Does a bathroom vanity need a backsplash?

Does a bathroom vanity need a backsplash? | Groysman Construction Remodeling | 2

Nothing looks as neat and feels as convenient as bathroom vanities. They are often installed in large and medium-sized rooms and have a mirror handing in front. Some homeowners make a serious mistake forgetting to install some sort of protection on the wall. Meanwhile, this zone is always exposed to moisture. So, does a bathroom vanity need a backsplash?

Why install a bathroom vanity?

  • You can store all washing accessories in one place;
  • It replaces the table;
  • It allows you to save useful space;
  • It hides pipes and drains;
  • It’s multifunctional;
  • It’s long-lasting.

Yet, there is one disadvantage: there is no backsplash for vanity included in the set. And if you have wallpapers or simply colored walls, this option is a must.

Does a bathroom vanity need a backsplash? | Groysman Construction Remodeling | 3
Vanity backsplash protects bathroom walls against splashes of water, detergents, and soapy stains. It prolongs its life service and prevents mold formation.

How to choose bathroom sink backsplash?

There are several ideas to consider.

  • You can install panels in the bathroom. Those can be aprons for sinks and radiator screens – choose what matches the interior best. For example, if you have a country-style interior, panels in a beautiful cream shade may cover almost the entire surface of the bathroom walls from floor to ceiling, creating a cozy, pleasant atmosphere.
  • The decor of a Victorian-style bathroom is dominated by the traditional colors of the era: white, cream, light blue, rosy. Wall panels, however, could be painted in a deeper shade, but this only emphasizes the sophistication of the interior.
  • Think of a marine-styled bathroom: completely paneled with wood and horizontal wooden boards, it will look natural and relaxing.
  • Classic interiors demand tile backsplashes for bathroom vanities. You can take buy even dirt-cheap tiles and make something extraordinary by laying them diagonally (some even do it in crisscross patterns).
  • Hanging a high mirror from floor to ceiling might also be an original solution but this idea is pretty hard to implement. (Yet, nothing is impossible with Groysman Construction).
Does a bathroom vanity need a backsplash? | Groysman Construction Remodeling | 4

Think out of the box

There’s one more beautiful and practical solution you should consider for decorating a bathroom: make a decorative apron over the sink. It will not only help to set accents and highlight the main functional area but may also be more convenient in cleaning. This decor is especially good if you do not want to cover the walls in the bathroom with tiles or mosaics entirely. A bright apron solution can be supported by several more similar accents in the room.

Does a bathroom vanity need a backsplash? | Groysman Construction Remodeling | 5

For example, a backsplash behind bathroom sink can be made of small pebble stones or shatters of ceramic tiles. Mosaic bathroom vanity backsplash is the best solution for vintage-style interiors and experiments.

No matter which kind of bathroom backsplash you want to install, you need professional assistance. Groysman Construction remodel company served hundreds of customers of San Diego and will gladly help you create the bathroom of your dream, functional and beautiful.

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