How to Update Kitchen Cabinets

The idea of renovation seems exciting at first but becomes a challenging task when it comes to the kitchen cabinet remodel. You wish to get a fresh look, trendy spacious design, and improved functionality of kitchen cabinets but are not ready to invest in bright new furniture. Kitchens are costly, so renovation is a more budget-friendly option.

Instead of spending a great deal of money on removing old-fashioned kitchen furniture, purchasing new cabinets, and hiring a contractor to install them, you can make use of a few tricks on how to renew cabinets and ensure a high-end look at a reasonable price.

Note: The kitchen is the first place in a house people pay attention to before purchasing a house; a beautiful and modern-looking kitchen contributes to the higher market value of the house.

5 Methods to Ensure a New Look of Your Kitchen

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Painting. You can simply change the color scheme of your kitchen by painting cabinets, shelves, and walls. Add here new accessories and hardware, and the kitchen will turn into a whole new space — inspirational, contemporary, and welcoming.

Professionally painted kitchen cabinets ensure a brand-new look of the kitchen area even if you don’t redesign it. Sometimes you don’t need to invest in a complete palette makeover, but a fresh color coat always pays off, making a kitchen space more visually attractive and novel.

Redesign. You can redesign upper cabinets and change countertops bringing them in harmony with adjusted spaces. Refinishing, new edging and a new color scheme may change both the exterior and atmosphere inspiring you to create culinary masterpieces and bring together your family.

In recent years, veneers of natural wood and moldings have been gaining popularity. Small additions can change the entire style of your kitchen. If your cabinets are flat-fronted, added moldings with subsequent painting will provide an entirely different feel.

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Doors replacement. Changing cabinet doors is a cost-saving alternative to the installation of new kitchen cabinets. Think about a new look you wish to achieve — you may find unlimited kitchen design ideas in Groysman Construction blog and portfolio..

Think from a practical perspective: internal fixtures are no less important than the exterior. If you hire pros, consult on the best options for fixtures and pullouts to ensure your renewed kitchen will be fully functional in the long run.

Accessories. If you are not ready for a full-scale kitchen makeover, you can refresh the hardware, such as door knobs and handles. We do touch them frequently, so eventually handles look worn out and mar the overall impression. Opt for high-quality durable items as we touch them frequently. You may find all sorts of designs from reputable manufacturers to add a novel feel.

Expert advice: If you don’t plan to drill new holes for fittings and hardware and then paint over old ones, look for options of the same size.

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Lighting Another way to improve your kitchen without renovating cabinets themselves is to use additional lighting. The state-of-the-art LED strips, targeted LED lamps, and color changing smart LEDs will highlight your cooking area, add bright spots or create a warm atmosphere during dinner time.

In fact, new lighting won’t cost you a fortune; however, you will need professional help to fine-tune lamp locations and install bulbs themselves. You can even add subtle lighting within cabinets. Even plain kitchens can turn glamorous with the right lighting.

Undoubtedly, kitchen renovation costs less than the full replacement of cabinets. Whether you need to renovate the “most important room” of your home for a more modern look or intend to increase home value before selling it, renewing the kitchen is always a great idea.

Call on Experts

One of the common mistakes of homeowners is that some kitchen cabinet ideas aren’t applicable to the existing type of cupboards and shelves. Actually, some DIY renovation projects can be pretty successful granted you have carpenter skills and a nice taste for color combinations.
But let’s take blinders off and assume that most of our DIY home renovation projects result in a “DIY look”. Hence, for professional renovation, you’d better hire qualified and skilled specialists.

Once you’ve done your homework and prepared images of how you see your remodeled cabinets, including finishing, colors, texture, and accessories, contact pros for a free estimate. San Diego-headquartered Groysman Construction remodeling experts will consult on all aspects of updating kitchen cabinets, including a color palette for cabinets, walls, flooring, materials, and even recent trends in kitchen design. Experts will offer a budget-friendly renovation solution for your unique situation. Remodeling is an affordable way to refresh a kitchen with no need to replace kitchen cabinets.

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