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Italian Style Kitchen Remodel

The Groysman team is proud of this kitchen remodel project: once the renovation work had been completed, the Italian kitchen turned into the star of the house. Designed with practicality in mind, cabinetry features elegant top-grade hardware, and silver appliances accomplish the look — the kitchen looks exquisite.

The prominent feature of Italian kitchen design is using bright highlights. For this project, homeowners opted for silvery-blue finishes on cabinets located along the wall and blue-based varicolored tile planks for the backsplash. The dining table and chairs made of light-color wood with the blue textile complete the interiors adding a homey and welcoming feel.

Multiple windows provide plenty of natural light, so integrated LED lights will be sufficient to illuminate the entire kitchen zone in the evening.

As a result, we have a spacious and airy, brightly lit modern kitchen worthy of being featured in an interior design magazine. Kitchen remodeling has notably updated and upvalued the house making it stylish and trendy.

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