Wall color for white kitchen cabinets

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White kitchen with dark grey wall

Not tolerating halftones, bright in itself and unambiguous in character, white is associated with absolute purity. White kitchen can be classic, modern, minimalistic, and openwork in the shabby chic style. Design can be literally anything. Let’s consider the best kitchen color schemes with white cabinets.

Peculiarities of white and how to get rid of drawbacks?

The first drawback is the notorious white soiling, which is eliminated by choosing high-quality materials. When considering the materials for the floor, pay particular attention to ceramic tiles since they match white color well.

Yet, white furniture and furnishings help to significantly expand the space that is necessary for a small kitchen.

A small room will be transformed if the walls are painted in a snowy shade – white cabinets and white walls look very light. In the kitchen interior in the shabby chic style, openwork patterns in white look even more airy and delicate. Here, even a brick wall painted in this shade will seem light.

How to choose the best color?

What is the best wall color for white kitchen cabinets? The crisp white interior is the perfect backdrop for monochrome designs and colorful projects. Literally any idea can be realized here.

White kitchen and white walls

Decide on textures

An exceptionally white kitchen can be quite varied if you use different textures, materials, and indirect lines. There may be ceramic tiles, brick walls in white, a neutral metal surface, white wood trimmed with gold. And all this in one color will look completely different.

If your dream is a kitchen with white cabinets and gray walls, choose interesting texture solutions. For example, you can try brick-like ceramic tiles on a white wood background with gold.

The interior will be harmonious and warm in combination of snow-white color with natural wood. In such a duet, fresh greens – plants and flowers in pots – will be an ideal addition. This white kitchen is usually decorated in an eco-style. You can try a natural wall color with white cabinets – light-green, grey, blue. Everything is subject to the requirement of environmental friendliness and a favorable atmosphere, so green kitchen walls with white cabinets would be the best choice.

Play on contrasts

The contrast solution is a duet of white and black, but for harmony and comfort, it is recommended to choose the design in softer combinations – for example, with graphite gray, beige, or soft brown. As a rule, such shades only complement the main background. 

white kitchen and gray walls

They are used in the decoration of countertops, headsets with an island. You can choose accent wallpaper with a dark pattern, the bottom of the furniture in this tone

Try juicy colors

All bright colors will be more saturated and deeper on a white background. The most popular solution is red or yellow kitchen walls with white cabinets. With such accents, even a small kitchen will be bright and interesting.

For more spacious rooms, combinations are also chosen for the headset: white top, fiery bottom.

Classic options

Both red and blue kitchen walls with white cabinets can complement a snow-white interior.

It can be natural brickwork or luscious greenery of fresh plants. Sunny tones are suitable for northern rooms whatever styles are chosen for the interior.

Kitchen with white cabinets

Whatever kitchen wall color with white cabinets you choose, Groysman Construction remodel company is always here to help you implement all your ideas. Having rich experience in kitchen reconstruction, we helped hundreds of customers in San Diego – you can be the next!

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