We all love cute and functional things, and when it comes to a kitchen improvement, you undoubtedly expect the project to be nothing short of WOW. A kitchen is a place where you spend a good share of your day, and, surely, this room must be inspiring yet, top-performing and carved from your cherished reverie. You will hardly want such a complex and responsible project to be performed by a newbie dilettante or an unconcerned contractor that is not conscious about client happiness.

Groysman Construction is a well-established kitchen remodeling contractor in San Diego who has been in the home renovation business for over thirty years and guarantees professional and ultimate workmanship throughout the whole kitchen renovation process.


Our main specialization and true passion is the design, supply, and installation of bespoke, gorgeous, high-end kitchens in San Diego County and nearby communities. Carmel Valley, Encinitas, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, Carlsbad – wherever you reside, our superlative kitchen remodeling services cover all regions of large San Diego County, and you can safely rely on Groysman Construction to handle a stunning kitchen improvement project for you.

As a comprehensive, turnkey kitchen remodel contractor, our specialists also render a full scope of associated services including electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and construction works to make sure your updated kitchen meets the definition of perfection and functionality.

As befits a true kitchen remodeling company, we also provide sophisticated whole-house renovation services in San Diego that are meant to help you step-up the functionality and beauty of your entire home. Our consummate team of home improvement technicians can assist you with professional room additions, second-level additions, roof lifting, exterior remodeling, deck building, and other relative services to create better housing.


We exclude any delays from the process by supplying and installing every element and every system in your fabulous new kitchen. From flooring to tiling, from lighting to plumbing, from countertops to customized cabinetry, from appliance selection and decoration, we can renovate your kitchen from top to bottom according to your exquisite requirements and to your utmost satisfaction. When the overhaul is finished, our quality assurance manager will check kitchen installations to ensure none of the building codes are violated and everything meets California home safety standards.

As a well-seasoned kitchen remodeler in San Diego, we realize that a kitchen is not merely a space to prepare meals and wash dirty dishes. Indeed, it is the soul of your dwelling where your loved ones come for precious moments of togetherness. At Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, our talented, experienced specialists work scrupulously and dedicatedly to ensure your kitchen provides that very ambiance for happy family gatherings.

Totally client-focused, we offer custom kitchen design services aimed at bringing your best vision to life. With us, you will be able to enjoy the type and style of kitchen you have always dreamed of. You share your ideas with us – we leverage our vast experience and prowess to implement your concept. With your preferences in mind, we would eagerly consult and advise you to help you make the right decisions when you have to do with choosing the layout, style, functionality, and overall appearance of your rejuvenated kitchen.

The commitment, craftsmanship, and penchant for excellence of our team guarantee that your kitchen renovation project will meet your expectations, no matter how elevated they are. As the most trusted local kitchen remodeling firm in San Diego, we do our utmost to help translate your renovation ideas to life.

Whether you would like to extend the boundaries of your current kitchen, switch to a different style, enhance its functionality and convenience, include the trendiest kitchen units, or any mixture of the above, experts at Groysman Construction know all ins and outs of the kitchen renovation process.


To avoid any frustrations and pity discoveries at the close of your kitchen remodeling, the whole project shall be handled by a fully qualified and highly proficient home renovation team, like Groysman Construction. With long years of experience under our belt, we work hard to ensure every aspect of your newly overhauled kitchen in San Diego is performed with bravura and minimum inconvenience to family members.

We produce as little fuss as possible when remodeling your kitchen paying elevated attention to every detail of the process. We also make sure everything works as needed, and all the space around is clean and neat when we finish. Going to any lengths, we will masterfully reshape your kitchen, so you call it a dream.

The unrivaled expertise and competence of our high-caliber specialists make Groysman Construction one of the most reputable kitchen remodeling companies in San Diego and neighboring areas. Our skillful team has the knowledge and capability to convert your obsolete kitchen to a functional and lovely room with custom solutions and top-quality design to enhance your living.

We believe that the mesmerizing, functional kitchen of your dream should not cost you a fortune. This is why we deliver unsurpassable kitchen remodeling services in San Diego at a highly competitive price, yet without compromising the quality of our works. It is time to spruce up your old kitchen! Contact Groysman

Construction today and let accomplished field professionals work their magic on your kitchen turning it into a modern design masterpiece.


Kitchen remodeling can completely change the look and feel of your house, as well as your cooking and dining experiences. It can inspire your family to create culinary art and gather together for meals. When you decided to remodel your whole house, start with the kitchen – and for sure you will feel the difference it makes.

Before and After

A more spacious kitchen with the great lighting available now in your can really change your routine. Of course, kitchen remodeling starts with design choices, including:

  • the colors;
  • flooring and wall pattern;
  • flooring and wall materials;

Then you can progress into:

  • lighting schemes;
  • sink and faucet fixtures;
  • kitchen counter-tops types;
  • and more.

Our kitchen design and remodeling specialists use innovative software and technologies to ensure that you get the kitchen of your dreams. In developing our kitchen remodeling projects we work side by side with our clients to take all of their preferences into consideration.



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“Lovely company!
Very happy with the work they did at my parents.
I will use them for my next project.”

Jayne M.

Our new kitchen is tremendous. It’s great to walk in every day to such a beautiful kitchen and to hear the fabulous comments made by family and…

Cindy & Frank Fink


Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in San Diego

Our company carried out a large-scale kitchen and bathroom renovation project in San Diego.A classic combination of white and gray was chosen for the kitchen. White kitchen cabinets are an elegant and modern kitchen solution. A 10 ‘island with a quartz countertop is the focal point of this bright kitchen. Original pendant lights complement the …

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Downtown San Diego Apartment Floor Plan Redesign

This project we started about a year ago and it was meant to be a new experience for us since we haven’t done anything close to it.The unit is about 2000 square feet located on the 12th floor of the building called Meridian in downtown San Diego with a great view of the city and …

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Full House Remodeling

Here is the example of the work we have done on the whole customer’s house.The first thing that needed a complete remodel was the kitchen – quite small, so our main focus was providing enough working area and storage space. The client wanted a classic and composed look, so we chose wooden chestnut brown kitchen …

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Dark Cherry Cabinets with Zeus Granite in San Diego

This quite large and well-lit kitchen also serves as the dining room, so the work area and the cabinets are placed only on the one side. The cabinets are wooden with dark-cherry finish, Zeus granite countertops, and steel fixtures that match the steel appliances.The walls and floor are finished with granite-style tiles, while the ceiling …

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Modern Style Red Kitchen Remodel

Here are some pictures of our latest kitchen remodeling projects. This medium-sized kitchen was remodeled in a modern style. It is not only eye-catching and rich in contrast, but is highly convenient as well.  It is not only eye-catching and rich in contrast but highly convenient as well with its kitchen island, enough work area, …

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Sample of the contemporary kitchen

Sample of the contemporary kitchen.Project had been completed in June, 2016 in Sorrento Valley area. Kitchen designed and built in white top, gray bottom shaker cabinets. To bring together top and the bottom we used Carrara quartz (white with gray streaks) counter top. Back splash – white high gloss tile with darker accent is an organic addition …

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Kitchen with Antique White Cabinets

Kitchen was part of the house remodeling. Our company had redone bathroom, laundry and flooring. In the kitchen Antique white Cabinets were used with soft close doors and drawers system. We offer our clients only wood Cabinets. Carrara quartz countertop. Island also as an addition to the old layout.

Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

The house was built in 1940s and we ran into a number of challenges during the construction process, including foundation, plumbing and subfloor level. The owner wanted to expand her only bathroom and we tried a variety of different approaches. Finally, we settled on the idea of building the bathroom in place of the bedroom and …

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Transitional Kitchen Remodel with White Shaker Cabinets

The footprint hasn’t been changed. We used white shaker cabinets and Crema Latte quartz slabs.For the back splash tile owners have picked mosaics which provided contrast between counter top and cabinetry. Wall mounted exhaust hood makes this kitchen look contemporary.For the garbage disposal we used pomp action switch.Also, for the dining area we created a …

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Complete Condo Renovation

From the first meeting the Groysman Construction was serious about the project and start measuring everything and giving me an idea about the cost ( which for us was very important as we were going to fix EVERYTHING in our 1972 condo from the floor to the ceiling and the cost was important). We had …

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Complete Condo Remodel

Complete condo remodel. In the kitchen we used German termofoil finish modern style cabinets along with popular quartz replication of Calacatta marble countertops. Flat panel cabinets provide not only sleek look but also functionality. It’s easy to clean scratch resistant material.

Elegant White Kitchen

Pure white kitchen remodel with raised panel cabinets. Kitchen layout had been changed from u-shape to L-shape with expansive island. We had to re-route plumbing and electrical feed for the island. We rearranged and added some lighting with 3 pendant lights over the island. Also, space under the window had been utilized for the seating …

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Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Here we have German driftwood flat panel doors kitchen with granite countertops. The island was designed with side “waterfall”.Matching floor tile and modern pendant lights complete this project.

Inspiring White Kitchen

Here you see new generation kitchen with modern design elements like stainless steel farmhouse sink, canopy range exhaust hood and overhead wine rack.Special effect presented by the kitchen island designed with sitting slot, waterfall countertop and sleek pendant lights over it.Ceiling recessed lighting render plenty of light making kitchen bright and cozy.Flooring made with gray …

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Navy Blue & White Kitchen Renovation

This was a 3 level condo where the client was looking to remodel their kitchen without changing the layout. So, they chose a base navy blue and white shaker wall cabinets, a Callacata quartz counter top, with white scales mosaic tile for the back splash. We also installed floor tile, installed hardwood on the stairs …

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Cherry Cabinets with Granite Countertop Zeus

This open kitchen was remodeled in a classic style with a traditional convenient layout and has enough storage space. The simple Cherry-Espresso wooden cabinets with natural granite countertops and backsplashes add the feel of luxury to the interior that is further complemented by carved vintage fixtures. The tiled flooring is matched to the countertops style, …

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Different Remodeled Kitchens

Here are photos of the kitchens we have remodeled in recent years. All of them are completed according to all the wishes of our customers as for performance in different styles – from plain white modern style kitchens to the ones with luxurious carved cabinets and bold design solutions in the walls finish. We’ve provided …

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Modern remodeled wood kitchen with Cabinets Aiden Work

This small kitchen opening to a dining room required smart use of space and maximum convenience – these were the wishes of our customer, and we did our best to fulfill them. The kitchen was remodeled in modern style with the traditional brown & white color scheme and all-steel appliances and fixtures. Its simple yet elegant …

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Aiden Shaker Cabinets with Giallo Venetiano Granite Kitchen

This large kitchen is designed in country style with the traditional brown-and-white color scheme. The size of the room allowed placing the kitchen island for more work area with two seats and more than enough storage space for any needs with large fridge and all necessary appliances, not overwhelming the space with furniture and allowing to …

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Bamboo Shaker with Quartz Top Kitchen

This small kitchen with a rounded layout is designed with convenience and smart use of space in mind. It is separated from the living area with white countertops and columns. The work area with stove and sink is left as spacious, while the storage area behind it is used as much as possible with the …

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Kitchen remodel may be not only stressful but quite costly as well. Of course, everything depends on the volume of work needed and on your exact expectations. If you want only minor kitchen restyling, your spending may be not too big. However, if you, for example, live in an old house and your kitchen hasn’t seen a repair since the day of the construction, get ready to open your wallet large.

Homeowners from San Diego should keep in mind that kitchen remodeling cost is much higher in this area than the average cost of kitchen remodel in other parts of the USA. According to the statistics, remodeling services here are 21% more expensive than USA average wages. And the materials are about 7% more expensive. The average cost of kitchen remodel depends greatly on the selected materials and their quality. The other components of the cost of kitchen remodel are labor and delivery cost.

Let’s consider the cost of kitchen remodel and the approximate price for its elements.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Design Trends in 2021 to Be Massively Loved in 2022

If the aesthetics or layout of your kitchen makes you frown, it is a sign that the room requires some update and beautification. While the interior style is entirely a matter of personal preference, there is a bundle of fascinating kitchen ideas in 2021/2022 that are continuously popular, so you can consider them for your …

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Calacatta Quartz Countertops Review

At this time, the contemporary trend is for homeowners to prefer the natural materials in their residences; one of the most popular is quartz. An educated homeowner who has researched has learned that one of the absolute best choices for their kitchen and bathroom countertops is quartz. If you want to change something in the …

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Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas in 2019

With interior designers ever-inventing new trends for the heart of the household, deciding between numerous alternatives can be a tough problem. If you consider a renovation, our modern kitchen cabinet ideas can inspire you. White Cabinets will Never Be Over Although many homeowners today swing toward loud, extravagant kitchen cabinet colors, white kitchen cabinets will …

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Modern Pendant Lighting for Kitchen

Though not a novel design concept, pendant lighting is about to gain almost total world prevalence. Why? Because their omnifarious shapes, diverse materials, and bright colors can dramatically transform any kitchen style. Is your mind still skeptical about whether kitchen pendant lighting can become your source of everyday inspiration? This article is to burst all …

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Kitchen Countertops – Full Review 2021

STYLISH SUSTAINABLE CHOICES OF KITCHEN COUNTERTOP Countertops are one of the most important things to consider when doing kitchen repair. And in them, beauty and functionality can really combine. Of course, in case you make the right choice depending on your needs and taste in design. San Diego residents can choose from lots of kitchen …

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What type of countertops do you prefer?

When you go shopping for a kitchen countertop, you may get overwhelmed by the selection – there are myriad types of kitchen countertops at the market, each having its merits and flaws and coming at its price. The market is awash with countertop options: all imaginable colors, patterns, and textures, each is better than the …

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Kitchen remodel before and after

We are proud to present our project in Carlsbad: it was made for a young family that moved from the Bay area. Like many of our customers, they have chosen white shaker style cabinets which are in high demand today. Issues & Tasks The house features the original kitchen built in 1990-tees. Although it was …

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Design ideas for ceiling

Ceiling design is one of the parts of the house that is often overlooked in the process of remodeling. Almost every homeowner making a kitchen renovation opts for replacing cabinetry, treating walls, or even changing floor finish. And if you want your kitchen to be really one-of-a-kind, look up! Give your ceiling the attention it deserves and the result will impress you.

Newest kitchen trends 2020

The appearance of kitchen is what defines the environment and atmosphere of the rest of the house. Want to remodel the room or create a completely new design? Find out what are kitchen trends 2020. We will discuss which colors are on the peak of popularity, how to pick up the right furniture, and which …

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Quartz vs Granite Countertops – Pros & Cons

Kitchen countertops must be strong, durable, resistant to thermal, mechanical, organic, and chemical damage because this is always the surface for heavy-duty works. The furniture industry offers several types of materials from which strong wear-resistant models are made with quartz and granite countertops being the most popular solutions. Consumers often find it difficult to choose …

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You can contact us to schedule free expert advice in kitchen remodeling. San Diego residents can order onsite consultations for their kitchen remodeling plans with material samples provided (including tiles and woods). We will also provide advice about any details of your kitchen, including appliance and kitchen counter-top choices, taking into consideration all the details of your home. And if you want to expand the room, we can provide kitchen remodeling projects with drywall removal. Our kitchen remodeling consultation, right in your home, is the most convenient way to make the entire remodeling process easier for you.

And it is absolutely free of charge! Make the first step to the kitchen you have always dreamed of and schedule your