Dark gray and white walk-in shower | Groysman Construction Remodeling | 2

Dark gray and white walk-in shower

These images depict the exceptional craftsmanship of Groysman Construction’s bathroom remodels in a San Diego home. The first photo presents a tastefully designed bathroom with a striking dark herringbone tile shower backdrop, a built-in bench with hexagonal tile detailing, and modern matte black fixtures that exude elegance. A sleek toilet and a minimalist vanity area complement the sophisticated design. The second photo offers a view of the shower’s interior, featuring the same herringbone tiling that creates a dramatic effect, enhanced by the natural light streaming through a small window. The shower is equipped with a contemporary glass door with black hardware, matching the shower fixtures and reinforcing the modern aesthetic. These images showcase not just a renovation but a complete transformation where every tile and fixture is thoughtfully installed to create a cohesive and luxurious bathroom space, showcasing Groysman Construction’s dedication to quality and style in house renovations.

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