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Granite Countertops: Factors You Should Take Note Of

Affordable, long-lasting, and oh-so-beautiful, granite countertops easily elevate the aesthetics of any room they are in. Blessed with many valuable properties, granite is a popular material choice when it comes to kitchen remodels in San Diego. Interior designers cannot resist the natural charm and robustness of granite countertops. Such pieces can dramatically increase the home’s market value too.

One of the hardest naturally-occurring rocks, granite can withstand the trial of everyday use hands down, and granite benchtops can endure several room renovations without losing their appeal. Extremely varying, with unusual colors and traceries, granite countertops also help you achieve a truly spectacular space that reflects your personality and showcases your penchant for finer things in life.

The cost of granite countertops varies based on numerous factors, including characteristics of the rock, the complexity of a project, and a decorative treatment of the surface. Although these buddies capture hearts of many homeowners in San Diego, there are a few considerations about granite countertops you never want to leave out of account.

Why Granite Countertops Are a Smart Choice?

Granite makes a perfect synonym for durability, and its beauty is also hard to beat. Even if you have a tight budget for a kitchen remodel, bringing in such countertops will step up the aesthetics of your place, adding a wow factor to a room and making it look luxurious.

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This product is famed for its unique formations and shades. Since granite takes millions of years to develop, each piece of stone will have particular, unrepeatable qualities than another rock from within the same family.

A huge selection of intricate patterns enables you to find a style that will perfectly fit your kitchen design.

Granite is a very firm substance that is not prone to scratches. Although granite is not an ideal surface to cut on (because it will blunt cutlery), it will stand the gaff of daily utilization pretty well.

Granite is also thermal-resistant, so a table or an island with a granite counter can be safely positioned near a stove or a cooktop. When you need to quickly put a hot pan down, such a worktop will withstand the heat without getting damaged or compromised.

What Do You Need to Consider When Opting For Granite Countertops?

Whether you are renovating a kitchen or upgrading your bathroom in San Diego, a granite countertop is likely to become some of the most functional surfaces in your household. Here are a handful of aspects you should bear in mind when picking granite worktops if you want your buying decision to be right.

Granite Is Not Totally Unbreakable

Granite can be exceptionally strong and hard, but it is still subject to damage if not handled with due care. Perfect for rolling dough, a granite countertop is not suitable for chopping meat or vegetables, so consider using cutting boards for such activities. Not that cutting will affect the structural integrity of the material, but it can definitely leave ugly marks on a surface. In fact, you can get a dull knife, but the strength of the stone will remain unchanged.

Surely, granite is hard and functional. Nevertheless, it is a natural stone, meaning it originally has some level of porosity. Since each rock is different, some granite varieties are more porous than others. Consult your home remodel company in San Diego before installing granite countertops. More porous models will need a stronger sealant to be sealed with, and some granite types may also require resealing more frequently than others.

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Another important point to pay attention to when getting granite in your kitchen or bathroom is gravitational stress – your countertops might break because of gravitational attraction! Therefore, it is wise to hire experienced home renovation professionals like Groysman Construction to process and install granite countertops. Using hammers or mishandling the countertop for other purposes than it is designed for can crack or even break the unit.

Granite is tough by nature, but it is brittle and perishable too. If a counter or kitchen island has an overhang of more than the standard 1-12 inches, the load on the overhang may cause the counter to break. Make sure your granite installer uses adequate support with shims or fixing racks to maintain the structural integrity of a worktop with a non-standard overhang. Also, note that if a heavy object falls on a granite benchtop, it may chip or crack.

Granite Countertops Do Require Some TLC

Your granite kitchen top will demand regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. If your family is busy, try to avoid picking a tabletop material that will need to be sealed regularly to prevent stains and water damage. Granite counters require periodic resealing to ensure their durability and lovely appearance, making them suitable for homeowners who can allocate enough time to perform maintenance works at least once a year.

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If you do not want to bother with granite countertop upkeep, you can opt for alternative variants. Laminate or quartz kitchen surfaces look not less gorgeous than granite peers, yet they offer greater ease of maintenance (but lack the same resale value). Groysman Construction, a leading home renovation company in San Diego, will always eagerly consult you on the best ways to keep your granite surface looking like a new thing.

Finish Matters

Along with a diversity of lovely colors and shades, granite countertops run the gamut of different finishes that can make a world of difference and add a special flair to a room. Some charming surface finishes you may be willing to consider include:

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Polished. This model is extremely easy to take care of. A polished material will look like a glossy, mirror-like thing. Moreover, such dressing seals the pores in the rock structure, which helps to keep moisture and bacteria at bay.

Matte. Alternatively called honed or buffed, a matte surface will not offer much reflection or gloss, but it does not require periodic polish.

Bush hammered – this surface is achieved by a high-impact machine or manually with a help of a stone tool to develop an irregular texture and highlight the stone’s tonal variation.

Caressed – this effect is brought about by polishing the prominent areas of the leathered granite, adding some shine that accentuates the fine reliefs of the surface. Such a polishing process makes the treated rock more stain-resistant than leathered one.

Flamed finish – it is a rare treatment under which granite is exposed to extremely hot temperatures that make the stone burst and change its original color. The final product will have a dark and rough surface with a somewhat brutal look to be best used in hi-tech or loft-style kitchens.

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Leathered or brushed finish. It is a less popular finishing style than polished or matte granite countertops, yet it offers a highly sophisticated appearance. The brushed appearance is achieved when a honed surface is treated with diamond-tipped brushes that add texture with fine dimples. Such worktops are stain-proof, and they will hide unsightly spots, such as traces of water or smudges.

The Cost of Granite Countertops May Be Discouraging

Despite their popularity, granite countertops are still luxury unaffordable for many homeowners in San Diego. While most styles of granite countertops are quite budget-friendly, some factors may kick in to drive the price up.
For instance, the grade. Granitic rock entertains us with a multitude of colors and patterns. Suppliers classify it according to the degree of rarity of appearance. It has nothing to do with the quality or durability of the material. Choosing grade 1 stone does not mean that your product is worse than grade 3 stone.

Grade 1 granite with simple patterns and in popular colors is cheap. If the product is more vibrant and contains more intricate patterns, it is grade 2. Grade 3 slabs have unusual patterns and exotic shades, which dramatically increase their worthiness.

An installation process is often as expensive as buying the product itself. This is so because mounting a granite worktop will require the use of special equipment because the stone is very problematic to cut.

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The source of the rock will also play its role. Even though it is an abundant natural substance found all around the globe, the conditions in which granite developed will still be different. This will eventually affect the composition and visual qualities of the rock. Some colors and patterns may only be available in certain areas on the planet, pushing up the cost of a final product.

Thickness also varies among granites. Thicker pieces tend to be pricier than thinner counterparts because they feature greater durability. An ideal granite worktop should be at least 3 cm thick to cope with all daily tasks, but if your finances are not up to the challenge, you may pick a thinner model and add some support to it.
The color can also hike up the cost of a product. White granite, as well as black and grey, is readily available and, thus, much cheaper versus non-conventional colors with captivating patterns.

To maximally benefit from granite countertops in your bathroom or kitchen, your best bet is to talk with qualified home renovation professionals. Groysman Construction is a licensed, well-established home remodeling company in San Diego, offering a broad spectrum of property improvement services. Contact us today, and we will be happy to assist you with selecting the perfect granite worktops for your unique home.

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