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Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Changes of all sorts to your home can make a homeowner stressed, particularly when it comes to remodeling. On the one hand, you do intend to upgrade your home and increase its market value; on the other hand, you do not wish to break the bank. Most probably, you’ve heard many stories of unhappy homeowners who have walked through the home renovation process and had negative experiences. Actually, there are common renovation mistakes that may lead to poor results and an overall negative experience. Below there is a list of mistakes to avoid while considering home remodeling.

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Choosing a contractor with the lowest rates

While planning to redesign the house, you’d better get estimates from at least three contractors, preferably located in the same state. But do not rush to sign a contract with the company that offered the lowest price. Check if a contractor has a license and liability insurance. Do your homework and read online reviews. Lack of reviews and no license data should put you on alert.

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Cash deposit

When everything seems fine and the contractor offers a budget-friendly remodel plan but asks for a large cash deposit this is a red flag. Trustworthy contractors would never ask for full payment upfront or a large cash deposit.

Typically, deposits for all sorts of remodeling vary from 20% (for small adjustments) up to 40% (for larger projects). Pros usually specify and announce all financial terms of the project before signing the contract where all payment details will be indicated.

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Permits & Safety

Never underestimate the importance of construction permits and safety risks. While planning a home remodel, check for permits required for conducting any construction works. Actually, experienced local contractors do take the responsibility to obtain all the necessary permits after the house remodeling project has been settled and approved by both homeowner and the contractor. This is one of the reasons why hiring a local contractor would be the optimal choice. If you live in San Diego, you will need permits from your local authorities. For example, Pennsylvania-based companies might be unfamiliar with the construction regulations of San Diego, so opt for competent contractors that are aware of local standards and policies.

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Be a down-to-earth realist

If you are an enthusiastic fan of home redesign TV projects, forget everything you’ve seen (except for some interior design ideas, though). Actually, most shows are filmed for marketing purposes; hence, time frames in real life will vary significantly. Additionally, as-seen-on-TV costs aren’t applicable in most cases: naturally, only materials or interior design items costs are announced.

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Unforeseen costs

Unfortunately, many homeowners set up a remodel budget and get furious when any unexpected costs arise. Even the most qualified experts cannot foresee some details hidden by the walls. When the reconstruction work begins, there can be leaking pipes or worn-out wires that should be repaired or changed. Hence, to avoid frustration amid the process, prepare around 10%-15% of the project estimation. It is always better to be ready for some unexpected expenses than to confront an accomplished fact.

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Changing plans on the way

This is the worst thing you can do in terms of getting totally out of budget and destroying cooperation with your contractor. If you’ve agreed on building a kitchen island but after the beginning of construction you notice somewhere “the coolest ever kitchen peninsular you’ve always wanted” and insist on changing plans. No, this is “No”. Some ideas cannot be implemented if construction has started. Maybe minor adjustments can be done but radical changes in plans might result in delays and the cost increase.

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Renovation involves an enormous number of components, including supply delivery, material quality, the qualification of a contractor, permit issuance, etc. You might have created a perfect picture of how all things go smoothly and timely. Well, you’d better not. It is like a puzzle: some project stages may progress slower than expected due to unpredictable delays (delayed delivery or damaged materials).

Construction debris is another nightmare for those homeowners who are not ready for it. Of course, you expect your home to get dusty but it might reach the level beyond your worst expectations. Pros usually set some protection around the areas where construction works are performed. However, it will still be messy. But do not worry, reputable teams usually clean up all debris upon the completion of the project.

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Final thoughts

As challenging as home renovations seem to most homeowners, performed under the supervision of a professional contractor, like San Diego-based Groysman Construction, your house will be transformed and look different — more modern, functional, safe, and trendy. Take your time and do thorough research about renovation ideas and reliable contractors nearby, make out a home remodel checklist to keep everything under control, and put into life your dream-home ideas.

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