romantic one – for dinner for two. Pay attention to the lamps, the height of which can be changed with one hand movement – it is convenient.
  2. Over the top cabinets. Here can be installed halogen spotlights on poles. If you put them every 60-70 cm, then they evenly illuminate the surface of the tabletop. However, it should be realized that when working on the table you will have the backlight. Therefore, this type of lighting is suitable for creating moods, and not for working in the kitchen.
  3. To highlight the dining table, you can use not only a pendant lamp, but also a floor lamp mounted on a curved stand, a desk lamp with a diffuse lamp or an accent spotlight mounted on the wall.
  4. Artificial light in the kitchen comes from several points. The central ceiling lamp, as an ornamental chandelier, is only a small part of the kitchenware range. It is very important that the light in the room is also installed under the cabinets and in the strips on the ceiling, illuminating the countertop or sink. Classic or modern lamps are the idea of decorating and highlighting the attractive equipment of your kitchen.
  1. Indirect reflected light is obtained by hanging lamps with shadows. The reflected light will be soft, gentle and pleasing to the eyes.
  2. Decorative light: table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamp are responsible for a relaxed atmosphere and focus on the decor. Highlight paintings, vases, dishes easily with the help of directional light fixtures: use built-in, wall, ceiling models.
  3. With the help of lamps you can literally turn on and off different zones. The central chandelier in the kitchen is a great option. Do not forget about the rest area: if you want to read in a chair, a floor lamp with directional light comes in handy.
  4. In the kitchen, pendant lamps are installed above the dining table and above the kitchen island.
  5. Particular attention should be paid to color. The body color is chosen based on the interior of the room. Bright options, such as orange, red, yellow, are best combined with an appropriate design. These colors harmoniously complement the white interiors. White, black, gray – it is best to use in the interiors in the style of hi-tech and minimalism. Modern models are equipped with several lighting modes that differ in shades.

Note! Plan the location of the lamps in advance: in the midst of repair is too late. The most optimal is to decide location of the lamps when you have outlined the main functional areas.

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