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Bathroom Remodel in Escondido (North of San Diego)

As a part of a large home renovation project in Escondido that is North of San Diego, the Groysman team has slightly redesigned a Master bathroom floor plan while updating bathroom zones. Based on the homeowner’s ideas, bathroom remodeling followed the newest trends: a light color palette combined with a minimalistic yet functional approach resulted in a very contemporary look and airy feel of the area. A spacious dark wood-colored vanity unit matches a large mirror’s frame. Minimalist lighting fixtures seem invisible at first but provide several options for lighting the space.

The installed walk-in shower stall blended ideally with the entire interior: marble tiling & natural stone flooring look solid and roomy at the same time; roll doors are equipped with matching handles for more comfort and safety. The electric towel warming rack serves as both a décor element and an incredibly useful tool for keeping towels dry and warm for a more enjoyable shower experience.

Bathroom remodel has resulted in a trendy yet timeless interior: marble and wood are unbeatable in making the bathroom look modern at any time; frameless shower doors and stylish steel elements, including fixtures, accessories, and the towel rack fit well into the overall design adding high-tech highlights.

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