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Flooring Ideas That Will Rule Supreme In 2022

When you go to the length of comprehensive home renovation, one of the most important aspects to pay careful attention to is flooring. The floor not only contributes to the overall aesthetics of the room adding a dash of character to the interior, but it simply supports it all! 

As the market is brimming with all imaginable options, choosing the right floor covering for your flooring renovation project can be a hard quest. To facilitate your choice, Groysman Construction compiled a list of the trendiest flooring ideas that are likely to be hugely loved by homeowners and interior designers in 2022. 

While flooring trends do not deviate much from the basic design each year, it can be seen that the 2022 floor ideas have been slightly influenced by ever-evolving technology. The key to the best flooring trends of 2022 is the emphasis on ease of installation, long-term durability, and lovely looks to add harmony to the room.

Flooring Trends in 2022: Laminate 

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Another popular fad in flooring decoration art to be in high demand in 2022 is laminate. There are a few solid reasons why laminate will be one of the hottest flooring trends in the upcoming years – its moderate price, gorgeous appearance, and effortlessness of installation – the perfect combination for a budgetary yet efficient home remodel project. 

When making home improvements in 2022, you may want to consider going for the semi-gloss laminate variants. This model became fashionable not so long ago and is only gaining traction. Nevertheless, it has its advantages, for instance, unlike glossy flooring, it is easier to use. We predict that semi-gloss laminate will be among the best kitchen floor trends in 2022 for its great ability to merge perfectly with any interior decor.

When it comes to laminate, things really go wild. There are myriad options, each next being better than the previous. If you get stumped when choosing laminate, planks with an aged effect, patina, and whitewashed flooring are the variants no one can go wrong with. These models will add exquisiteness to the space, yet without grabbing all the attention to the floor.

Flooring Trends
Flooring remodeling

As for the color palette, light and cold shades will run supreme in 2022 flooring trends, while dark floors are gradually falling from grace. 

It is becoming popular among homeowners to have their laminate planks arranged in s herringbone or diagonal manner to make the room visually larger and add a touch of exquisiteness to the ambiance. But as with parquet, it is only your imagination (and budget) that limits how you should arrange the planks.

Flooring Trends in 2022: Parquet 

Flooring Ideas in 2022: Parquet

Parquet is a timeless classic for the underneath covering. This method of floor treatment has always been considered one of the strongest and most beautiful, and it seems to never go out of fashion.

Since the Middle Ages, parquet has been an indispensable feature of wealthy and noble homes. Thanks to the endless possibilities of parquet arrangement, it can elevate any style of interior whether it is opulent or minimal.

If several centuries ago the most desirable shades of parquet were red, gold, and orange, in 2022, designers eagerly shift away from this tradition and incorporate grey and cold palettes into interiors. The expression “grey is the new beige” has never been more relevant than today. 

In addition, colors such as “greige” (a fusion of grey and beige), are gaining momentum too. It is beige plus grey. The blend of grey with beige produces a richer color, one that can work in both cold and warm color schemes.

As for parquet laying techniques, chevron and herringbone arrangements seem to never be going out of date; however, for such placement, it is more convenient to use long engineering boards, rather than piece planks.

Flooring Ideas Parquet

These methods will be in vogue for years to come. Along with these popular variants, many homeowners opt for diagonal laying. This design technique is enjoying a surge in popularity, but pay attention to the fact that it may cost you a pretty penny since such an arrangement implies more waste of material.

The freshest trend that appeared just some time ago is to use parquet planks of different widths. This unusual approach is catchy and memorable, so it’s worth checking out if you want something unhacked for your flooring renovation.

Flooring Trends in 2022: Porcelain Tiles and Hexagons 

Porcelain Tiles and Hexagons

Hexagon tiles have been on the charts for a while, especially in the bathroom and kitchen flooring trends. Hexagonal tiles (along with other whimsical shapes) are often used in bedroom flooring ideas, dining spaces, and kitchens. Actually, due to their specific form, hexagon tiles can add drama to any room.

The teardrop design is also growing in popularity and will remain mainstream in 2022. Teardrop flooring designs can offer an incredible diversity of textures, sizes, and colors to complement any interior style and highlight your taste.

Flooring Trends in 2022: Porcelain Stoneware

Flooring Trends in 2022: Porcelain Stoneware

Porcelain stoneware remains one of the most sophisticated flooring trends of 2022. Such flooring looks posh, and it makes a solid statement of fashion. Porcelain stoneware comes in a variety of colors and offers a rich repertoire of matte and glossy finishes.

This flooring covering is not a very popular staple in living rooms because it is quite cold to step on with a naked foot. However, if you install under-floor heating or obtain a lovely carpet, the problem of coldness will be easily resolved. 

Flooring Trends in 2022: Porcelain
Porcelain Stoneware

If you are into practicality and recycling, porcelain stoneware flooring may not be the best route to go for you. Due to its glossy surface, it is not suitable for grinding to remove ugly marks and scuffs as you can easily do with hardwood parquet. Yet, in terms of aesthetics, porcelain stoneware is unbeatable, and its popularity is unfading despite anything. 

Flooring Trends in 2022: Graphic Tiles

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If you are looking to add an eclectic vibe to the room, you may pick graphic tiles that will convey your character. Creative homeowners can use their floors are an art canvas to create unusual patterns underfoot. 

Using fancy modern technologies, manufacturers can reproduce an infinite variety of prints on tiles. You can order tiles with repetitive ornaments or tiles that fit together like a puzzle to form a single pattern underneath. Graphic tiles come in monochrome shades, but if you need some fun, you can get vibrant multi-colored models to reflect your wild personality.

Flooring Trends in 2022: Distressed Wood

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Distressed flooring is not a new phenomenon in the market, but it has become extremely fashionable just recently. In 2022, more homeowners can be expected to opt for a luxurious aged look for their floors. Distressed floors are artificially aged and styled to give them a slightly worn look. It is best suited for areas where a quintessential rustic look is desired. 

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If wood flooring is not your thing, you can also opt for the trendy distressed concrete floor. In 2022, distressed concrete is expected to receive elevated attention from homeowners who look for decent alternatives to conventional hardwood floors. Distressed concrete is artificially treated to eliminate the polished look and create a luxurious effect of patina. Distressed concrete floors can beautifully collocate with most interior styles but are best suited for high-tech and contemporary interiors.

Flooring Trends in 2022: Two-in-One

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As the industry and technology are continuously evolving, manufacturers strive to surprise consumers with bold, unusual flooring techniques that were impossible just a decade ago. Now, it is pretty feasible to use completely different floor covering types in one space for an extra touch of uniqueness and customization. 

In 2022, homeowners would love to unleash their creativity and experiment with combining chalk-and-cheese flooring materials such as tiles plus wood, concrete plus wood, and other extraordinary mixes. Going creative in floor design is most suitable for spaces that perform multiple functions. You can also play with combinations to highlight different task zones in a room. For example, you can use tiles for one part of the floor, and choose parquet for the rest.

Flooring Trends in 2022: Vinyl

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Vinyl is very pleasant to touch barefoot. It is also warmer to the skin than hard coverings such as tiles. Vinyl comes in multiple levels of gloss, which means you can choose any design to fit your specific interior.

Vinyl flooring is offered in sheets, planks, and tiles. Sheets usually come in rolls of up to 12 feet wide, coming in a bevy of designs and flairs, including wood and tile imitations. Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) is primarily made from limestone and tends to be less expensive. 

Solid vinyl tiles (SVT) and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) have extra vinyl content to deliver better durability and a prettier appearance. Meant to mimic hardwoods, vinyl planks come in similar sizes to wood and also boast realistic features such as texturing and beveled edges.

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While the above-mentioned flooring ideas do seem to be in vogue in 2022, it doesn’t mean you should firmly stick to these variants. There are tons of other floor materials to select from, traditional and exotic, artificial and natural, upscale and affordable. With properly chosen flooring, your property will get a new life and increase in market worthiness. 

If you want to end up with the perfect balance of innovation, aesthetics, and value when redesigning your floor, consider consulting a licensed home remodel contractor in San Diego. Groysman Construction is a well-established home renovation company in San Diego. We know how to upgrade your property, so it looks stylish and offers maximum comfort.

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