Is Wallpaper in a Bathroom a Good Idea?

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Is bathroom wallpaper a good idea? Well, it depends. First of all, it is important to understand that the bathroom is a room with a high concentration of moisture and high temperature. Therefore, when doing repairs works, one must understand that the choice of materials should largely depend on their moisture resistance.

The majority of people decorate their bathroom with tiles: it’s a tried and tested material that withstands moisture well. Yet, some decide to use wallpaper for the bathroom because it’s a cheaper option, and the choice of options is very large.

Does this option make sense?

Pros and Cons of Wallpaper in Bathrooms

Is Wallpaper in a Bathroom a Good Idea? 1

It should be understood that any finishing materials have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at the peculiarities of modern wallpaper for bathrooms:


1. Aesthetics. Wallpaper in the bathroom is a stylish element in the design that will add originality and emphasize the style of the interior in the bathroom.


2. Availability. Sticking wallpaper in the bathroom will cost several times cheaper than tiling. Firstly, the material is inexpensive; secondly, the wallpaper can be glued on your own, saving on payment for services.


3. The speed of repair works. Wallpaper sticks quickly and easily – changing the design of your bathroom can take several hours.


4. Wide selection of wallpaper designs. Facing options and texture options make it possible to realize almost any interior solution. You can also choose an unusual pattern or pattern, creating your own individual style.

1. Fragility. Compared to tiles, wallpapers wear out faster. Also, they, one way or another, are affected by moisture in the bathroom, which can lead to swelling and peeling. High humidity also affects wallpaper glue: it can swell and stain on the surface with stains.


2. Impracticality.

Washing wallpaper is highly undesirable. It is also not recommended to wallpaper the surface near the sink and bath, where they can come in contact with water. The additional risk of damaging the wallpaper should be considered if small children live in the house or if you have pets.


3. Additional expenses.

In the case of improper selection of wallpaper, they will not last long, and the expected savings will result in an additional waste of time and money for the owners. To avoid such problems, be responsible with your choice. Vinyl wallpapers, liquid and self-adhesive options are suitable for bathroom decoration.


All in all, wallpapers in the bathroom have only one significant advantage – aesthetics. But when it comes to ergonomics and service life, such material does not stand up the competition.

Is Wallpaper in a Bathroom a Good Idea? 2

There are several factors that reduce wallpaper durability in bathroom:

  • Moisture and direct contact with water;
  • Mold formation (paper serves as a great foundation for it);
  • Physical impact;
  • Temperature fluctuations;
  • Correctness of gluing technique.

All of these points should be taken into account when you decide to use wallpapers in bathroom. Otherwise, one mistake can draw your efforts to the zero.

How to choose the right wallpapers?

Do not buy paper-based wallpapers. They are not very suitable for the bathroom and will not last long, especially in the area of the sink and the bath itself. Choose waterproof wallpaper only! There are several options available.

Is Wallpaper in a Bathroom a Good Idea? 3


A great choice for bathroom repair is vinyl wallpaper. They perfectly cope with water vapor, high temperature and, directly, with the water itself. With them, you do not need to be afraid of peeling off and the appearance of spots, because such wallpapers last a long time.
Before pasting with such wallpaper, it is necessary to prepare the wallpaper itself, glue, instructions and the surface of the wall. Cut them to a suitable size, leaving a small margin. Then spread a strip of wallpaper with glue and stick it.


Washable wallpaper is a type of vinyl wallpaper that has a moisture repellent surface. They last longer than ordinary vinyl wallpapers, due to the lower risk of water getting under the canvas. Working with such wallpapers is challenging. The edges of the strips must be especially carefully treated with glue. It is necessary to press against a wall with even greater force than vinyl. Bubbles must be removed by moving from the center to the edge.

Glass Wallpaper

Such water resistant wallpaper will never peel off, swell or get dirty. It simply cannot absorb water and water vapor. They can be painted the way you want. When installed, only the surface of the wall is treated with glue – the process of sticking isn’t different from the usual approach.
If, despite all risks, you’ve decided to use wallpapers in bathroom, you need professional consultation. Contact Groysman Construction. Our remodeling company in San Diego will help you select perfect materials that last long and stay highly aesthetic. We use advanced repair techniques and know which materials suit bathrooms best.

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