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Hardwood is one of the most popular material options used for flooring. It looks just perfect in any interior design and it is absolutely natural. Its advantages are almost endless, especially if you stick to traditions and want your house to look warm and elegant at the same time. In comparison with most other flooring materials wood is quite expensive. However, the happy owners of such a floor know for sure that with proper maintenance it will serve for ages. The truth is that you can prevent the most hardwood flooring damages. And even if they occur, you may almost always try to eliminate them without replacement – just with a repair. And, of course, hardwood flooring repair cost is much, much more affordable than that of replacement.

What Problems Can Occur to Your Hardwood Floor?

First of all, in the case of hardwood floor, the same rule applies as in everything else. That is: it is easier to prevent the problem than to eliminate it. Thus, it is necessary to know what dangers are threatening your precious floor. Here are the most common of them:

  • Scuff marks and scratches – they appear in the areas that get the heaviest use. In houses with pets and little children, they are almost inevitable.
    Solution: you can easily polish the minor scratches.
  • Moisture – in the areas that are often in contact with water, wood may buckle, splinter or shell;
    Solution: keep track of leaks and eliminate them as soon as you notice them.
  • Mold – this is the least pleasant problem, which may cause bad odor, strains, and even ill and allergies in homeowners;
    Solution: Keep the floor clean on a daily basis and, once again, keep track of moisture.

DIY or Professional Help?

In case you couldn’t prevent the floor problem, you have two options. They are either to take care of the issue yourself or to ask for professional help. If you opt for DIY, the hardwood flooring repair cost will be lower, but this way you will not always get the 100% satisfying results (unless you are a repair expert yourself, of course). In the second case, if you choose the right contractor, you are sure to get the best possible result. After all, only the flooring repair experts know how to avoid common mistakes in the process, how to treat different types of wood, and how to complete all the necessary works in the right way.

To this, whether you should try to fix the floor yourself, depends on the problem you have. It is nothing wrong with polishing small scratches yourself, however, if there is moisture, or, what is worse, if the floor buckled, you can’t do anything on your own in most cases.

So, How Huge is Hardwood Flooring Repair Cost?

Like with any other type of remodeling works, flooring repair cost depends greatly on the kind of problems you have and on the contractor you have chosen.

For example, refinishing hardwood flooring usually costs $1-4 per sq.ft – depending on its condition and materials used. Refinishing is the necessary part of any floor repair – just think how it would look if you have a portion of your floor replaced and leave the rest untouched. To this, refinishing eliminate scuff marks and smaller scratches. On the other hand, if your floor is badly damaged the costs will be much higher. In fact, they will be at least the sum of the price for new materials for damaged areas (or even the whole floor), removal of necessary portions of flooring, installation works, and probably some additional expenses (mold treatment, for example).

If you have any problems with your hardwood floor or if you just want to make it look like new, we are here to help you! Groysman Construction flooring experts will offer you the best possible solutions for any flooring issues. Be sure to get excellent hardwood floor repair or replacement at a reasonable price. 

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