Modern Pendant Lighting for Kitchen

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Though not a novel design concept, pendant lighting is about to gain almost total world prevalence. Why? Because their omnifarious shapes, diverse materials, and bright colors can dramatically transform any kitchen style. Is your mind still skeptical about whether kitchen pendant lighting can become your source of everyday inspiration? This article is to burst all your doubts.

But before we go deeper into this topic, let’s clarify what pendant lightning is. In fact, it is any lamp or bulb dangling from the ceiling on a rod, chain, or cord. Interior designers are so creative that can craft literally any suspension apparatus that can effuse blaze and name it pendant light


Drum pendant lights, obviously, repeat the shape of the same-name musical instrument. It is when the fabric or any other material is scratched over a metal circular frame. The bottom of such a pending light can be either closed or open. Large and minimal, colorful and 

monochromic, these pendants lights are available in all possible sizes and textures. It is perfect for task lighting, for instance, to illuminate the kitchen island at nights and produce a warm and enigmatic atmosphere.

Orb pendant lights feature a spherical shape and are simply luminous. Homeowners adore these shining beauties thanks to their flexibility for bold and posh interior experiments. Whether suspended together on one level or at different drop lengths, glowing orbs never fail to turn the kitchen into a lustrous paradise we all are craving for.

Bowl or inverted pendant lights seem never to fall out of fashion thanks to their simplistic yet functional design. If your kitchen requires flattering, beautiful illumination, this variant is worth consideration. Apart from being practical, bowls are available in all designs imaginable offering you the choice of striking angles, appealing curves, and glowing finishes which can make your scene a success.

There is a lot of mystery here. Abstract pendants are meant for those who love non-banal, head-turning solutions. Actually, any  material that can safely house a bulb can be molded in an abstract pendant with intricate geometric lines, strange curves, and an inexplicable mood-setting effect.

Linear kitchen island pendant lighting generally has a rectangular shape and an ability to make the room feel longer and wider thanks to strict lines and fabulous designs. As the name suggests, it is ideal to be used over islands, however, other work zones will not be compromised if illuminated by exquisite linear suspensions.

Small or mini kitchen pending lights can provide bright task illumination in the areas of intense use: a dining table, a sink, or a pantry. If grouped together and suspended at various heights, single pendants will indeed make a chic statement.

If your kitchen is done in a minimalistic, hi-tech or rustic style, accentuate its beauty with exposed bulb pendants. An unembellished, non-fussy look without shades of bare bulbs can inject an extra layer of character to your kitchen while vivid cords can effectively brighten up any color scheme.

Cluster pendants are essential when single pendant lights will not work for space or when you want to create your own lightning arrangement in the kitchen. Multi-pendant lights are manufactured in an insane variety of styles, from globes to bubbles, to provide for artistic installations. Especially snazzy they look above islands, dining tables, and other task-oriented zones which benefit from a balanced distribution of light.


As for shade materials, kitchen pendants incorporate:

  • Glass. Glass pendant lights for kitchen look simply prominent and help create an elegant ambiance in addition to offering a direct source of light to work areas.
  • Metal shades feature a more sturdy appearance than other styles, but this does not diminish their power to complement a country or loft-style kitchen or one belonging to a brutal bachelor!
  • Plastic shades are a good alternative if you cannot allocate much budget to your kitchen pendant lighting. Despite being significantly cheaper, plastic pendants are pretty durable and can effectively stand the test of everyday use.
  • Cloth shades are very attractive and look utmost homey. They are also an option to go if your kitchen renovation project is financially limited, but you still want a bit of exquisiteness in the most important room of your house.
  • Wood or bamboo pendants can enhance aesthetics in a rustic-inspired kitchen.
  • Shell pendant lights do wonders in a coastal-themed kitchen interior giving reminiscence to the ocean and relaxing your mind just like an onshore breeze. Yes, they are really made of oyster shells or other natural materials found on a beach.
  • Crystal pendants have a strong aesthetic appeal behind them and come in a huge variety of cuts and shapes to blend with any kitchen style, from industrial to retro-inspired.
  • Ceramic suspended lights can also provide an edgy look to your kitchen without depriving it of sophistication and functionality.


This kitchen stuff is produced in every color found in the spectrum, especially when you have it custom-made for your specific kitchen layout – the only limit is your imagination. However, there are some common color schemes which can be encountered in every third modern kitchen with suspended lamps.

  • White pendants accentuated with gold rims and fixtures will add a little glam to the space making it feel totally fresh and up-to-date.
  • Black pendants hanging on a metallic chain – what can be sexier in a fashionable high-tech kitchen?
  • Gold kitchen pendant lights create a stunning metallic effect in a contemporary setting, and they are also beautiful eye-catchers!
  • Bulbs caged in bright yellow/green/blue/red fixtures will serve as a jolt of energy in a neutrally painted kitchen.
  • Bronze pendants offer a rustic, yet sophisticated appeal that can adorn any décor style, from traditional to glam.

In fact, kitchen pendant lights are as versatile as the needs and expectations of different people. While some are excited about cylinder-styled lamps, others want a couple of stars to dangle from the ceiling. There is no point in going perfect, but unique. If you know what you want, you will ultimately get it because interior designers never sleep inventing something new and, surely, beautiful for your kitchen!

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