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Renewed Bedroom with Fireplace in Escondido (North of San Diego)

Master bedroom remodeling within a full home renovation project included an interesting interior detail — new fireplace cladding.
The natural palette used by the Groysman crew makes the bedroom airy and filled with light: the off-white wall color, reminiscent of the ivory shade, is complemented with built-in LED spotlight fixtures. The installed centered fan with a built-in lamp serves as a functional, energy-saving cooling device for Californian summers and a source of soft light.

Natural wood-colored flooring makes the room authentic and cozy, while a new fireplace cladding made of stone tiling with a dark-brown fireplace frame makes a warming and unobtrusive highlight for the entire space.

The attached master bathroom is renewed in the same color palette with the same natural stone-looking tiling. Both areas provide a spacious feel intensified by natural light coming from large windows.

As a result, the master bedroom with fireplace looks trendy, airy, and eye-pleasing. The neutral interiors after the bedroom remodel will match almost any furniture style, from minimalist and high-tech to loft and Japanese. The Groysman crew has succeeded to put homeowner’s ideas to life using the latest trends and technologies.

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